Reiki treatments & winning the lottery


Let’s talk about cause and effect

Sometimes I am asked by my students about things that happen to a client after they have had a Reiki treatment. The questions are usually framed in terms of:

“After the treatment, this happened… is that the Reiki?”

“I gave someone a treatment and the next week x happened… was that the Reiki?”

Sometimes my response is [shrugs shoulders]… maybe, or “who knows”… sometimes I will say “probably” or “could be”.

And that’s about as far as I can go because (1) I don’t have a crystal ball and (2) not everything that happens to a person after they have had a Reiki treatment, or been on a Reiki course, is a result of the Reiki that they received or were initiated into.

Reiki and the lottery

So someone goes on a Reiki course and the next week they win the lottery. Is Reiki responsible for this? Has the universe conspired in such a way as to bring that person their winning numbers because they decided to learn Reiki?

Someone has a Reiki treatment and the next week they get run over by a ‘bus. Is the Reiki responsible for this event?

The answer is no: not everything that happens to a person after Reiki is because of the Reiki.

Because things occur randomly: unusual things happen to people sometimes, things appear out of the blue.

And because we seek to fnd an explanation for the things that happen to us in our lives, we try and attach that happening to something, something different or new that we have done or experienced.

How do we know whether something was because of the Reiki?

You don’t.

Not in an individual case.

You can only look at a group of people and see what sort of things they tend to experience after receiving or learning Reiki, and you can find themes emerging, experiences or happenings that seem to turn up again and again and again.

And then when that happens to another student, you can say, “yes, that probably was the Reiki”, but you’ll never know absolutely definitely because the thing they are reporting may have just happened anyway.

So what does Reiki do for people then?

Whether you receive a course of treatments or if you are learning Reiki for yourself, you should find that Reiki helps you to feel more ‘laid back’ – calm, content and serene – and you should find that you feel better able to deal with stressful situations or stressful people, and that you feel more positive and better able to cope.

If energy levels are low then they can be boosted; if spirits are low then they can be lifted.

This ‘Reiki effect’ seems to be noticed in most people who learn Reiki and work on themselves regularly, or in people who receive a course of Reiki treatments.

To find out more about these effects, and others, click here: What can Reiki do for me?

The decluttering effect

One of the things that I have noticed, based on my experiences when teaching students through my Reiki Home Study Courses, is the “decluttering” effect that Reiki can have on many people.

Reiki seems to cause people to want, or to find, a simpler way through their life, and that can involve ditching things: ditching household clutter, ditching unwanted commitments and habits, clearing out cupboards and spare rooms, simplifying your life on lots of levels.

Over to you

So, what things have you experienced as a result of receiving Reiki treatments that you are fairly certain are because of the Reiki?

What changes occurred in your life after you learned Reiki that you’re fairly sure are because of the system that you learned?

How has Reiki changed things for the better for you?

Post a comment below to let us know.

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9 thoughts on “Reiki treatments & winning the lottery

  1. I actually de-cluttered a few people from my life after I did my course. Just the ones who brought me down all the time. I evaluated several relationships and felt much more at peace with myself.

  2. Reiki has changed my life completely. From my 1st treatment when I was a ‘case study’ for my friend when she was doing her Reiki Master training, up until present day. I have since gone on to complete Reiki 1 and 2 and have now nearly completed my Reiki Master teaching level myself. It was as if Reiki was calling to me and ‘found’ me and I was so mean’t to ‘find’ Reiki. For 53 years I had walked around ‘blinkered’ and Reiki opened my eyes to the universe. I am so grateful for everything now and I am a changed person in the fact that I have broken away from past life conditions and am now my own person. I have moved away from people who had controlled me for many years and had not realised how much I had been controlled until I look back. I will always be grateful to Reiki for my new way of life. I truly humble and love every second of my new ‘Reiki life’

  3. Well…I haven’t won the lottery (probably something to do with not buying a ticket), but neither would I want to. Who said?
    “A man who knows when he has enough… is a rich man indeed”

    Reiki has certainly taught me to value life and not merely chase the material world and its so-called riches. By following a Reiki path and practising mindfulness, I do feel as though I have won my own lottery.
    I am now content…Priceless!

  4. The first time I had a Reiki treatment it was for bad headaches and depression. Both cleared up after two Reiki treatments, although I didn’t particularly like the practitioner. Since then, I’ve had a few treatments and many “tasters” at Mind Body Spirit shows all over the country. I did find that self-treatments were very good for stress, fatigue and depression and, once, I even healed my abscessed tooth! I have also practised on my husband (gout pain) and son (depression and broken shoulder) with good outcomes.

    I hold Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 Certificates (the second ten years ago), but have neglected the practice this last number of years because I find it difficult to concentrate on meditation. Perhaps it is something to do with age – I am 72 and retired. I’ve been thinking about doing a Reiki Share day to revive my interest in it, perhaps this is the answer.

    1. Dear Patricia, if you send an e-mail to I will send you my ‘getting started with Reiki’ self-help guide which describes some simple energy exercises/meditations that you can use to get back into the habit of using Reiki regularly. You don’t have to be perfect at meditation to gain a lot from Reiki; everyone has a wandeirng mind so don’t beat yourself up about it!

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