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With Kay Gillard

“I specialise in helping Reiki people develop their skills and understanding so they can reach their highest potential as healers. My unique, shamanic-inspired Reiki courses are my favourite way to do this. They are grounded in my 19 years of work as a shamanic practitioner and Reiki healer, and I first created these courses in back in 2009 so they are tried and tested!”

About Shamanic Reiki

This advanced training in a shamanic approach to Reiki allows a deepening of our understanding of how trauma is held in the body, how energy medicine really works, and how Reiki can soothe and protect us and our clients as we stand on the gateway of healing transformation.

All Shamanic Approach to Reiki workshops include comprehensive notes provided for further study and for reference later, giving more detail than we can cover on the day. The workshops themselves are focused on specific, practical work and shamanic journeying and/or perception exercises. I encourage you to read afterwards to integrate the teachings, but most of all to trust your own intuition and experiment with these techniques on your own and with your fellow practitioners. It is through your own practice you will find your own unique medicine and perspective as a healer.

Course background and origins

My own journey onto this path of healing began with Reiki, however that same week I also began my shamanic training. Both systems have been a huge influence on the way I work, both in my personal practice and in how I approach healing work for other people. However, I always kept the two ways of working very separate from one another, believing that they were separate systems and trying not to let them overlap in my professional work. In May 2008 my compartmentalised view of healing was completely shaken up when I trained as a Reiki Drum practitioner. This fusion technique of Reiki with shamanic medicine drumming, trance journeying and mental/emotional reprogramming with affirmations was many of my favourite techniques all rolled together. It wasn’t traditional, but it was still extremely powerful.

Given the importance of Shinto on Usui Sensei, and that part of the original symbol for Reiki means ‘Shaman who brings the rain (female Shaman, actually!) it is not surprising that Reiki is more and more coming to be thought of as a form of Shamanism. The more I learn from my Spirit teachers, the more ways I see for these two different ways of working to be united with great effect. I received a lot of guidance from Spirit after I did that training, and it has led me to bring my Reiki and shamanic knowledge together and form my own fusion techniques under the watchful eyes of my power animals and spirit guides. I have found that, far from diluting or undermining the original systems, this approach has brought the best aspects of different systems together to form something more effective than either system can be on its own.

Reiki energy is so beautiful and gentle, it works always for the highest good, it is balancing, healing and supportive. The energy itself carries within it the principles that Reiki people live by: the Reiki precepts, a sense of oneness with all beings, love and compassion. Shamanic work is so illuminating for the client, shining a light on exactly what they are working on and why. It encourages a truly active involvement with their own healing, it enables us as practitioners to work interactively with our clients, empowering then and encouraging them to take ownership of and responsibility for their own healing. When we bring a shamanic approach to healing into our Reiki practice, we are still working with that wonderful Reiki energy that you already know so well. But by drawing on shamanic healing techniques we can promote deeper healing and more effective changes than by using Reiki alone; we can engage our clients in the healing work and give them an understanding of the energetic world we inhabit, and their power within it.

Full course details

Reiki Block Removal

Most Reiki practitioners will already have come across “stuck energies” in the bodies of their clients or perhaps even in themselves as they have progressed on their Reiki journeys. Little tends to be taught about this in Reiki training, so many of us approach it based on what we hear in spiritual or new age circles. The problem is, each block must be assessed carefully in it’s own way. Only some will need to be removed; the immediate assumption that “stuck” means “negative is unhelpful to this work – and usually wrong. How we remove it and how we repair the body afterwards is how we ensure that our work doesn’t cause harm.

On this practical training day for Reiki practitioners, exploring a shamanic view of the energy body and the art of skilful energetic intervention. No previous shamanic experience is required – we will work with Reiki as our basis and our healing source.

We will cover shamanic journeying and self healing to learn this release work for your own self healing. We will also learn (with practical, hands on sessions) how to do this work for clients, including how to protect ourselves and navigate our client’s feelings with care.

Certificates of attendance will be provided to all practitioners as proof for CPD and shamanic healing experience.

Course schedule:

• Smudging ceremony
• Reiju empowerment
• Understanding how and why energy blocks are formed – and what they mean

• Shamanic perception exercises to discover energy blocks in your own body
• How to use Reiki to remove blocks safely
• Explaining the self healing method – a guided session
• Perceiving blocks in other people’s bodies
• Practical partner sessions
• Closing ceremony


Reiki Cord Cutting

A practical training day for the continued development of qualified Reiki practitioners, exploring a shamanic view of energy healing around attachment, freedom and compassion. No previous shamanic experience is required – we will work with Reiki as our basis and our healing source. The day will focus on refining our perception of energy and our skills as energy workers, without losing touch with the loving kindness at the root of Reiki healing.

We will cover powerful self healing and shamanic journeying, providing more skills and support for your personal work. We will also learn (with practical, hands on sessions) how to do this work for clients, including the importance of our healing language and the magical consequences of this deep work.

Certificates of attendance will be provided to all practitioners as proof for CPD and shamanic healing experience.

Course schedule:

• Smudging ceremony
• Reiju empowerment
• Understanding energetic connections from a traditional shamanic perspective

• Possible after effects of cord cutting

• Shamanic journey to see cords in your own body
• A compassionate, Reiki based approach to cutting cords
• Explaining the self healing method – a guided session
• How to bring this method into client healing sessions
• Practical partner sessions
• Closing ceremony

Course requirements

These courses are only available to Reiki people already trained to Practitioner or Master level (Reiki 2 and above). If you have not worked with me before Kay will need to see your certificate

The Certificate

All courses are accompanied by an attractive certificate provided by Kay Gillard.

Course venue

Courses are held at a venue on Glastonbury High Street, right in the centre of this unique place.

Course Fees

The fee for the Cord Cutting and Block Removal courses is £110 for each course, which can be takn individually or back-to-back on consecutive days, with a £40 deposit paid in advance, and the balance paid to Kay Gillard by direct bank transfer in advance of the course; Kay will contact you to arrange that.

Ongoing Support and Advice

Once you’ve been on your Shamanic Reiki course(s) course we want you to know that your teacher will be on hand to deal with any questions or queries that you might have.

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