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Sending distant healing – do I need permission?

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Unethical to send distant healing?

Some people are of the opinion that it is totally unethical to send distant Reiki to a person if they have not given their permission first.

They see it as a gross intrusion, interference, a violation of that person’s personal space, a violation of their energy field. I do not agree with this point of view and I see no problem in sending Reiki to whoever you want.

Here are my reasons…

Reiki is a beautiful healing energy that will not cause anyone any harm, and any Reiki sent is dedicated to the ‘highest good’ of the recipient, so that it is line with their karma or destiny. This means that you are not manipulating them or imposing your preferred result on the situation: if the person really does not want to be healed, or it is not appropriate for them to benefit, then the Reiki will not work.

Permission to pray?

You do not obtain someone’s permission if you are going to pray for them, and I see sending distant healing rather like a concentrated form of prayer, where you are asking for Divine intervention in someone’s life, in whatever way is appropriate for them.

Nobody rings up their friends to obtain their permission to pray for them. When there is a natural disaster somewhere in the world and people are praying for victims, they don’t withold the prayer until they have obtained the written permission of all the faceless intended recipients.

If someone was lying in the road, unconscious after a road accident, would you refrain from sending Reiki to them just because they couldn’t sit up and give you consent in writing? No, of course not: you’d send Reiki to their highest good and hope that it made a positive difference to them.

Scare stories about people being made to wake up when under an anaesthetic when receiving distant Reiki are just that – scare stories – like so many of the restrictions placed on people’s Reiki practices because of myth and unfounded rumour. And if you are really worried that this might happen, then simply intend that the energy be received by the person at whatever moment is appropriate for them in the next 24 hours.

We are neutral in the process

We should remind ourselves that when we send distant Reiki we are neutral in the process, we have no expectations and we do not push for a particular outcome.

We stand aside and what the energy does, if anything, is out of our hands. We offer the energy to the recipient, we do not force it on them, we do not make the energy do anything for the recipient; it is just there for them to use as they wish, or not.

So permission is irrelevant.

Need some help with your distant healing?

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