Something new for you: “Precepts Rehearsal”

reiki precepts rehearsal meditation

An powerful new way to experience the Reiki precepts

I thought I would share with you a technique that I created, something that allows you to really embrace one of the Reiki precepts, in fact any of the precepts that you feel would benefit you more if it could become more fully a part of how you are.

I call this method “Precepts Rehearsal” and it is a form of meditation based on a powerful hypnotherapy technique called ‘future pacing’.

Future pacing is all about getting yourself into a meditative state (or a trance state: they are the same thing) and spending some time imagining yourself behaving in a way that shows your subconscious mind how you want to be… you are rehearsing being the person that you wish to be, the person that you are becoming.

How to carry out Precepts Rehearsal

So, let’s assume that you would like to experience compassion more in your life.

You start a Reiki meditation, getting yourself comfortable where you are sitting, resting your hands palms upwards in your lap, and you start to bring Reiki through your crown down to your tanden as you breathe in, flooding the energy out of your body to the universe as you breathe out (this is called “Joshin Kokkyu ho” and is a basic technique used in Original Japanese Reiki).

Just allow the energy to keep on flowing and release that visualisation after a while: the energy knows what to do now.

Imagine yourself as you would like to be

Spend some time now, imagining yourself in different situations where you can experience compassion.

You might review past situations or events and re-run them with you behaving in a more compassionate way, and imagine similar future scenarios where you are being more compassionate.

See yourself from afar in these different scenarios, looking on as you embody that positive quality that you wish to embrace more in your life.

And after a while, imagine that you are merging with that new you, seeing the things that you would see, hearing the things that you would hear in those scenarios, so you can fully experience that feeling of compassion.

In doing so, you are setting a new course for yourself, letting your energy body know, letting your subconscious mind know, about the new direction in which you are headed.

Repeat daily for 21 days.

Your Precepts rehearsal Challenge

What I would like you to do is to carry out my “Precepts Rehearsal” exercise once a day for a period of 21 days, and then post a message below to let me know how it went and what changes you notice within yourself, and in your emotions and behaviour, after that time.

So what are you going to work on? Compassion, forgiveness, honesty, humility, experiencing many blessings, being content in the moment?

Choose your target and start meditating!


Now pass this exercise on to another Reiki person!

My second task for you is to pass this exercise on to another Reiki person: someone you meet or someone who you are in contact with over Facebook or Twitter or other Interweb thingy.

Show them or tell them how to do the exercise, and see what changes they experience as a result


Photo credit: Aaron Stidwell

14 thoughts on “Something new for you: “Precepts Rehearsal”

  1. This was a wonderful reminder this morning for me. Yesterday, I was with someone who I have difficulty feeling compassion for, although I teach this well to others, I still have much to learn. And yes, I will pass this on in my teaching and my Reiki clients and students.

    1. I think the thing is, Kathie, that these things are a work in progress. We’re never going to be perfect and don’t need to be. What’s important is the work that we do to move in the right direction.

    1. Hi Morag, yes, rehearsal like this is a powerful way of training your subconscious mind to behave in a particular way in partcular situations. What works well is to cultivate within yourself a particular state of mind, for example remembering a time when you were indifferent, say, to a particular food, really holding on to that feeling, and while you hold on to that useful state, rehearse future situations where you want that state to come into being. Hope that makes sense.

    2. Namaste Taggart. This is a great technique. Simple and fun. First thing that came up in my mind was to imagine me runnning and jumping about like Angelina Jolie, hehehe… then imagine how to reply to bulling in the work place, giving them clever answers. Best advice, was that we should pass it on… Nice one, sir!

      1. I’m glad that you like this, Anudha. What you’re doing is training yourself in advance to experience a particular feeling or behave a particular way, in a particular situation, so you have a ‘default setting’ to replace the emotions and behaviours that you were following before. It works very well.

  2. Thank you Taggart, this sounds very interesting and I am sure it will give great results, and great concise instructions………….. if I can stick to the 21 days………………….. Maybe I should rehearse that first ! 😛

    1. Did you read the article, Lynne? I think you may have missed the point. While some Reiki people may meditate, what I am describing here is not simple meditation, observing your thoughts, but an active process where you imagine yourself behaving in a way that represents one of the Reiki precepts, seeing yourself interacting with people and living your life in different situations in a way that exemplifies a precept. That is different from simple meditation.

  3. think this is a great one for me at this time. just what i need will add this to my practice tonight. cheers timely reminder.

  4. I started off feeling quite excited to read about your idea. Then, for me, it became a little too ‘complicated’; too much to do. I think I prefer a more symbolic approach. Being inside a pyramid suffused with the quality of compassion. Nevertheless, Taggart, thanks for the idea.
    Reiki sunshine light rays to you.

    1. Hi, what you suggest sounds lovely, and I am sure would be beneficial, though it wouldn’t have the effect that I was aiming for, which is to prime your subconscious mind with a set of ready-made rehearsals of a particular behaviour, so it already has examples of how to be.

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