Sending distant healing – do I need permission?

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Unethical to send distant healing?

Some people are of the opinion that it is totally unethical to send distant Reiki to a person if they have not given their permission first.

They see it as a gross intrusion, interference, a violation of that person’s personal space, a violation of their energy field. I do not agree with this point of view and I see no problem in sending Reiki to whoever you want.

Here are my reasons…

Reiki is a beautiful healing energy that will not cause anyone any harm, and any Reiki sent is dedicated to the ‘highest good’ of the recipient, so that it is line with their karma or destiny. This means that you are not manipulating them or imposing your preferred result on the situation: if the person really does not want to be healed, or it is not appropriate for them to benefit, then the Reiki will not work.

Permission to pray?

You do not obtain someone’s permission if you are going to pray for them, and I see sending distant healing rather like a concentrated form of prayer, where you are asking for Divine intervention in someone’s life, in whatever way is appropriate for them.

Nobody rings up their friends to obtain their permission to pray for them. When there is a natural disaster somewhere in the world and people are praying for victims, they don’t withold the prayer until they have obtained the written permission of all the faceless intended recipients.

If someone was lying in the road, unconscious after a road accident, would you refrain from sending Reiki to them just because they couldn’t sit up and give you consent in writing? No, of course not: you’d send Reiki to their highest good and hope that it made a positive difference to them.

Scare stories about people being made to wake up when under an anaesthetic when receiving distant Reiki are just that – scare stories – like so many of the restrictions placed on people’s Reiki practices because of myth and unfounded rumour. And if you are really worried that this might happen, then simply intend that the energy be received by the person at whatever moment is appropriate for them in the next 24 hours.

We are neutral in the process

We should remind ourselves that when we send distant Reiki we are neutral in the process, we have no expectations and we do not push for a particular outcome.

We stand aside and what the energy does, if anything, is out of our hands. We offer the energy to the recipient, we do not force it on them, we do not make the energy do anything for the recipient; it is just there for them to use as they wish, or not.

So permission is irrelevant.

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18 thoughts on “Sending distant healing – do I need permission?

  1. Thanks Taggart. I totally concur with everything you say. Reiki works best when used in a place of trust and calm, rather than fear and worry. I liken Reiki to love – how crazy it would be if we had to ask permission to send someone our love and caring…..


  2. I had been wondering about the best time to send reiki to several people at once and living in different times zones. You’ve answered it i.e. at whatever is the most appropriate time for each individual within the next 24 hours. Thank you, Taggart.

  3. We are currently having this debate on Kent Healers Network Page on FaceBook. There are already comments about ‘not sending Reiki’ without permission.
    I cannot grasp the thinking behind this, and totally agree with your thoughts above.

    1. A Reiki master’s comment a few years back was so apt…he said “do we ever seek somebody’s consent before criticising them or having bad thoughts about them? Wonder why people worry about it when sending Reiki which is nothing but love”

  4. I just wrote an article about this about a week ago. But in reply to the above, I find that out of respect for the receiver and for myself I require permission. For them involves a matter of conscious intention and also a safety issue, initially. I want them to know what that feeling is (by agreeing to a time) and also not possibly find themselves so relaxed that it interferes with some other task like driving. I say initially as it’s more for the disbelief that seems to occur in people new to “energy healing”
    Which leads to personal respect: my time has value and I can’t do anything else while sending. Their Highest good doesn’t need an external channel their consciousness does and if I spend a half hour sending Reiki to someone unwilling to receive wastes my physical time (so to speak) and may not change their current results.

  5. I often send Reiki healing without permission, especially to situations. However I must admit to getting better results with people who make an appointment to receive the Reiki I have initiated for them.
    When the client is open to receiving and trusts me, I can scan them absently, feel the effect of the Reiki as it works and notice when it switches off and they have had enough.
    Sometimes it produces instant pain relief and at others benefits long term conditions , so the client see an immediate improvement and comes back for more.

    1. Hi Margaret, that’s interesting. I can see that a deliberate ‘opening’ and readying oneself to Reiki could make a difference to the recipient.

  6. I read this article only today and agree with the views of Taggart. Permission of a person who physically comes to receive the healing session is irrelevant because the person already knows what he/she is going for. For distance healing too, I do not think it is absolutely essential to have prior permission but if the person knows that he/she is going to receive a healing session, it might be more relaxing. Generally, I would let higher self of the person decide whether to accept it or not. The permission becomes particularly irrelevant when sending healing to areas facing some kind of disaster.
    For the safety part, it can be programmed to be received during middle of the night (for example) when majority is sleeping. I have made a list of the recipients including men, women and children whom I send healing quite frequently with the intent that they receive it when they are sleeping at night. All said and done, it would perhaps vary with individual style, understanding of the healer and the requirement.
    Thanks to Taggart for a nice article.

  7. I tend to send DH to my friends and family, and anyone I actually know. Then, I extend it to anyone needing it locally, then nationally, then internationally, then universally, so that everyone is included and no one is left out. This is done with strong intent and for the highest good of any recipient. I have massive faith in the power of Reiki and I am sure it will work in this way. Love and light Pat.

  8. I read your point of view with disbelief. You are not the sun nor are you God. Therefore, what gives you the right to enforce your healing and therefore your beliefs on another person without their permission? I personally do not want to be sent healing by anyone other than by my chosen healer.

    What you propose is tantamount to abuse of both your gift and the person you are sending healing too, for in your arrogance to prove you are right, you are enforcing your belief system on them and taking the conscious choice of the person you are sending healing too away. You are in effect disempowering them and not respecting their right to make their own choices.

    Yes of course our higher self can also make choices for us but why should I as an autonomous human being be reliant on my higher self to refuse healing from others when my own word ought to be enough?

    I have come across this sort of enforced healing before and now consciously protect myself from it. I want the right to make my own choices not be bullied into accepting yours.

    Please be more respectful of those that may want the choice to say no.

    1. Wow. You seem to either have not read carefully, or not understood, my article. I am neither bullying anyone nor forcing anyone to accept anything from me, whether energy or belief system.

  9. A family member is indeed in need of Reiki but has refused outright as not having any ‘voodoo’ put on him. I will respect his wishes but am upset by it as I feel sincerely he needs help. Nothing more I can do for the moment.

  10. Thanks so much Taggart for your clarifying post. I can now send distance Reiki to few individuals who can really benefit without the guilt that I would violate their free will. Universe guided me to your post, Universe must be confirming it’s okay to send healing without pre-approval.

  11. Taggart
    may I please request your suggustions and comments onto my first powepoint video presntation on my thoughts as a small introduction, I downloaded this on Youtube, perhaps not the right portal for this as per Tina’s suggestion (much appreciated and her time too). You will find us on youtube as Divinum Reiki or Anila Patel. I am working on an amended one, after a few comments unless you want to wait for this well you know now what I am called. Regards to you all.

  12. I totally disagree with you on this point. When I taught Reiki as we started the distant healing, i open with I am now going to teach you how to psychically rape someone! That grabs their attention.
    The reasons behind this are many
    1. everyone has the right to be and die. I can illustrate this with 2 experiences. My step fathere had had another stroke and was now in a coma. My mother was keeping saying you cant die, what am I going to do without you. AS we know that hearing is one of the last senses to die, on a spiritual level I could ‘see’ his stress and agony over hearing this. I finally took my mother outside and chastised her for being selfish, when she had calmed down the following day, she told him to go. He passed peacefully the following day.
    I was giving reiki to a friends father twice a week, doctors had not made a diagnosis. I decided to use reiki to drag the disease out of him, I pulled out a black stone through the crown. He then pulled it back and I let it go. He knew what I had done and it was the only time he growled at me as he got off the table.
    Over the next few moths I watched him and his wife, she was running around after him, do you want a cup of tea, dont go outside for a cigarette….. etc To rekindle the magic in their marriage, he was prepared to die! I respected that in all further treatments, I never stopped even when the terminal throat cancer diagnosis was given. His response to me was, ‘I knew you could not heal me, only a doctors can to that. But you took the pain away and allowed me to live in peace’ I though, if only they had given him an aspirin?
    Regarding Pray, I local vicar I work with on interfaith matters, will always ask for permission before adding someone to her pray list
    Blessed Be

    1. From the article…

      We are neutral in the process

      We should remind ourselves that when we send distant Reiki we are neutral in the process, we have no expectations and we do not push for a particular outcome.

      We stand aside and what the energy does, if anything, is out of our hands. We offer the energy to the recipient, we do not force it on them, we do not make the energy do anything for the recipient; it is just there for them to use as they wish, or not.

      So permission is irrelevant.

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