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My Manifesto for Reiki Tolerance

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Honouring all the flavours of Reiki

The lovely thing about Reiki is that there are so many styles, so many different ways of working with the energy. Various people on the Internet have tried to compile lists of the different versions, and I think the total runs to a hundred or more.

Reiki seems to work as an effortless ‘carrier’, rather like a radio station and transmitter that you can play endless different songs through, but you need the underlying radio waves before the songs can be played.

Reiki is like those radio waves: a carrier that supports very… Continue reading

Can I Do Hatsurei if I Can’t Visualise?

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Hatsurei ho is one of the basic energy exercises found in Japanese-style Reiki, an extension or elaboration of the original two exercises that Usui Sensei has his students perform at First Degree: Kenyoku and Joshin Kokkyu ho. Part of what you do when you practise Hatsurei ho is to draw energy to your Tanden, which is an energy centre found two fingerbreadths below your tummy button and 1/3rd of the way into your body; it is the centre of your personal energetic universe, the place where your creativity and intuition lie.

Someone contacted me recently wanting to know whether… Continue reading

Do You Have to Believe in Reiki for it to Work?


An issue that has come up a few times is whether you need to believe in Reiki for it work for you: whether you need to have ‘faith’ before you’ll experienc positive changes through either learning Reiki or having a series of Reiki treatments.

In this blog I’d just like to explore this issue a little.

Reiki is not faith healing

The word faith is often used to describe a person’s belief in a particular religion, where an adherent has faith in a deity or deities. So the first thing to say is that Reiki is not allied to… Continue reading

Why Don’t I Feel So Much When I Self-Treat?

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Something that a few Reiki people have mentioned to me is that they never seem to feel too much happening when they are self-treating, certainly not compared to the stronger sensations that they might experience when treating other people. They might feel something happening in their hands when they use a hands-on self-treatment method, but it’s all a bit gentle and unremarkable. So what is going on here? Are Reiki self-treatments weak and ineffective, a thin and weedy version of the powerhouse of treating someone else, or is there something else happening here?

Here’s my take on this…

You… Continue reading

Talking to Clients about “Strong Reactions”


Reiki affects people in different ways, doesn’t it? Whether you are learning Reiki for the first time, or whether you’re receiving Reiki through a course of treatments, there will usually be things that you experience as a result of that Reiki. For some people it will just be a wonderful experience: they will feel calm, content and serene, chilled out, their mood will lift, they will feel free, cleansed, their skin will be clear, they will sleep well and they will be full of energy; they will be really enthusiastic about returning for another dose!

But it’s not always… Continue reading

How Can Reiki Symbols Unlock Such Power?


The other day a Reiki person mentioned to me that when people use symbols in Reiki, it just seems ridiculous that they can unlock all this power, and she was a bit embarrassed by it all. It seemed to her to be a bit like “Open Sesame!” or “abracadabra”: just foolish and ridiculous that flailing your fingers in the air could create all this cosmic power.

And it does seem strange, doesn’t it? A bit like wizards and incantations and ancient, mysterious, closely-guarded, power-imbued sigils that initiates can use to control and direct natural forces, in our case for… Continue reading

What Does It All Mean?


When we treat someone, and when we receive a Reiki treatment, for that matter, we are going to notice different things. There will be physical sensations, maybe images or colours, there may be emotions or states of mind that arise while we treat or receive a treatment.

And it’s natural to wonder what all these sensations mean. Why do I have that sensation? Why am I seeing that colour? What does this change in sensation mean? Should I be worried about that feeling I’m getting?

If only there was some guidebook that I could go to, look down a… Continue reading

Experiencing Disturbing Things


I think that most Reiki people will know about the main sensations or experiences that you can have when treating someone. If we were going to describe the ‘standard’ sensations then we’d be talking about heat in your hands, or fizzing, tingling and buzzing, maybe pulsing or throbbing, heaviness, a ‘magnetic’ sensation… or perhaps coolness, or a feeling of ‘insects’ crawling over your skin, or perhaps pinpricks.

And in terms of colours, we’d be experiencing bright lights, usually white, lilac and violet, or rainbow light-shows, or a particular colour predominating for a while or for the whole treatment.

But… Continue reading

When Nobody Feels Anything

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When you start learning Reiki, the first thing you do is to practise on a few people, probably a couple of family members or some friends. And while they can often give you interesting and useful feedback, feedback that helps to build your confidence that this Reiki “thing” really is doing something, because they can feel it and notice the effects, this doesn’t always happen: sometimes you can practise on some people who don’t seem to notice anything happening when you treat them, and this is of course quite disheartening.

You might feel a raging furnace going on on your… Continue reading

I Can’t Feel Anything Happening


It’s just not working for me

When you go on a Reiki course and start to practise Reiki, you have a lot of expectations. There are all these sensations that you’ve heard about, that other people, or some other people, experience, and you’re not sure whether you’re feeling them, or notiicing them, or noticing them enough or often enough or strongly enough.

You can doubt yourself and think that although, yes, I know that “Reiki works for everyone”… maybe it actually isn’t working for me.

What should I be feeling?

Is what I’m feeling the right thing?

Am I… Continue reading

Which Bits Of Me Need Treating?

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Most people in the world of Reiki tend to self-treat in a ‘standard’ fashion, either resting their hands on themselves in a set sequence of positions or, if they are following Mikao Usui’s original practices, carrying out a self-treatment meditation where they focus their attention on a number of specific locations, and allow the energy to flow.

But someone asked me the other day, “how do I know which bits of me I need to treat” so I thought I would put together a reply that may be helpful in some way, because there are few different ways that… Continue reading

Going to Ground with Reiki?


Ground yourself! Ground yourself! Ground yourself!

It is true to say that there is a particular species of Reiki person who attributes alost every human malady, ailment or moment of bad luck or misfortune to the state of ‘not being properly grounded’. Whether you trip over a kerbstone, get a grade “C” instead of a “B”, forget where your car keys are or start sneezing, it’s all about you needing to ground yourself better, apparently.

In this view of the Reiki world, we are all rather like party balloons, tethered precariously by thin lengths of poorly-tied string, as strong… Continue reading

Diet, Health and Reiki

Do I need to be a healthy, teetotal vegan to learn & practise Reiki?

A common question that I am asked revolves around health and diet, both before someone goes on a Reiki course, and once they are practising. People ask whether they need to follow a particular sort of diet before attending for a Reiki First Degree course, and then subsequently, and they also ask whether it’s ok to treat someone when you feel ill, or if you’re under the weather, or have a cold, for example.

A further question asks why Reiki hasn’t resolved a particular health condition… Continue reading