Send us your treatment room photos!

Right, it’s time for some Reiki prettiness. In this post I am going to publish some photos of people’s Reiki treatment rooms, so we can all see how lovely they look, and for those who are just thinking about how to set up their treatment room, or who are redecorating, it can provide some useful inspiration. If you have a lovely treatment room and would like to share it with us, send your photo and your name to and I’ll add your photo to this post.

First we have Louise’s room…

reiki treatments

reiki treatments

And now we have Debbie’s…

reiki treatments

reiki treatments

And now for Ann’s…

reiki treatments

And these are Annette’s photos…

reiki treatments

reiki treatments

Here are Antonia’s photographs…

Now take a look at Alexis’s photos…

And now we have Carol’s lovely room…

If you would like to share a photo of your lovely room, just send your name and your photo – as a jpeg attachment – to and I’ll add yours to this post.

One thought on “Send us your treatment room photos!

  1. Lovely relaxing rooms everyone! Haven’t got around to taking a few photographs……….

    Thanks for posting!

    Reiki blessings

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