Reiki & the Guilt Trip

Why is it that so many Reiki Practitioners feel guilty about treating themselves?

Why do they think they have to spend all their free time and more ‘healing’ others?

This is a question I often ponder

Fundamentally I think that the majority of people who take Reiki training carry the healer archetype and, by nature, they have a deep desire to help and support others above all else.

Sometimes to the cost of their own health & wellbeing!








So here is some information that you already know but I’m going to say it again (and again) because it’s REALLY important, particularly now with all the current Earth Changes going on within and around us.

Let’s get something quite clear here. You absolutely and categorically should work with Reiki regularly and, more importantly on yourself, in order be a good and clear channel for healing.

Consider our connection to the Reiki Source as a pipe. When we are born it is clear and unclogged by human nonsense and debris. Ever wondered why so many children are more open to inter-dimensional experiences?

As we grow, so starts the slow rot as our pipe begins to fill with the emotional and mental debris of human 3D existence.

When you receive a Reiki Reiju Empowerment or Attunement, your pipe is cleared and your connection re-established.

If only that were the end of it!

BUT……….then you go back to your 3D life and the pipe begins to clog again (unless you are truly enlightened by then of course!)

Regular channelling of Reiki and receiving of Reiju unclogs your pipe over and over, maintaining a clear channel and connection to Reiki and Source itself.

So, if you do not clean out your own Reiki ‘pipe’ regularly then it will remain clogged and you will continue to feel that human condition of dis-ease that is a result of separation from Source and ‘all that is’.

We must remember that we are all connected energetically. There is no space between you and I. So it stands to reason that if I work on healing myself, then the resulting good vibrations will emanate out and be experienced by the whole.






Taking this a little deeper now……

Author, Medical Inuitive and Spiritual Teacher Caroline Myss insists that humanity need daily connection to the Sacred in order to regain and maintain equilibrium and wellbeing

I absolutely agree with her on this. We have lost our way over the years and have lost our innate connection to the sacred.

Indigenous people instinctively knew that ‘God’ exists in everything and they lived and worked with this in mind, each and every day. They honoured nature and the nature spirits and they worked with the natural cosmic cycles. They connected daily to their Gods.

The Japanese people and the Reiki founder, Usui Sensei, lived this way. Shinto was practised prior to Buddhism in those days and Shinto recognised and honoured ‘Kami’ the divine nature in all things.

As such, when they felt Kami or a great energy in, for example, a tree, they built a shrine there in honour of Kami and placed shimenawa or holy rope around it. I was so pleased to have learned this as it made sense of what I’d felt last summer when I had my unexpected experience with a tree in the McRitchie reservoir in Singpore (see previous blog)

When I read about Shinto, I understood what we have lost over the years.

We are now returning to Source, Divine Union and to living with honour for the Divine in all Creation.

Daily connection to the sacred is, indeed, our Manna from Heaven

So feel free to indulge and ENJOY!


Debbie McDougall is one of the Reiki Evolution team of teachers offering training in the beautiful city of Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Debbie began her Reiki journey in 2004, eventually leaving the NHS in 2008 after nearly 30 years as a Nurse, and more latterly, a Midwife. Debbie has also trained in other forms of Holistic healing and runs regular workshops and groups aiming to empower others to heal themselves. She also runs Munay Ki workshops to pass on the beautiful and profound Ascension Rites of the Incan Shamanic lineages and writes her monthly ‘Earth Change Updates’ available on her website.

Debbie’s website can be found here:

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