Sending Reiki to the future

sending reiki distant healing to the future

Using distant healing creatively

I suppose that most people who send practise healing will send the energy to a friend or a family member, but the energy can be used more creatively too and, since Reiki doesn’t seem greatly constrained by either time or space, some people will send Reiki to their future.

So how might this be done?

Well, imagine that you have a public speaking engagement or a job interview, or a musical performance or an exam, any event where you could do with a bit of Reiki contentment sparkling over you. What you do is to imagine yourself in that future event, in whatever way feels comfortable, and imagine that Reiki is flooding into that event or situation, flooding into the room maybe, surrounding and engulfing you and any other people who might be there.

The Reiki that you are sending gives you just what you need on that occasion, supporting, nourishing and healing in the way that you need it, working its magic on the relationship between the people that are going to be there perhaps.

Reiki your day

Some people send Reiki ‘to their day’ by imagining their day ahead (in a brief, truncated or speeded up fashion) and flooding their day with Reiki, imagining everything going well, smoothly, calmly.

I have heard of someone who sends Reiki to ‘their bed’ each day, with the intention that the Reiki hangs around, ready to deposit itself on that person when they get into bed.

You can be endlessly creative with this!

Over to you

If this idea is new to you, why not experiment and see what’s possible, and let us hear about your experience by posting a message below.

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8 thoughts on “Sending Reiki to the future

  1. When sending distance healing recently I added that it be received, “morning, afternoon or evening of that day, at a time to suit each person, and as often as they needed it.”.

    I got some really positive feedback to say that it was a really good day when everything just slotted in and ran smoothly. Everything worked for the best and there was a general really joyful feeling about the day.

    Although I am not sure what put the idea into my head! needless to say, I have done it again since.

  2. I send Reiki to my workplace each day: to start when I leave home and to finish when I return home. I have used the method Taggart describes here as well as using HSZSN and both appear to work just as well. I feel confident, positive and focused for the most part and, so far, have been able able to deal with some stressful situations relatively easily. There have been times when I have needed a booster due to tiredness and one occasion where I forgot to empower the HSZSN by saying it’s mantra. On that occasion it wasn’t effective and it was a lesson learned.
    I have also tried using CKR and SHK to empower – boost – HSZSN when I’m initially sending DH to myself or others. Seems to work nicely!

  3. Some years ago I sent Reiki to a forthcoming job interview, knowing there was a great deal of competition for the position – my intent was simply that I give the best possible account of myself. When I walked into the premises the energy was tangible. The interview went swimmingly, there was great rapport and I was called and offered the job before I got home. Later the receptionist told me she knew the moment I walked in that I would get the job.

  4. I have been using this for myself and for others for many years now and it has always made a positive difference. Now when I use Reiki I send it with the intent that it pass through past, present and that which is yet to come. Even in the most difficult of situations, it always helps. It is so good to read this. Thank you so very much for all that you do.

  5. I,m very much a beginner and still finding things out, so all these posts and Taggarts’ original are a wonderful learning tool for me. This thing never ceases to amaze me. Thank you everyone.

  6. Hi there, I have been attuned to level 1 in November last year, and yesterday I received a full spectrum attunement. As this was not done through a course, I have no use of the symbols and was told I don’t really need them. I tried sending distant reiki and it seemed to work fine, so want to now try and send it to myself in the future. What would you recommend instead of using the symbols? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Angie, I’m not really sure what a full spectrum attunement is; have you actually trained in Reiki in some way or just receive dan attunement over the Internet. If the latter, you do really need to receive some training in the practices of Reiki because it’s not just about someone attuning you.

      But assuming you are attuned to Reiki, you can either choose to use a symbol to focus you on sending Reiki distantly (the symbol HSZSN, taught on Second Degree courses) or you could use intent, imagining the future event or situation or person and imagining the energy flowing there. Hope that helps.

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