“Reiki Sound Healing” in Glastonbury

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With Kay Gillard

“I specialise in helping Reiki people develop their skills and understanding so they can reach their highest potential as healers. My unique, shamanic-inspired Reiki courses are my favourite way to do this. They are grounded in my 19 years of work as a shamanic practitioner and Reiki healer, and I first created these courses in back in 2009 so they are tried and tested!”

About Reiki Sound Healing

This workshop is an opportunity for Reiki people to explore the beauty and power of sound healing. All students will be invited to deepen their connection to the Reiki source, with Reiju empowerments given to promote the deepest possible healing experience on the weekend.

Please note, drums are not included in the price. Students are invited to bring their own, or I can assist you by sourcing one for you or directing you to a trusted supplier.

I am an experienced vocal sound healer and have spent many years developing my own healing voice techniques and leading groups of healers and spiritual seekers in group voice work for healing. For this I draw on my background in singing, magic, mantra and shamanic healing training. Kotodama are part of the original Reiki system, and we lead with those, however I invite and support students to go far further than standard Reiki training will ever cover. This is intuitive, creative voice work empowered by Reiki. 

I also have over 15 years of shamanic medicine drumming experience, and in 2008 I trained in the Reiki Drumming techniques designed by Michael Arthur Baird in 1999 in Arizona. I was one of the earliest qualified Reiki Drum Master Teachers in the UK and, while I no longer work within the confines of that system, my own unique work with Reiki and the drums owes much to the ideas originated in that training.

All Shamanic Approach to Reiki workshops include comprehensive notes provided for further study and for reference later, giving more detail than we can cover on the day. The workshops themselves are focused on specific, practical work and shamanic journeying and/or perception exercises. I encourage you to read afterwards to integrate the teachings, but most of all to trust your own intuition and experiment with these techniques on your own and with your fellow practitioners. It is through your own practice you will find your own unique medicine and perspective as a healer.

Course Outline

Working with the voice, we will explore the Japanese Kotodama traditionally associated with Reiki, moving from basic chanting and toning to the building of non-traditional (and extremely magical!) rolling mantras within the group. We will also explore the vibrational power of words and affirmations, practicing ways to bring positive focus into healing sessions for our clients and ourselves.

As well as working with the voice we will work with the drum, learning deep healing and shamanic journeying techniques for ourselves and our clients. Shamanic medicine drumming is an ancient practice, and together we will learn to weave Reiki healing into our drums in Reiki drumming techniques.

Course schedule:

Day 1

  • Smudging ceremony
  • Reiju empowerments
  • Reiki kotodama 1: focus
  • Reiki kotodama 2: harmony
  • Practical partner sessions
  • Shamanic drum journey
  • First drum connections
  • Group work: rolling mantras and community healing

Day 2

  • Partner smudging ceremonies
  • Shamanic journeying for deeper drum connections
  • Basic Reiki drumming healings
  • Affirmations & drum healings
  • Understanding shamanic drum journeys (and incorporating Reiki)
  • Reiki kotodama 3: connection
  • Group work: rolling mantras and community drum healing
  • Closing ceremony

Course requirements

These courses are only available to Reiki people already trained to Practitioner or Master level (Reiki 2 and above). If you have not worked with Kay before then Kay will need to see your certificate.

Please note, drums are not included in the price. Students are invited to bring their own, or Kay can assist you by sourcing one for you or directing you to a trusted supplier.

The Certificate

All courses are accompanied by an attractive certificate provided by Kay Gillard.

Course venue

Courses are held at a venue on Glastonbury High Street, right in the centre of this unique place.

Course Fees

The fee for the Reiki Sound Healing two-day live course is £220, with a £80 deposit paid in advance, and the balance paid to Kay Gillard by direct bank transfer in advance of the course; Kay will contact you to arrange that.

Ongoing Support and Advice

Once you’ve been on your Shamanic Reiki Sound Healing course course we want you to know that your teacher will be on hand to deal with any questions or queries that you might have.

Reserve Your Place

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