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Surrey Reiki Testimonials: Rhona Ness

reiki course surreyAt Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Rhona Ness’s Reiki Evolution Reiki training courses in Woking, Surrey.



“After just completing my First Degree Reiki Course with Rhona I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course, Rhona made it so easy to put all the theory that I had done over the past few months into practice making the course enjoyable and fun to do.

Rhona explained everything in detail and answered all our questions and I now look forward to booking a Second Degree Course with Rhona through Reiki Evolution.

I have been doing my Hatsu Rei Ho and Self treatments on a daily basis, also helping my partner with her back problems, it has been a great experience for me so far and I Thank both yourself and Rohna, not forgetting Mikao Usui for giving me the empowrements and knowledge for the abilty to channel/use the energy to help my family and friends.”

David Yuen, Hampshire, October 2013

“I was determined to complete my Reiki training with Reiki Evolution and was delighted that I chose Rhona to be the teacher for the Level 3 Master course. Rhona clearly has a wealth of experience and understanding of Reiki and all that goes with it and we were able to easily complete the syllabus and talk around some of the techniques adding real value for me and my understanding of Reiki. Some additional tips were invaluable. Rhona has a pleasant and relaxed approach to teaching and she radiates that which she speaks about (which not everyone does). Her warmth and light humour enhanced the course and her connection to Reiki showed through with the power of energy. This also made it easy for me to relax and learn what I needed in low pressure practice. A great experience and I would recommend working with Rhona whether for a Reiki session or for learning the skills, understanding and mindset needed for helping others learn Reiki at all three levels.”

Richard Tickner, Berkshire, October 2013

“I think the course content is just right. The background of how Reiki came about was a real eye opener for me and to be able to trace the lineage back to Mikao Usui is fantastic. I did not expect to be given so much information about how Reiki had begun. I think that I only expected to be told what to do and how to execute the healing.

Being able to get the course material beforehand to read and listen to was excellent. Having the choice of either reading the handbook or listening to the CDs was amazing. I used both at different times during my pre-course learning. I could choose which I wanted to do on any day before the live training day, which I found a better way of learning.

On the live training day there were just three students so to make it even between us our Reiki Master, Rhona Ness , worked equally with us all for the one to ones. We had a great time. We laughed a lot and worked a lot. The day past so quickly. We three students exchanged email and phone numbers so we could stay in touch so that tells you how we got on. Two of us joined the online group the day aft the course and have been in touch already. The fact that we can ask questions, chat to other like. Index people is great. It has been less than a week since I did the live course and I have already done two full Reiki treatments on a couple of my friends who have been delighted with the results.

Thank you for a brilliant course and I can’t wait until I can do the second degree course with Rhona.”

Barbara Bovan, West Sussex, March 2014

“I had a really good day with Rhona,  as did I on the first degree course. It was quite different from the first course but just as enjoyable. Perhaps even better. I feel that being able to read the literature and listen to the cd’s before the day of the course is an excellent idea. Being able to practice drawing the symbols helps too. Thank you once again for an excellent course and friendly tutor.”
Barbara Bovan, West Sussex, October 2014

“Rhona, thank you for a wonderful day & experience at your welcoming home in Woking for my Reiki 1 course. As we were only 2 students it was being held at Rhonas home in a small welcoming room with lit candles, a treatments bed, a sofa and a window facing the garden. It was very peaceful.

Rhona speaks in a friendly, gently and calm voice which helped me to relax as I arrived late due to train problems. I like structure and I appreciated that every step of the teaching was clearly written in advance on a flipchart.

At the end of the day I gave Reiki to Lydia, the other student, I felt extra buzzing in my hands on 2 places and she confirmed later that my findings were correct. When it was my turn to be treated I still can’t believe that I actually fell into a deep relaxing sleep so deep so that when I was gently awoken at the end of the treatment – it took a few seconds to actually realise where I was.

On my train journey back to Richmond, my whole body was buzzing of well-being and I had no interest to read, I felt immensly relaxed, peaceful and happy to just sit back and enjoy the train ride.

My own experience proved to me just how beneficial Reiki can be to help to relax the mind as I am suffering from both work & life related stress.”

Carina Almroth, London, January 2016
“The course was very inclusive.  The materials (manual and CDs) interesting, clear and very useful indeed.  The CDs may get worn out!  You have a particularly soothing voice and I found the exercises really good to do and will continue to do them.
Rhona was truly lovely.  She was so welcoming.  Admittedly there were only two of us so it did give an intimate setting which for me at least, felt so much more comfortable.  Rhona went out of her way to explain everything and was very careful to ensure we felt happy to ask questions etc.  The whole day was so relaxing – both I and Carina left with huge smiles on our faces, feeling confident to give Reiki a real go for both ourselves and friends/family.”

Lydia Thorsen, Surrey, January 2016

“Rhona was brilliant, extremely professional, very kind and she made the three of us there on the day feel comfortable with everything we were doing. As the letter that came with the CD and manual suggested, it made me very glad that I had spent several weeks doing my daily Hatsu Rei Ho and Self Treatment Meditation. I have come away with a feeling of self awareness and motivated to attend Reiki Two in the future. I also “tuned in” on Monday and will continue to do so each week.”
Fiona Walsh, Cambridgeshire, June 2016
“Great course, thoroughly enjoyed the two days with Rhona.
Materials also very well put together and useful.  Still blown away by the sheer force of the energy coming through on day two’s morning empowerment.  Truly amazing and will stay with me for a long time.  Also had a dream last night where I was watching a vast ocean of water coming towards me and I wondered if I would be drowned, although I wasn’t particularly fearful. The water came over me In a gentle way but filled every gap in the ground and area I had been standing in.  I was of course unharmed and instead gently powerful.  Even in the dream I could work out that analogy…”
Wendy Kiely, Surrey, October 2017
“The web site is clear and easy to use, the response to my query was immediate. Booking and paying were simple with notification immediate.
Initial contact by the course tutor confirming the times and venue were reassuring.
The course materials I ordered as hard backed were sent promptly although I did have the downloads to get started.
The course materials were very well presented. The additional paperwork explaining what sections of the manual and CD and the order they needed to be learnt in were exceptionally helpful to the uninitiated. Every thing was clear and easy to understand accommodating all 3 learning styles.The history was interesting.
///The course itself///
This was my first step into Reiki so I was a little apprehensive, but I was welcomed, put at ease immediately. The course itself was perfect. We cruised through the itinerary at a comfortable speed, not rushed but not dragging, all the information built on the content of the manual and reinforced home study and added new insight.
The empowerment’s were amazing, no flashing lights or colours just personal and amazing.
Rhona, the course tutor was one of the best tutors I have ever encountered, insightful, encouraging, commanding in a soft gentle manner, so in control of the day in a guiding way. Nothing is too much trouble, no question was passed over, every explanation was in enough detail to understand but not boring. The day closed leaving me buzzing in in a bubble, I could not wait to get started properly and would recommend this course to anyone thinking about Reiki.
(apologies for the long detailed evaluation but as part of my job, I am a course assessor and quality assurance controller, and this course ticked all the boxes)”
Lyn Hickey, Surrey, February 2019

“I was immediately very impressed with both the content and the set up of the Master Teacher Course I recently attended. The books, DVD and CDs were sent to me very promptly and prepared me very well for the weekend course. Taggart is incredibly knowledgable and I’m so glad that I am now part of the Reiki Evolution support group. I have to say this is in stark contrast from the previous Reiki courses I attended in Epsom. Thank you Reiki Evolution!

Rhona Byrne is a wonderful person and teacher who made me feel that I could ask any question and nothing was too much trouble. She is clearly a very knowledgeable person and I felt in very good hands.”

Claire Morrissey, Surrey, November 2019

“Rhona Byrnes course was exceptional! Change nothing please! She is an amazing teacher! One who imparts heart and soul into her teaching!

The pack sent prior to attending the course, containing books, cds and dvd was excellent. I need to buy your course packs for Level One and Level Two, as I feel they exceed any materials I received whilst doing those levels some years back.

Thank you for all of the hard work it took to produce the materials I used to study. Thank you to Rhona Burns for everything else and more! I am forever indebted to her, what an extraordinary person and a wonderful teacher.”

Sally Ann Gillman, Kent, November 2019




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