Some heresy about Reiki symbols

using reiki symbols heresy

You don’t need to be attuned to a symbol

In my article, Reiki Symbols, Attunements & Beyond, I explain that although it has been a belief of traditional Western Reiki that the Reiki symbols will not work for you until you have been specifically ‘attuned’ to them, this belief is not correct.

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OK, so we have a situation in the modern Reiki world where people can now be initiated into Reiki without any symbols entering into the process and, when that happens, the Reiki symbols – CKR, SHK – still work fine, eliciting the energies of earth ki and heavenly ki, as they are supposed to.

The ‘attunement’ thing isn’t a necessary step.

The energy can be focused and modified in many different ways: you can use chants, you can use intent and you can use *any* symbol that you like, whether that’s a symbol from one of the many Reiki variations, or an entirely new, channelled, or random symbol. They will all focus or frame the energy in a particular way.

Let’s experiment with some symbols

So if you feel drawn to, say, Karuna Reiki, which is heavily symbol-based, and you have access to the symbols used in that system, then explore its symbols. Meditate on them, draw their energies into your body, flood yourself with their quality or essence, and come to your own conclusion about what they are all about.

Here’s a simple experiment that you an carry out to prove to yourself that a symbol that you haven’t been attuned to will frame the energy in a distinctive way.

Meditation on “O”

I would like you to meditate on a simple circle. Rest your hands in your lap, palms up, close your eyes and take a couple of long, deep breaths to release any stress and tension. Then imagine a perfect circle, black & white, up in the air above you. Imagine that energy or light is cascading down to you from that symbol above you, flooding over you, flowing through you, and just bathe in that energy, merging with it.

Alternatively, meditate in time with your breath so that on the inbreath you draw energy down from that circle into your tanden, allow the energy to flow and spread through your body, and on the outbreath just flood that energy out of you.

And notice how that energy feels:

  • Where do you feel it most?
  • What quality does it have?
  • What impression do you have of its nature?
  • What does it do to/for you?
  • What is its essence?

Over to you

Carry out the meditation a few times and post a message below to let me know what the energy of the circle felt like.

What did it do for you?

How did the energy of the circle differ from the energies of CKR and SHK when you meditate on them?

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