Reiki Master Teacher eManual

Reiki eManual for Master Teachers

reiki book master teacher manuals

“Over the last seven or so years I have bought many books on Reiki and almost always found them lacking. I have received more from your manuals than all the books put together.”

Roy Stanworth

“Your material is very well put together and has introduced and intrigued me to some new ideas about Mikao Usui and his teachings. It has re-energised me and provoked me to continue to learn, practice and teach Reiki.”

Wendy Dawson

“I find the manual not only describes everything well, but also doesn’t “stray” from the facts like some books. It’s very well written, not too heavy & it’s an excellent reference to go back to, time & time again. I use it everyday and would highly recommend it.”

Janet Shreenan

The Reiki Master Teacher eManual

This is a major work, dealing with both Western and original Japanese approaches to energy work at Reiki Master Teacher level.

While many Reiki Master courses just deal with ‘how to attune people’, this is just a small part of the RMT course with Reiki Evolution.

This comprehensive and detailed manual deals with a whole range of practices, including:

  • Western attunements
  • Japanese ‘Reiju’ empowerments
  • Self-empowerment methods
  • The use of symbols
  • The use of kotodama (Shinto mantras)
  • The importance of intent
  • Working with intuition
  • Working with the hara
  • Meditations to enhance healing and spiritual development

Using text, summaries, illustrations and images, the manual details everything you need to know to practise confidently as a Reiki Master Teacher.

230 A4 pages. Price: £18.99


reiki book master teacher manuals

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The Reiki Master Teacher Bundle:

To help you to get the most out of your Reiki Mastership, I have put together a special bundle for you and added the following to your Master Teacher eBook:

Master Teacher Audio Commentary MP3

This is an MP3 version of the Reiki Master Teacher CD. It was recorded by Taggart King, founder of Reiki Evolution, and you can hear him talking you through the main principles and practices of the Reiki Evolution RMT course.

Hear all the things that Taggart tells his students over two days of live training: it’s like being able to play your Reiki course back to yourself again and again, ideal for playing in the car or when relaxing at home.

The MP3 collection lasts for over an hour and complements the manual perfectly.

Master Teacher Guided Instructions MP3

To complement the RMT manual and Commentary MP3s, the Reiki Evolution “Guided Instructions” MP3s consists of four tracks.

The first two talk you through carrying out a Reiju empowerment and a Western-style Reiki attunement so that you can listen and visualise, or listen and carry out the necessary movements on a willing subject or teddy bear.

Two further tracks talk you through an important exercise called the “Frequency scale meditation”, created by Taggart, and talk you through the best way to approach intuitive working (Reiji ho) when you treat others.

Master Teacher Attunements & Empowerments Video Sequences

Taggart believes that it is important to provide training materials that deal with students’ different learning styles, so the Reiki Evolution RMT course is accompanied by text, images, summaries, audio and also video.

The Reiki Evolution “Attunements and Empowerments” Videos provide clear video demonstrations of the sequences to be followed when giving Reiju empowerments and Western-style Reiki attunements.

You can watch each stage and listen to simultaneous commentary recorded by Taggart King, Reiki Master Teacher, who has a lot of experience of talking people through these sequences!


Price: £54.93 £40.95