Taggart King’s “Reiki Synthesis” Self Study Course

“It is hard to pick a high-light as everything we covered was pretty mind blowing but if I had to choose one, it would have to be the Reiki Emotional Integration breathing method.


My negative emotion, which I have carried round like a rock for so many years, has gone, completely and I can’t get it back.


I am amazed it was that effective, that quickly. I feel this course was of great benefit to me personally and for my clients as these new tools will really enhance my approach to treatments.”




I have been absolutely blown away by the results of the breathing exercise.


Before I used Reiki Synthesis, the feelings I  experienced were highly intense and unrelenting, on the verge of full scale panic, with a powerful physical element to them.  So strong that I just wanted to run away inside, the problem was I couldn’t hide from them.


Your very special exercise enabled me to face the feelings, be fully in touch with them, to the extent of being grateful for them.  Each time I felt my negativity reduce considerably, to the extent that yesterday, the day before my hospital appointment I could actually think about it without any anxiety whatsoever, actually with peace.


In the past I have tried emotional release techniques in various forms, however this is something very very different, you have created something very special indeed here Taggart, something that has the potential to create radical change within peoples’ lives.


This is much needed by a great many people. So many suffer with deeply entrenched negative feelings and limiting beliefs, which torture and distort lives, holding people back, diminishing quality of life. This can break those chains, those shackles, and create freedom using the power of Reiki peace.”





reiki synthesis course taggart king
You might be wondering what Reiki Synthesis is all about.

It’s a powerful Reiki system developed by Taggart that shows you how to focus powerfully on emotional healing, a way of helping people to release long-held emotional blocks that are holding them back in their lives.


You practise working with intuition, you create bespoke symbols in the moment, and you work with a special energy-breathing technique which you can use for yourself and your clients, all put together into a coherent and easy-to-learn system.


By the end of your self-study course you will have put into practice everything that you need to be able to use Reiki Synthesis confidently, and you will have released some of your unhelpful beliefs and emotions along the way.



Taggart has been working for some time now on a new way of using Reiki, one that blends intuition with a powerful and creative way of using symbols, a way of focusing the energy so precisely and intensely on whatever a person needs in the moment.

And using Reiki Synthesis you can also frame the energy in such a way that you can build within yourself useful states like confidence, empty-mind, freedom-from-stress… and assist clients to experience these states too.

Using a special breathing method – Reiki Emotional Integration – you can help yourself and help clients to shift specific unhelpful emotions, boosted by a strongly-focused use of Reiki.

And all of this guided by your intuition, guided by the energy, in a lovely flowing approach.

Taggart ran a series of live courses at Regent’s University in central London in 2014 and 2014 and is now making the course available to Reiki people from all lineages, through this easy-to-follow self-study course. Work at your own speed and take all the time you need to gain confidence in this powerful system, guided by detailed instructions.

This is what you will learn

  • Learn the three simple questions that focus the energy like a laser-beam on just what you or your clients need
  • Discover how to use Reiki as a ‘carrier’ to build endless useful states and qualities within you and the people you treat
  • Learn a simple and effective breathing method that can shift unhelpful and limiting emotions like sadness, anger, fear, guilt, shame, low self esteem, frustration
  • Discover how to deal with a client’s “emotional release” powerfully and sympathetically, as it happens on the treatment table
  • And put these approaches together into a flexible, intuitive method that you can use as effectively on yourself as on others

Your course materials

The Reiki Synthesis Self-Study Course is accompanied by a detailed set of downloadable instructions (PDF), running to 30 A4 pages. You will also receive helpful hands-outs and two MP3 tracks where you can listen to Taggart working with a couple of volunteers, talking them through the Reiki Emotional Integration method, helping them to drain the energy out of negative emotions.

These materials give you everything you need to be able to use Reiki Synthesis to make a difference to you and the people that you treat.

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Testimonials from students who attended our live courses

Below you can read some of the testimonials I received from Reiki people who attended my live Reiki Synthesis courses.


“Just wanted to send you a huge thank you for the course on Saturday, it was a lovely day with a great group of people, I am so glad I made it and shared the day with everyone. It is hard to pick a high-light as everything we covered was pretty mind blowing but if I had to choose one, it would have to be the Reiki Emotional Integration breathing method. My negative emotion, which I have carried round like a rock for so many years, has gone, completely and I can’t get it back, I am amazed it was that effective, that quickly. I feel this course was of great benefit to me personally and for my clients as these new tools will really enhance my approach to treatments. I am looking forward to using them very soon!”

Helen Wright

“I found this course well-structured, easy to learn and enjoyable. I’m very glad I joined and will look forward to implementing the techniques in my own practice. They seem very versatile and very adaptable. Thank you Taggart! I will let you know how I use them.”

Amanda Stec

“Lovely day today. Really enjoyed learning the breathing technique and can really see how to use and when. The link between psyche and soma appears very beneficial and want to believe that the effect of clearing blockages will last. Taggart, your calm and measured delivery of teachings is inspiring and ‘containing’.”

Jenny Crisp

“The course was a fresh look at Reiki and its different applications. I am excited to see how I can develop this further. I was very surprised at the results achieved today, very positive and helpful. Thank you, Taggart.”

Christine Law

“Really enjoyed the course. Can not wait to use it on myself and others.”

Natasha Lipko

“Really constructive day – new ideas and a clear way to develop and use images and symbols which came up during meditation and treatments. Very pleasant company and atmosphere and sharing knowledge and experience.”

Gill Harris

“A really useful day with lots of new tools to add to the Reiki toolbox. I can’t wait to try the bespoke symbols on my guinea pigs. Watch this space…”

Chrissie Slade

“Excellent course with lots of practical exercises to enable us to go away with techniques that are powerful and useful for our clients and ourselves. Thank you Taggart!”

Hannah Shine

“Really liked the course: good content, not over complicated, good balance of theory and practice. Nice pace to the day. I feel I am leaving with some really useful positive tools.”

Sam McNicholas

“Most enjoyable course, full of excellent techniques that were new to me but that have immediate application in my own life. I very much appreciated the breathing technique and the result was so positive in my case – thanks! A good size class (6) meant we could all contribute and work with each other. Lovely setting. Well up to the usual high standard of Reiki Evolution.”

Sue Terry

“Thank you for a wonderful course. I found the breathing technique quite effective and will certainly start practising it. Today just affirmed that calling on the energy with whatever symbol is so amazing in its simplicity. I enjoyed the flow of the class and contents. Great class!”

Gigi Farid

Thank you very much! I have enjoyed the course very much. It was very well structured, clear, easy to follow and practical to use for myself later. I am sure I will be able to make good use of it, just need some more practice. Beautiful venue to come to.”

Prisca Heer

“Course structure and objectives were very focused. Lots of practice. The techniques taught turned out to be very effective in clearing a longstanding, emotionally stressful, extremely negative belief.”

Rashmi Kumar

“Very interesting to discover how various techniques combined create a new dimension to Reiki. A lovely day – brilliantly presented! I enjoyed the group’s energy and the practical exercises. Looking forward to putting what I’ve learned into practice, especially the breathing techniques.”

Marilyn Harvey

“It was a very novel approach working with symbols never used before and had a powerful effect which certainly made me think. I really enjoyed the combination of NLP techniques and Reiki and can’t wait to try them out as I think each gives the other another dimension.

I love the fact that you are experimenting and developing new techniques: Reiki Evolution it certainly is. Thank you for a great day.”

Lyd Holland

“Course was well organised, informative and fun… providing a different way of working with Reiki energy and useful techniques which can be applied in a practical and beneficial way. Thank you, Taggart!”

Gina Zurzolo

“This was extremely well run. Taggart is a calm and friendly teacher, making you feel welcome and comfortable. Very well explained and lots of exercises to practise the techniques on. Thoroughly enjoyed this and look forward to booking onto my next course. Excellent!!”

Jayne Diggles

“I found this course has added to my knowledge of advanced healing. This is what I wanted to learn as I am coming across clients who have these feelings which they need to release, to enhance the Reiki treatment. The course was just for the right time and it was very well put together so that we could practise the skills. Thank you Taggart for this invaluable experience and knowledge.”

Nayana Patel

“I was already familiar with using breathing to release emotions but the course gave me the infrastructure to use this in conjunction with Reiki to treat others. It was just what I needed.

It was also quite interesting to revisit working with symbols as I don’t tend to use them in my treatments or meditations. I found that I quite enjoyed the creativity and the use of intuition in the process of coming out with individual symbols for myself and for others.

I can’t wait to put this into practice!! I think some of my clients will really benefit from this technique, especially the ones with physical problems that stem from suppressed emotions and feelings.”

Tamara Diaz Garcia

“The Reiki Synthesis course helped me to tap into my awareness and allowed my creative expression to merge and flow with my awareness. It took me into a deep meditative space more easily and quickly and I loved being able to create a symbol and experience its energy, specifically to help someone’s healing process. Thank you.”

Toni Vyse

“Overall, the course has left me feeling uplifted. I enjoyed moving away from set symbols and being able to create appropriate symbols specific to individuals and/or situations/emotions. I feel the techniques will really add to Reiki treatments and even provide alternatives/add-ons. The meditations we carried out on the course were effective and revealing.”

Rhonda Bailey

“The day went very quickly and it was nice to learn new things and working with other people. I felt things were very easy to follow and it helped me to understand myself. Very informative day and enjoyable.”

Sylvia Dewson