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Seeing the same stuff

When you’re fully merged with somebody’s energies in a Reiki treatment, it sometimes happens that you ‘see’ the same things as the person you’re treating. I once carried out a treatment on a friend who I had just attuned to Reiki for the first time. As it wasn’t a formal course (she was one of my first students, in the days before I began teaching for Reiki Evolution), we went with the flow and did a simple treatment swap. During the treatment I saw a huge red crystal, the size of a football. It was a vibrant scarlet and you could see right into it, with pentagon shaped facets that you could peer through (and look, I’ve found a very lifelike image of one for you to enjoy too!). After the treatment, with not a word passing my lips, my friend described how she had seen a huge scarlet crystal exactly the same as I had seen. Naturally we pondered on the meaning of the scarlet crystal and concluded it was to do with the energy of the root chakra, which was somewhat out of balance for her at the time.

I’ve heard of quite a few students over the years who have had similar experiences, and certainly at Reiki shares, when a few people are treating the same person together, it never ceases to intrigue me how often people pick up the same ‘visual’ information from treating the same person. And sometimes the recipient will see the same too. It always seems to cause awe and wonder – no bad thing in my book.

Anyway… make sure you find time to have that chat with your client after the treatment has finished – share what you’ve both experienced and you might be surprised as how much more has been shared that the Reiki energy that has passed through you and into them!


And please feel free to post any similar ‘Reiki Visual’ stories below if you’d like to share them… hopefully then everyone will see, IT’S NOT JUST ME – it’s really quite common when working with Reiki!

kent reiki training coursesLouise Heseltine is one of the Reiki Evolution team of teachers, running courses in Kent.   Louise began teaching Reiki in 2005 and has worked as a complementary therapist, offering Reiki, aromatherapy (Tisserand trained), reflexology and Indian head  massage. Louise also runs Reiki Retreats and has taken Reiki people to Egypt and run regular retreats to Spain to develop their healing  skills.

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