Somerset Reiki Testimonials: Kay Gillard

glastonbury reiki courses somersetAt Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Kay Gillard’s Reiki Evolution Reiki training courses, now held in Somerset (Glastonbury). (Previously in London).


“I attended Reiki 2 with Kay last Saturday and had a fabulous day. The material arrived in plenty of time to read/ re read and listen which was great. I really like the audio version which supplements the book. Also really like the guided meditation for the symbols. I like the audio meditations generally from both Reiki 1 and 2 and would really like to see this area expanded and see some additional meditations produced on CD for students to buy in the future.

The course did meet my expectations – having done Reiki 1 I felt more confident on what to expect and at ease with the practical side of the training work and the techniques taught were varied and interesting.

Kay is a fantastic teacher inspiring confidence and creating a brilliant atmosphere for learning and practice. Her own experience and knowledge underpin her training and make it relevant and accessible for all her students. Her ongoing support is also invaluable together with the range of other courses/ workshops she runs. I would recommend her to anyone.“

Jo Martin, Surrey, July 2010

“Firstly, Kay was very good as she made it an extremely relaxing experience that made everyone feel at ease and able to bond as a group. This enabled us to explore different views of Reiki and what the day meant to us. She also encouraged us to contact each other afterwards and made it clear that Reiki could be a solo experience or could be used with others regularly (i.e. Reiki Shares / Distant Healing). This meant that we knew we can contact her with any queries and that access to the forum and shares meant that we had a support network.

The course structure was good as it was laid out well. I found the course material to be well presented, educational and also listed options for future research / development. I like to understand the theory and background to subjects so this appealed to my nature. The meditation CDs were extremely helpful and the music was soothing and enabled Reiki to flow freely.

I cannot think of any improvements at this stage. If I do think of any other comments I shall let you know. For me the day was life changing and the sensations that I felt on that day could never be repeated. Every day is a new experience now with Reiki.“

Toni Daniell-Doyle, Kent, November 2010

“I think that the info you sent out was extremely comprehensive without being overwhelming. I think that this is the best way to do the course as it gives the student time to mull over the info before attending the live course. As for the day, I went with questions but no expectations but was blown away really by what I experienced. Kay was extremely friendly and warm and I think that we covered a great deal in a relaxed way.

I have come away with more questions which I think is a good thing. Really thought the whole experience was top and I look forward to continuing to work with Reiki and on to the next level!“

Meg West, London, December 2010

“I had my Reiki 2 course on the 25th June with Kay at her home attended by 3 others. I had registered for the course quite early so had plenty of time to study the manual and put into practise a lot of the content. However I was unable to master reiji ho at this point. The course covered all the aspects in the manual and certainly met and went beyond any expectations I held. After receiving the empowerments the flow of energy became noticeably stronger and at the point where we began to practise reiji ho my arms moved as if on their own accord. It was an amazing feeling! I really enjoyed receiving the reiki from my colleagues on the course and went home with a lovely, floating feeling. This feeling stayed with me for the whole weekend, it was truly wonderful! I am now gving friends and family treatments using reiji ho and the energy is coming through much stronger. Thank you Kay! (and Taggart!)”

Hilary Crundwell, Kent, July 2011

“I have just completed my Reiki 2 (Okuden) with Kay Gillard. The course passed all my expectations. The course material (for Shoden and Okuden) that was sent ahead of the one day live course was filled with just about the right amount of information to give the student an overview of what Reiki is all about, its origins and what to expect from making Reiki an integral part of your life. The literature did not make any false promises and was so easy to follow and understand. The guided meditations was excellent for me as I have always had trouble with my chatty mind when trying to meditate and have found the CD’s very relaxing, easy to understand and by practicing everyday has made me so much more peaceful within myself. I found that my determination and commitment certainly brought the results which pleasantly surprised me, not only in the way I handle my daily life situations but also how I feel and percieve life as a whole. The pace of the course suited me perfectly as I work full time, so I had ample time to study and put into practice the course material when I had the time.

During my practice exercises before the live course, I felt the progress building gradually but on the day of the live course I was amazed at how much I actually could feel during our practice sessions and after the empowerments. I felt so good and excited when I realised that I could actually do this. The energy, divine power, whatever you want to call it was actually flowing through me simply because I opened my mind, intention and let go to allow it to flow freely through me to the receipient.

I am so glad and grateful for coming across Reiki and after completing the first and second degree course, I certainly still want to progress to master level and beyond. I am totally captivated with what I have learnt so far and I am so glad that I was fortunate to be taught by Kay who made me feel very welcomed and comfortable on the live courses which was important for me. There was only one downside, the day finished far too quickly. Thank you Kay for being so lovely!!!

Oh and Taggart, I’m sure you have been told before but I found your voice on the meditation CD very relaxing!!”

Elsa Galley, Surrey, July 2011

“The day was relaxed and informative and I felt comfortable to ask questions and Kay was very accommodating if there was anything anyone was unsure of. I came away feeling confident at the end of the day.

The information in the manuals is interesting, motivating and clear. The CDs are a great tool to have alongside the manual to reinforce learning and the guided meditations are a superb tool for assisting in personal self development.

It has taken me almost 8 years to find Reiki Training that I felt comfortable with. A course that was uncomplicated, honest, to the point, supportive of its students during and after study and had a strong emphasis on the importance of personal self development. Reiki Evolution has not disappointed me and my greatest thrill is to hear Taggart focusing on uncomplicated intent and the possabilities that holds!”

Katie Young, Kent, July 2011


Kay took a break from running courses with Reiki Evolution for a few years, and her testimonials for 2014 onwards will appear here…


“Kay is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. I felt that over the two working days I learnt so much more about my Reiki practice. I have a good understanding of how to continue developing my healing work.

The supporting course material is easy to understand and I found having a combination of learning styles helped me to get to grips with the information. I particularly enjoyed the DVD’s demonstrating the attunements and empowerment. The material  is very comprehensive and I have continued to use it to further my learning and understanding.

This way of learning prior to the two days is a good way to start off and then allowing more time to work practically with Kay.  I also appreciate the additional information you sent out to help when starting to put together my own teaching programme.

All in all, it has been an excellent experience and one that will stay with me as I reflect on what I have learnt. It exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend the course to others.”

Kim Gaffney, Hertfordshire, November 2014