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Reiki eManual for Practitioners

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“I have seen a number of Reiki 2 manuals and yours is excellent, informative and detailed, just what I need to help deepen my Reiki practice and includes some really useful hints, ideas and techniques. A lot of people are moving in the direction of a more pure, simple and traditional Japanese Reiki practice and, with this in mind, your manual is first class and I can highly recommend it to others on the path to self-discovery!”

Tim Matthews

Reiki for Practitioners:
The Reiki “Second Degree” eManual

If you are looking for a Reiki book that explains clearly and simply:

  • What the Reiki symbols are and how to use them
  • How to carry out Symbol meditations to deepen your self-healing
  • How to free yourself from standard hand positions & work intuitively
  • How to use intent to enhance your treatments

…then Reiki Evolution’s famous “Okuden” manual is just what you need!

This comprehensive manual is exactly the same as the manual used on Reiki Evolution’s live and home study courses and shows you how to use Original Japanese Reiki for self-healing, spiritual development and to help other people in a powerful and elegant way.

110 A4 pages. Price: £11.99


reiki book cd ecourse second degree
reiki book cd ecourse second degree
reiki book cd ecourse second degree

The Second Degree Practitioner Bundle:

To help you to develop your Reiki, I have put together a special bundle for you and added the following to your Second Degree eBook:

Second Degree Audio Commentary MP3

This is an MP3 version of the Reiki Evolution Second Degree CD. It was recorded by Taggart King, Reiki Master Teacher, and you can hear him talking you through the main points of Second Degree with Reiki Evolution.

Hear all the things that Taggart tells his students on Second Degree courses: it’s like being able to play your Reiki course back to yourself again and again, ideal for playing in the car or when relaxing at home.

The MP3 collection lasts for over an hour and complements the manual perfectly.

Distant Healing Meditations

Let Taggart guide you through six different distant healing methods. Some are pure meditations, while others use props. You can also use distant healing to heal the effects of past events and to send Reiki to your future.


Price: £35.95 £23.97