Reiki Audio CDs

reiki audio cdsWe have been using Reiki audio CDs alongside our comprehensive Reiki manuals & books for many years now and we have found that this is a really good way to help students to get to grips with learning about Reiki.

They can read text, look at images and they can listen to commentary tracks that give them the basics of Reiki, rather like listening to a Reiki teacher, but a teacher that you can listen to whenever are wherever you like, and a teacher that you can rewind and listen to again and again if you need to!

We use two sorts of Reiki CDs:

  • Reiki commentary CDs that talk you through important aspects of Reiki
  • Guided meditations that help students to get into the habit of working on themselves regularly, and help with giving Reiki treatments.

The Reiki CDs were recorded by Taggart King, who does seem to have quite a relaxing voice, pleasant to listen to, or certainly that is the feedback that we have received from our students, anyway!

These CDs are suitable for people finding out about Reiki for the first time, and for Reiki people at First Degree, Second Degree or Master/Teacher level.


Reiki Meditations CD

reiki meditation audio cds music

“The Reiki Meditations are fantastic.

They have been invaluable to me as I find it very hard to meditate without something to guide me and help me switch off.


Liz Arnold

Order our most popular Reiki CD

This is by far our most popular audio CD, used by Reiki people, Practitioners and Masters all over the world, and given to Reiki students on courses all over the world.

The “Reiki Meditations” CD contains four guided meditations that are essential for anyone who is serious about getting the most out of their Reiki.

Start by letting Taggart King talk you through “Hatsurei ho” and Mikao Usui’s “Self-Treatment Meditation“, two daily energy exercises that will make such a difference to you.

And as you progress with your Reiki, Taggart will guide you through a Distant Healing session, suitable for people at all Reiki levels, and a special Symbol meditation that echoes the founder of Reiki’s approach to working with the energy.

The CD lasts for over an hour and complements the First Degree manual perfectly. To order both together, go here: First Degree manual + Reiki Meditations CD.

UK orders only. For MP3s Go Here.

Price: £15.49 + p&p


Reiki CDs for Learning

For Beginners

First Degree audio CD

reiki audio cds first degree taggart king

Listen to this CD and it will be just like you were sitting in on a Beginner’s Reiki course with Taggart King.

Find out all about Reiki: what it is, where it comes from and what it can do for you.

Hear about the Reiki precepts and Mindfulness, and discover how to use Reiki for yourself and to help the people around you.

UK orders only. For MP3s Go Here.

Price: £15.49 + p&p

Full Treatments

Taggart talks you through

reiki audio cds for treatments with music

For those of you who are just starting to give Reiki treatments, or people who need a bit of help building their confidence when treating others, this CD is designed for you.

Taggart talks you through a full treatment, getting you started, guiding you through the hand positions and letting you know when to move on, so you don’t have to worry about anything: you can just merge with the energy and let the energy flow, with Taggart as your guide.

And when you order your CD, you will receive a 16-page PDF, giving you useful advice about treating people using Reiki.

UK orders only. For MP3s Go Here.

Price: £15.49 + p&p

For Practitioners

Second Degree audio CD

reiki audio cds second degree taggart king

Listen to this CD and it will be like sitting in on a Reiki Second Degree course with Taggart King. And unlike live courses, you will be able to replay this course again and again so you don’t miss anything!

Find out about about earth ki and heavenly ki and how to use them for your own benefit and to treat others.

Embrace a state of oneness and practise distant healing.

And finally, explore intuitive working and the power of intent.

The CD lasts for over an hour and complements the Second Degree manual perfectly. To order both together, go here.

UK orders only. For MP3s Go Here.

Price: £15.49 + p&p


Order a pack of CDs at reduced prices

reiki audio mp3s download collection 4

Order a pack of our four Reiki audio CDs and it’s as if more than one of them came for free because you’ll save £18.78.

All wrapped up in a protective package we’ll send you these CDs:

  1. Reiki First Degree CD
  2. Reiki Second Degree CD
  3. Reiki Meditations CD
  4. “Talking you through a Reiki treatment” CD

Then you’ll have the full set!

UK orders only. For MP3s Go Here.

Price: £61.96 £43.18 + p&p


For Reiki Master/Teachers

reiki audio cds dvd videos pack

Reiki Evolution Master Teacher courses are accompanied by two hour-long audio CDs and a DVD.

They complement the Reiki Master Teacher manual perfectly. To order them together, go here.

With these CDs it’s just like sitting in on a live Reiki Master course with Taggart.

UK orders only. For MP3s Go Here.

Price: £28.78 + p&p

Two Special RMT audio CDs and a Free DVD

Master Teacher Audio Commentary CD

The Reiki Master Teacher CD was recorded by Taggart King, founder of Reiki Evolution, and you can hear him talking you through the main principles and practices of the Reiki Evolution RMT course.

Experience the energies using Symbols and Sacred Sounds (kotodama); explore the power of Intent and Develop your Reiki Intuition; find out about Western attunements, Reiju empowerments and the Original Japanese system.

Master Teacher Guided Instructions CD

This CD contains four tracks. The first two talk you through carrying out a Reiju empowerment and a Western-style Reiki attunement so that you can listen and visualise, or listen and carry out the necessary movements on a willing subject or teddy bear.

Two further tracks talk you through an important exercise called the “Frequency scale meditation”, created by Taggart, and talk you through the best way to approach intuitive working (Reiji ho) when you treat others.

Master Teacher Attunements & Empowerments DVD

This DVD provides clear video demonstrations of the sequences to be followed when giving Reiju empowerments and Western-style Reiki attunements. You can watch each stage and listen to simultaneous commentary recorded by Taggart King, Reiki Master Teacher, who has a lot of experience of talking people through these sequences!


Ordering the Reiki CDs to use on your own courses?

Many of our Master students, and teachers from other lineages, are using our Reiki manuals and CDs on their own courses, so we have decided to make these items available in ‘multipacks’ at a greatly reduced cost. Some teachers are both giving out the CDs to their own students, for example, and also playing the guided meditations during the course, so they can join in the meditations too! Other teachers are playing the meditations at their Reiki shares.

You can order the CDs in packs of four at reduced prices by visiting the Buying in Bulk for Your Own Reiki Courses section of our web site. We will post the packs of Reiki CDs to anywhere in the world.

“The CDs are really great. I shall be listening to them a lot. It has really helped to get me into the routine of meditation and self healing. It makes it so easy. Like the Reiki you teach, the CD`s are simple and elegant, and user friendly.”

Aimee McLaughlin, Cambridgeshire



Here you can read further testimonials from people who have purchased our Reiki audio CDs.

“I was very impressed with the meditations CD your voice was very calming with just, I thought the right about of talking so as not to distract from the meditation.”

Chris Aspey, Hampshire

“I’ve been using this CD for a month now and I’m still enjoying it. Roughly divided into four 15 minute exercises you can practice individually or in combination means you can fit it into the busiest of days. Simple instructions so it should appeal to all levels. An added bonus is the pleasant speaking voice which doesn’t jolt you out of your meditative state.”

Nicola Gill, Cumbria

“I have received my meditations CD, many thanks, it has helped fill an area that I felt was missing. I was attuned to Reiki 2 level last November and have always felt not quite right: left out on a limb. A friend introduced me to Reiki Evolution and I seem to have found a more traditional and spiritual way forward. I am most grateful.”

Gail Cullen, Derbyshire

“The CD arrived safely and in good time, thanks. I felt it would be useuful to have all the meditations in one place so this CD is great. I particularly like your unique, relaxing music which is very soothing and helps me get into the space very quickly.”

Jacquie Turner, Hertfordshire

“I have been using the Reiki Meditation audio CD for sometime now for myself. I think it is a great CD to have, not only for oneself, but also for use on courses. When I use it on a course it means I can also join in with the meditations. It is well timed so I do not have to keep an eye on the clock to make sure an exercise does not end up too long, because people not used to meditation could find a lengthy session too uncomfortable and may feel guilty if their minds wander when they are suppose to be doing a particular exercise. As the CD is also divided into different sections e.g. Hatsurei Ho, self healing etc I can use whichever section is appropriate at the time.”

Rosie Isaac-Day, Hertfordshire

“The presentation on the CD was excellent and so easy to listen to … a healing in itself.”

Andrew Hunter, Spain

“I have just listened to your new Reiki one and two CD’s. I did not think you could have improved upon your old ones but you have. They are really easy to listen to and very informative. I really enjoyed them. Thank you.”

Sharon Sturrock, Hertfordshire

“As a trained Counsellor (member BACP) & Reiki Master Teacher (member RHATS) I have found the CDs to be of great value to me on a personal level. They have been good reminders not only about Reiki but how important it is to take time out for yourself.

Working for the Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership Trust (part of the NHS) as a Drugs Counsellor I have also had the opportunity to play the Meditations & Reiki level one to clients who are learning Reiki. They have feedback how relaxing the sessions have been especially the self healing track. I must admit even though I train people myself I find that when the opportunity to become the student every now and then presents then we should grab it. What your CDs have given me has been so valuable I’ve even downloaded them onto my MP3 so I can listen to them on the way to work or when out cycling.”

Francis Perry, West Midlands

“The Reiki Meditations are fantastic and are better than I expected. They have been invaluable to me as I find it very hard to meditate without something to guide me and help me switch off. Excellent!!”

Liz Arnold

“The audio CD, & Meditations were presented in such a way that I felt assured I was absorbing everything. I have been singing their praises to my friends as I feel as though they are no nonsense presentations. I like the fact that there are no taboos devised & that your system is sticking to Dr Usui’s way. Even the fees are reasonable and within the reach of most people.”

Anihaka Wagner, London

“I first heard your meditations on my Reiki II two years ago and have been meaning to get them for myself. I haven’t felt as though I have been working with the energy as strongly as I would like, hence buying the CD, and since I have been meditating daily with it can feel the energy flowing more strongly already. I particularly like the guidance sheet that comes with the CD, being a ‘visual’ person! I’d happily recommend others purchase your work – it’s working for me!”

Jacqui Sjenitzer, Leicestershire

“I have been using a guided mediation from my sister-in-law (a colour therapist) for the past few years in my practise and teaching but have found your Meditation CD very powerful and lovely to listen too and my Reiki has been given a boost! For this alone I am grateful.”

Wendy Dawson, Warwickshire

“The CD was delivered with amazing speed and arrived safely. Thank you. It is a great CD and meets more than my expectations. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and was talking through Hatsurei Ho when running my Share Group but your CD has obviously enabled me to participate at the same time….GREAT.

My students were suitably impressed and just loved the self treatment meditation. We had quite a discussion about it afterwards because of the sensations we felt, which were surprisingly similar to each other and certainly sensations not felt before!”

Sylvia Brant, Hampshire

“I have a Reiki II coming up this Friday and I have been listening endlessly to your CD which is a constant source of “reinforcement” to me. Even though I am supposed to know it by now, there is always something there for me to be reminded of. I think it is a beautiful, professional and informative reminder of the Reiki II course.”

Jean Livett, Essex

“Every morning after Hatsu Rei Ho I listen to your self-treatment guided meditation. It is amazingly powerful. The CDs help immensely because they discipline one to sit and focus for a specific time. Otherwise one is often tempted to cut it short!”

JBB, Hampshire

It’s been a while since recieving the CD’s and I must let you know how wonderful they are. The meditations I have included in my attunements and meditation classes. Every one is amazed with the depth and tranquility of them, they allowed me to get deeper than previously I had and they take me to places of great interest. Keep up the good work and if you do any other CD’s I would be very interested.”

Brenda Ward, Cambridgeshire

“Just a quick message to thank you for the wonderful CD’s that you have produced for Reiki Levels 1 & 2. I found them informative and extremely helpful for both myself and my students. The guided meditations were particularly helpful. On the Reiki 1 CD Hatsu Rei and the Self Healing Meditations were excellent. I have found myself using them every day and I can thoroughly recommend them to anyone, not just those who have been attuned to level 1 but to all levels!! The symbol and Distant Healing meditations on the level 2 CD helped me to focus intently on my personal symbol work. The distant healing meditation gave me a chance to sit back and enjoy the energy that I was sending out. Thank you!!”

Andrea Ferguson, Lincolnshire

“The music really focuses the mind and your voice is so calm and gentle as it leads us forward into that place of calm and then Reiki itself takes over. I think that is why both the self-healing meditation and the symbol meditation are more powerful done in this way. Both the Hatsurei Ho and Distant Healing meditations will certainly help new people to enjoy their new practices rather than the attention being on trying to remember what to do next.”

Joy Birley, Gwynedd