Special Reiki Training Courses with Reiki Evolution

special reiki training courses

Animal & Equine Reiki

learning animal equine reiki for animals

So long as you have at least First Degree in Reiki, you can attend Sarah Berrisford’s wonderful “Animal and Equine Reiki” courses at The Epona Equine Reiki Centre in Lincolnshire. Learn everything you need to know to work successfully with animals, at Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner levels. For people at all Reiki levels.

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Reiki Drum Technique

reiki drumming courses essex bedfordshire

We have two talented and lovely teachers passing on Kay Gillard’s “Reiki Drum Technique”: Cathy Birkinhead in Bedfordshire and Zoe Smith in Essex. Reiki drum is a wonderful and powerful way to work with the energy and we have a steady stream of excited and enthralled students following these unique courses.

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Shamanic Reiki Approaches

shamanic reiki cord cutting block removal

Shamanic Reiki involves two approaches to working with the energy: Cord Cutting and Block Removal. Both of these powerful practices are explained and demonstrated on Kay Gillard’s unique training courses, held in magical Glastonbury. Learn everything you need to know on two amazing days! For people at Second Degree or above.

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Five Element Reiki Courses

five element reiki courses

“Five Element Reiki” is a powerful, flexible and super-intuitive way of working with the energy and these unique courses are only available to people at Second Degree and above. The system was created by International Reiki Master Teacher Taggart King and is being taught by the lovely Zoe Smith in Essex, the one place in the UK where you can receive this special training.

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Looking for a Home Study Course?

All the above courses are available as Reiki home study programmes, so to find out more about how this all works and how to enrol, just Visit our Reiki Home Study courses page.