Practitioner Level: Reiki Second Degree Home Study

  • 8-10 weeks duration
  • 30+ hrs of energy work
  • Very practical course
  • Progress at your speed
  • One-to-one support by e-mail
  • Comprehensive eManual and MP3s
  • Choose printed Manual & CD if you like
  • Distant empowerments
  • Certificated



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Alternatively, take a look at this page, where I have had the various testimonials analysed so that you can see the main areas where students really appreciated how the courses worked and what they did for them: The best aspects of Second Degree home study.


Deepen your experience of the energy and embrace intuition

I am pleased to let you know that our Reiki Second Degree course is available as a Home Study course, online distance learning.

The course materials are downloadable and consist of a comprehensive 110-page PDF eManual, course instructions and two MP3 collections, so you can get started with your course as soon as you like. If you like, you can also order a professionally-printed course manual plus audio CD.

The Second Degree Manual contains text, descriptions and digital images. The MP3 collections (or their CD equivalent) contain 70 minutes of spoken ‘commentary’ and a number of guided energy exercises and meditations, to help you with your daily energy exercises and meditations. On top of that we also include a 9,000 word guide to your weekly energy projects and we guide you step by step through your course.

With these comprehensive instructions, manual and audio tracks, and one-to-one e-mail support, I am happy that the course gives you as much as you would have had, had you attended one of our ‘live’ Second Degree courses, and more. We think that home study courses have some definite advantages, in fact: instead of having the time available to you limited by the length of a live course, you will have the opportunity to spend a lot longer working with the various exercises, really getting to grips with and assimilating each stage before you move on at your own pace.

This approach comes a lot closer to the way that Reiki’s founder – Mikao usui – taught, with students working with him one-to-one and developing themselves over an extended period.

“Having experienced Reiki 1 in a “live” one day setting elsewhere it is indeed with great gratification to comment that Taggart King’s Reiki Second Degree Distance Learning Course left me with a more comprehensive and appreciable dynamic dimension of Reiki. Rather than being limited to a one-day type of timeframe, Taggart’s course is a more in-depth process covering approximately 28 hours of material consisting of reading from a marvelously designed and informative e-book while simultaneously listening to a complementary audio CD, and bracketed by practical energy exercises and hands-on treatment of numerous recipients; the latter was particularly helpful as I had an opportunity to work on a wide number of select people over the allotted weeks. Indeed, this kind of opportunity working on such a wide and diverse number of people is just not possible in a one or even two-day practicum.”

Martine De Rose, New York State

What is so important about Second Degree?

First Degree Reiki provides you with a solid foundation for your future practice, and provides you with important tools that you can use to help balance your energy system, and promote self-healing and spiritual development.

But there is far more to Reiki than can be passed on – or assimilated – in just one course. Reiki ‘Second Degree’ with Reiki Evolution provides you with ways of deepening your experience of the energy, furthering your self-healing and spiritual development, and providing you with approaches that will enhance your treatment of others, whether in person or at a distance. Second Degree moves your Reiki onto a new level.

“I have enjoyed completing Level two and it has opened up a whole new world to me.”

Niki Leach, Tyne and Wear

 “Another mind-blowing experiential course. The most significant highlights for me was the first meditation with CKR and SHK symbols. So powerful each in their own way. Reiji ho was also a memorable experience. I have experimented a lot with distant healing with such positive results. It’s lovely to be able to do something for someone in need and have no barriers of distance or time.”

Carol Sanders-Crook, London

The Reiki Second Degree Online Course itself

The course will take approx. 8-10 weeks to complete, and is based on carrying out a series of graded ‘energy projects’ totalling 30+ hours of practical energy work, which constitutes far more energy work than students carry out on live Reiki training courses. You will be doing something with energy most days, and you will also be working regularly on other people. We will provide you with a series of distant empowerments.

Receive one-to-one support as you work through your home study course

reiki distance learning supportIt would not really be good enough to just give a student some training materials and tell them to get on with it.

We think that it is very important to make sure that our home study students have carried out all the practical exercises that they need to carry out in order to feel confident in what they are doing, and it is important that we are on hand to answer and questions or queries that our students have, and to advise them and support them as they progress through their course.

What we do is to break the course down into a series of stages, or ‘projects’, where for each stage the student does some reading, listens to the audio commentary, carries out practical energy exercises and then sends us feedback by e-mail to let us know what they have done and what they have experienced. We can then gear our support to what the student has done and what they need. Training is one-to-one.

“What I liked most of all about the home study course: I could do it in my own time, I could take the get to grips with a particular exercise before moving on. I had excellent back up and support.”

Barbara Revill, Nottinghamshire

 “Your support, advice and guidance was of unmeasurable value and made me only want to learn more.”

Caron Sanders-Crook, London

 “With regard to support, any questions posed by the student are dealt with promptly and satisfactorily.”

Donald Upton, Somerset

 “The main ingredient behind the course is the presence of Taggart himself, who faithfully keeps in touch via e-mail by giving advice, encouragement, and always willing to answer any questions that may arise.”

Martin De Rose, New York State

Tune in to the Reiki energy

reiki online courseDuring your home study course you will receive a flurry of distant ‘Reiju’ empowerments during the early stages of your course. These traditional Japanese empowerments help to open up further the channels through which Reiki flows, they emphasise to your system two important aspects of the energy that you will be working with, and they introduce you powerfully to a state of oneness. They are equivalent to Western-style Reiki ‘attunements’ but come closer to passing on what was intended by Reiki’s founder, Mikao Usui.

During the later stages of your course, you will ‘tune in’ to distant Reiju empowerments which we send out every day, on Mondays. Your Reiki potential will not lessen over time, so tuning into these empowerments is not essential, but doing so will make a difference to you and your Reiki practice and echoes the practice of Reiki’s founder, Mikao Usui, who empowered his students on a regular basis..

Further your self-healing and spiritual development

Our Second Degree course echoes the original system that Reiki’s founder taught by still rooting your practice in personal energy work.

You will learn to enhance and deepen your self-healing by getting to grips with and fully assimilating two important energies – two important aspects of the energy – referred to as earth ki and heavenly ki. We will use symbols to represent these important energies and meditating on earth ki and heavenly ki regularly will help to really move on you self-healing.

Make your Reiki treatments more intense

The energies of earth ki and heavenly ki can also be used in a treatment context, and doing so allows treatments to become more intense, with the energy focusing strongly on physical healing, or mental/emotional/spiritual balancing. You will learn various ways of accessing these energies when you treat, through the use of a couple of symbols.

Practise distant healing

Distant healing is possible at First Degree level, of course, but we focus more on distant healing at Second Degree. But we come at distant healing from a different angle than most courses: distant healing is an expression of ‘oneness’, one of the goals of the original Reiki system taught by Mikao Usui in the 1920s in Japan. We explore oneness, its significance, and the way that this state can be expressed when working on others either in person or at a distance.

Explore the power of Intent and Intuition

Second Degree should be about moving beyond the basic guidelines of First Degree, to embrace intuitive working and to understand the importance of intent. A major part of this course involves using a Japanese approach to treating others that allows the energy to guide your hands to the right places to treat, so rather than following a prescribed set of hand positions, you will gear your hand combinations to the energy needs of each person you work on.

Intuitive Reiki treatments are something special: deep and intense, a wonderful experience for both the giver and receiver.

Strengthen your connection to Reiki

‘Second Degree’ brings the student up to ‘practitioner’ level, and the three Japanese empowerments that we give you enable you to ‘hold’ and channel more energy than was possible at First Degree. The empowerments also connect you strongly to aspects of the energy that are represented by the three Reiki symbols.

You will learn how to use the three Reiki symbols and mantras, which can be used as a basis for self-treatment, and which help to make your treatments stronger and more effective, as well as some other simple and inspiring approaches from Japan.

The Audio tracks on MP3 or CD

reiki distance learning audioOur Reiki Second Degree home study course is accompanied by two MP3 collections, or their audio CD equivalent, if you decide to order them. The first collection contains 70 minutes of commentary which summarises the main themes of your course, and the other collection contains guided meditations that you use at First and Second Degree.

By having on audio the main things that are said to you on a live course, you really receive a version of ‘live’ training, but in the comfort of your living room, or your car, or on a walk or wherever you choose to listen. You can, in effect, ‘replay’ your teacher again and again!

The guided meditations for Second Degree talk you through a symbol meditation and a sample distant healing session. So instead of fumbling around trying to read the instructions in your manual while trying to keep in the flow of it, you can simply fire up the track, close your eyes, and follow the instructions. Your meditation will flow all the more easily because of this, and you’ll learn how to do it without having to try too hard!

“The Second Degree Audio CDs beautifully complement the course. The first is comprised of 9 tracks that cover the symbols, distant healing, and various energy techniques like Scanning and Reiji Ho, and the second contains two wonderfully guided meditations that cover Distant Healing and the Reiki Symbols. Taggart’s soothing and comforting voice enhances each track, especially with the guided meditations that also includes contemplative background music.”

Martin De Rose, New York State

 “The combination of the CD and comprehensive course manual make for a very good study basis.”

Karen Small, Rhode Island

 “I found the CD to be most invaluable throughout the course and after completion. Because the information is presented on different media it is accessible for reference at any time.”

Deborah Hartley, London

 “I feel that the meditations CD is invaluable, as since I started I have used it every day and will continue using it for a long time to come.”

Helen Burwell, Leicestershire

The Reiki Second Degree Distance Learning Course Manual

reiki online training manualEach Reiki Evolution course is accompanied by a comprehensive manual that covers everything we teach during your course, and more besides. Our ‘Okuden’ manual runs to 110 A4 pages, with 40,000 words; it provides you with a permanent record of your training and is a useful reference volume. Your course comes with a PDF manual, though you can choose to order a printed version too.

“The manual is nicely written, very readable and easy to comprehend. The content is comprehensive and fortunately delineates, as far as possible, between the original teachings and practices of Mikao Usui and the changed and embroidered Western approaches. Whilst providing completeness and choice, this allows the purist to identify the essence and simplicity of Usui’s inspiration.”

Donald Upton, Somerset

 “I want to say how excellent your manual is, the detailed approach to Reiki and how simple you make it for your students.”

Barbara Revill, Nottinghamshire

 “The manuals for both Reiki I and II are very well put together and it’s great having so much useful information as a reference to refer to.”

Ingrid Bariosco, West Yorkshire

The Certificate

The Reiki Evolution Second Degree home study course is accompanied by an attractive certificate written in Japanese kanji and Western text, displaying the seal of the Reiki Evolution school and signed by Taggart King, your teacher. In this case your certificate confirms that you have received instruction and Reiju empowerments and have satisfied the requirements of the “Second Degree” of Reiki.

Course Fees, Terms & Conditions

The fee for the First Degree Home Study Course is £189.00 either paid in full in advance or in three monthly instalments of £63.00 each. The payments are non-refundable.

Your fees cover Taggart’s tuition for a period of one year from the date of enrolment. After that time, if you have not completed the course, you would need to enrol anew.

Reiki Second Degree Online Course overview

Here is an overview of the way that the Home Study course will work, showing in general terms what you will be doing during each of the seven stages of the course.

Stage 1 This stage is all about familiarising yourself with the course, doing some background reading and listening, doing some daily energy work, and starting to learn the three Reiki symbols.
Stage 2 This stage is all about becoming familiar with the energy of earth ki, accessed using a symbol. You will be empowered with that energy and you will go through various exercises and meditations to fully experience this important energy.
Stage 3 This stage is all about becoming familiar with the energy of heavenly ki, accessed using a symbol. You will be empowered with that energy and you will go through various exercises and meditations to fully experience this important energy, and compare its energy with that of earth ki.
Stage 4 This stage is all about using the energies of earth ki and heavenly ki when treating others. You will access the energies in different ways and continue with your daily meditations, while also receiving an empowerment.
Stage 5 This stage is all about becoming familiar with a state of ‘oneness’, accessed in part by using a symbol. You will be empowered with this state and you will put oneness into practice by carrying out distant healing on several people using a range of approaches.
Stage 6 This stage, which will last for at least two weeks, is all about learning to open yourself to intuitive working, so that the energy guides your hands to the right places to treat, different for each person you work on. You will practise the Japanese “Reiji ho” method on several people, several times, as well as continuing with you daily meditations and some further distant healing practice.
Stage 7 This stage is all about experimenting with the power and versatility of intent, learning to exert effortless control over the flow of energy. You will be practising various exercises on a number of people, while maintaining your Reiji ho practice. You will receive a distant empowerment, as in each week of your course.

Ongoing Support and Advice

Once you’ve been on your Second Degree home study course we want you to know that Taggart and Lorraine will be on hand to be on hand to deal with any questions or queries that you might have and to help and support you in your practice of Reiki. We have tried to set up various ways that we can support you, and our students can support each other. This is what we offer at the moment:

  • Facebook group for all our students. You can contact approx. 1,100 other Reiki people (January 2018 figures) who have done the same training as you, Reiki1s, Reiki2s and Masters. If you have any queries, if you have any ideas that you want to share, if you want to simply enthuse about something, then go ahead.
  • Free distant Reiju empowerments each week anytime on a Monday. Every week you can ‘tune yourself in’ to a Reiju empowerment from Taggart, anytime on a Monday (and more than once if you like!). This will give your Reiki practice a real boost and echoes the way that Reiki was taught by Mikao Usui, with empowerments week-in week-out throughout your training. In fact, we have teachers sending out empowerments that you can tune into any day of the week, and you find out about these when you join our online support group.
  • Access to a network of regular Reiki shares (get-togethers) at various UK locations where you can meet other Reiki Evolution students, chat, receive Reiju empowerments and swap treatments
  • Free ongoing support and advice.

“The support group you have set up covers everything from fact, to viewpoint, to beliefs to mere hunches and feelings. It’s great for the novice and the expert and everyone is so kind and helpful. I have learnt much by receiving the weekly messages. It’s lovely and humbling that so many want to share what they have to make where we are a better place.”

Caron Sanders-Crook, London


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