Stirling Reiki Testimonials: Kellie Macmillan

reiki training courses s scotlandAt Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Kellie Currie’s Reiki Evolution training courses in Stirling, Scotland.


“The course materials were good. Straightforward and worked well with the audio materials . My face to face training was very relaxed and enjoyable. The Yoga Tree is a beautiful venue with a lot of light, positive vibes and very comfortable layouts. I felt very welcomed and with only 2 of us being attuned it was personal guidance and feedback the whole day.

Kellie was a lovely patient teacher and was very supportive.”

Rosa Macpherson, Stirling, February 2014

“I really enjoyed the course. I thought it was really well put together. The training materials are really good – very thorough and I liked that it really went back to the roots of reiki and what reiki should be all about.

I thought Kellie was a fantastic trainer. She really put us at our ease and made us feel comfortable. She knew her stuff really well and had a great way of getting it across and explaining it in a really easy to understand way. It’s clear too that Kellie genuinely lives and breathes what she teaches and so is teaching by example rather than just going through the motions.

So yes, I definitely thought it was a very good course. I’ve been doing my best to start putting everything in to practice and have been concentrating on myself for now. It’s not something I want to use on other people just yet, but maybe the time will come.

Thanks Taggart and Kellie for a great course – really first class and I would definitely recommend to others.”

Sandy Winterbottom, Clackmannan, February 2014

“Firstly, let me say, that the course and teacher, exceeded all expectation!

I was welcomed into Kellie’s home, like an old friend; the ambiance and atmosphere of her home, was warm, calm and very much a space of peace and well-being.

It was by some strange coincidence, that I was brought together, on the course, with a previous work colleague who I had not seen in over four years. And even stranger, neither of us are working for that organisation any longer and have moved into the field of Holistic Therapies! I could go on with many other coincidences that brought us back together but I would be here all day!

The course and Kellie’s teaching, was one of the most enlightening and powerful experiences of my life. From the very first atunement, I could feel a stirring, a force of energy just resonating within, yet somehow connecting to both Kellie and Leigh. It was a real awakening, positive and a reigniting my lost energy (I have ME/CFS).

Kellie was attentive, communicative, explaining in great detail what we were about to undertake and how the day would proceed. She covered histories, foundation, principles and teachings. Her knowledge is thorough and seems to know no boundaries. She took us through the manual, explained and covered the content on the CD’s, showed us alternative formats to download (I don’t have a CD player) and took us through the individual aspects of the different lessons.

I found the course a good mixture of home study and teacher facing but for me, it finally all came together when Kellie, Leigh and I were in Kellie’s home.

In addition to the learning aspect, Kellie’s hospitality knew no bounds; she had prepared lunch, made hot drinks, with water readily available, along with a variety of snacks. She was very attentive, checking our emotional state and ensuring a safe and comfortable space at all times.

Since the course, I have slept soundly, throughout the night, for the first time in, I don’t know how many years but at least 10. And this has continued with my night time practice, again, helping to reshape and reignite my energy.

There is nothing I can suggest that could improve on the day. Everything had a place and purpose that you just ‘went with’ – absolutely perfect.

Thank you again and I am looking forward to being part of your growing Reiki Evolution community and learning more.”

Tracy Lygo, Midlothian, January 2019