Reiki Leaflet Templates on CD-ROM or Download Now

reiki leaflets flyers brochuresWhen you are starting out as a Reiki practitioner, or looking to develop your practice further, it can be a bit intimidating to think about putting together a Reiki leaflet to advertise your treatments. What do you say? How should you lay out the information to make it attractive? How do you start?

We have tried to assist people in this, and take away all the hassle, by making available some designs of Reiki leaflets that you can use to promote your treatments and Reiki courses simply and easily. The leaflets are professional, attractive and explain Reiki clearly and succinctly.

We have put together a CD-ROM containing:

  • two designs of ‘treatments’ leaflets
  • three designs of ‘courses’ leaflets
  • one leaflet that promotes both treatments and courses

The Reiki leaflets are based on the “A4-folded-into-three” format (paper size 210mm x 297mm) and we will post the CD-ROM anywhere in the world. You can print out the Reiki leaflet templates straight away using your computer and desktop printer, or you can take the CD to your local printer if you need a larger number of flyers.

Alternatively, you can download the leaflets straight onto your computer now, and get going with your new leaflets right away.

Reiki Leaflet details

The Reiki leaflets appear on the CD-ROM as MS Publisher98 files and a PDF files. You can use these templates, and your desktop printer, to print out your own leaflets onto plain or pretty coloured paper, or you can take the PDF file to your local printer to be printed on the paper stock of your choice.

If you have MS Publisher on your system then you will be able to edit the leaflets. The PDF files are not editable.

For all the Reiki flyers there is a space left blank on one section for you to write your contact details, or place an address sticker, or for you to print your name and contact details: we have provided a MS Word template for you to use to print your details on each leaflet in the right position. Price includes VAT at 20%.

Order your Reiki Leaflets CD-ROM online

To order your CD-ROM you can use the payment buttons below. This item is GUARANTEED so if for any reason you are unhappy with it, return it to us for a full refund.

Price: £23.98 + p&p , available WORLDWIDE

Download your Reiki leaflets now

To download the leaflets onto your computer now, you can use the payment buttons below. This item is GUARANTEED so if for any reason you are unhappy with it, you will receive a full refund.

Price: £17.98, available WORLDWIDE

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Here you can read further testimonials from people who have purchased our Reiki Leaflets CD-ROM.

“Brilliant – load /print off /and send – what more could one want? Just the right amount of information and nothing wishy-washy or off-putting to newcommers to Reiki. I had intended to “do a leaflet” myself but it just kept being put to the bottom of the “to do” pile – many thanks.”

Geraldine Winter, Hampshire

 “I found your leaflet very very useful, at last I have managed to complete my leaflets. Your CD-Rom just made everything so straightforward and you have my grateful thanks for taking the stress away!”

Glynis Leslie, Aberdeen

 “The Reiki advertising leaflets are wonderful and I hope to use them at a Mind Body Spirit fair this weekend. As a Reiki Master, I love the one with both treatment and training and can see me using this one the most.”

Ros Watson, South Yorkshire

 “I don’t have a publishing package so the leaflets CD will save lots of time messing around with Word.(could save me days!)”

Margo Clayton, Glasgow

 “The CD rom is very good and it has certainly saved me valuable time, it was nice to just select either one of the two formats to print off without the hassle of sitting at the computer typing (in my a snail’s pace, as I am not a typist…ha!ha!)”

Marlene Dobey, Northumberland

 “I was so impressed with the extremely prompt delivery of the cd rom especially so soon after the Christmas season. The disc is so easy to use, I was very soon delighting in the samples of leaflet to be had there and printing off copies. Several years ago I spent untold hours trying to produce my own leaflets never reaching a point where I was happy with them. I also feel completely confident now that ‘my’ leaflets are professionally laid out with appropriate content, since I have every confidence in your professionalism.”

Marjorie Bailey, Oxfordshire

 “The CD is great! more than one format is useful and the fact that you have already got the templates to use or adapt saved me so much time. You’ve made a better job than I probably would have anyway: simple, to the point and easy to understand.

I have printed some off and given them to the people I treat locally for their feedback and for them to pass on to their friends too. They love them. They said the level of information was pitched just right.

A very worthwhile purchase…to anyone considering, not sure…don’t hesitate you won’t be sorry . In fact it will save you a lot of time and headache!”

Caron Sanders-Crook, London

 “Thank you so much for the leaflet CD, it’s wonderful. I have struggled for some time trying to find the right words to put into a leaflet and my worries have just faded away since I looked at the words and layout on your CD.”

Sheelagh Dale, West Yorkshire

 “I was very happy with your CD, which was delivered very promptly. Starting out as a new practitioner is quite daunting, but as I am actually a designer myself I thought it would be straightforward to put together a good promotional leaflet for myself. However, when it got down to it, I found it quite difficult to find the right words and was unsure of how much information I should give. While I have used my own design, I found your text pitched just right, and have finally managed to put together a leaflet that I am happy with both visually and in terms of content.”

Nadja Guggi, Berkshire

 “I was very happy with the content of the CD-ROM. I have only used the treatment leaflets so far, but have found them very readable – both from a practitioner and a clients’ point of view. It was quite easy to adapt them slightly to make them ‘mine’ rather than generic and I used the space on the back page to draw in my training lineage.”

Liz Watkin, Derbyshire

 “I am extremely pleased with the CD-ROM – it says all the right things, in just the right way and with just the right amount of information: not too much and not too little. Have used it already to print out some new brochures and have had some very good feedback from those I have given it out to. And even better, it has generated some new clients already!”

Veronica Hayes, Suffolk

 “Thank you for the CD-ROM. It was wonderful and saved me so much time. I was having trouble thinking what to put on my leaflets and the CD-ROM saved me so much effort. Well worth the money, thank you.”

Melissa Barker, E Sussex

 “I have found it very helpful to have something to use as literature to hand to clients and use as advertising material, it was a lovely suprise to have the additional pictures and symbols to add to my own manuals for my students, many thanks.”

Paula Hudson, Sussex

 “I have been very impressed with the leaflet CD. It arrived speedily & in excellent condition. The treatment leaflet lay out is clear & simple. I have been giving them out at the general practice where I work as a GP & have just started offering treatments on a Friday morning. I would be no where near starting if I had not had your CD kick start as I am a complete computer/techno phobe!!”

Michelle Hall, West Sussex

 “Thank you for the very prompt dispatch of my Leaflets CD-ROM. The CD arrived safe and sound, it is incredibly easy to use – the instructions are simple enough for me to use without problem – and I’m getting really good feedback from their use.”

Pauline Cranston, Glasgow

 “Order arrived promptly and am very pleased. I have printed out both versions of the Reiki leaflet on various coloured paper and hope to draw more attention at shows etc. Just the product I’ve been looking for!”

Sheila Nickolay-White, Northants

 “I found the Reiki Leaflets CD-ROM very easy to use and very prompt in arriving. I had been struggling with what information to put onto a leaflet and how to lay it out and this gave me the tools to work with to produce an attractive and informative leaflet that is personal to my practice. Without it I may still yet be ruminating over what to write.”

Carolyn Barton, Glasgow

 “Just received the CD. It is good: exactly what I wanted. When you are just statring out as a practitioner you need a helping hand and this is it: all the answers to the questions the clients would ask. It’s brill!”

Caroline McMaster, Kilmarnock

 “Many thanks for the Leaflet CD-ROM which arrived promptly. Creating a leaflet which is concise and clear is quite a challenge and your examples provided a useful structure to adapt which has saved a lot of time. The Usui and symbol images were a lovely bonus. It was very useful to have something which stimulated me to think what I wanted to include and how best to express it.”

Clare Ewins, West Sussex

 “I have found the CD brilliant! Its just what I would have wanted to say but not been able to for my leaflets. It is going to be an invaluable tool as I start my Reiki Practice and get myself up and running. Its a huge, huge help and is something less for me to worry about.”

Suzanna Giera, Herts

 “I think the material will be a huge help to me and everything seems very well laid out. I am not a type-setter so the really hard work has all been done. Just top class. I am very glad I bought it.”

Adam Lovick, London

 “My CD arrived promptly and I am really happy with it. Since my kids have left home (they are the computer experts) I don’t have them to ask when I get stuck with something! I needed the leaflets pretty quickly for a taster event I am hosting with a social group I belong to and it would have taken too long – and have been much more costly to have it designed at a printers, also I wouldn’t have known exactly what content to put in the leaflets. so this has saved me headaches all round!”

Christina Nightingale, Hampshire

 “THANK YOU SO MUCH for the CD. It has been a huge help, as I have been struggling for a while with the content of a Reiki leaflet (I do several therapies and have one leaflet which briefly covers all of them, but wanted a separate leaflet which gave more information on Reiki) and now I have one!

The CD is easy to load and access, making it a doddle for anyone to produce a leaflet without much prior computer knowledge – it’s basically done for you. I was the other way around – I had the computer knowledge but was not sure about the text to add in a way that would appeal. I have already handed out my new Reiki leaflet to people and have received very good feedback about the content.”

Karen Scott, Somerset

 “I am really delighted with the Reiki LeafletCD Rom. I have printed out several copies and they have really boosted my confidence in going out and promoting myself as a Reiki Practioner. Yet another excellent service from you.”

Olu Ekata, West Yorks

 “Thank you for the excellent CD-ROM containing layouts for Reiki leaflets. They arrived quickly and are exactly what I need to increase local knowledge of my Reiki Practice. I’ve been collecting other leaflets for ages, trying to build up my own design but never quite happy with the results so nothing got done. I have made a few tiny adjustments to the ones on the CD, one or two words in a different colour and the Reiki kanji in a matching colour, so now I can relax and just print them out.”

Eileen Smith, N Yorks

 “I have printed out the treatments and courses leaflet and it looks great. It’s nice that I can edit and personalise the leaflet if I want, although I like it as it is anyway! I’m absolutely delighted with my new Reiki leaflet, and it was well worth the money.”

Katherine Krych, Leics

 “The leaflet CD is extremely useful. The graphics are particularly helpful.”

Peter Scott, London

 “The CD arrived safely and I am very impressed with the leaflets. I had been struggling to produce some of my own along similar lines, Just couldn’t quite get the wording right. Your design fits the bill perfectly and I shall certainly be using them to promote my reiki practice.”

Christine Hall, Dorset