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The Healing Age: Reiki To Go?

These days you find people searching, searching, searching. Looking desperately for the answer to life the Universe and everything. They can’t seem satisfied with their ‘lot’ in life. There must be something missing, something more, something that will make them feel whole, complete, happy.

We live in a fast food society where we want everything now and by golly we don’t want or expect to work for it either!

With the 2012 Era now in full swing, people are undergoing great changes, huge events in their lives that they would never have guessed could, or would, happen to them. Things that happen only to ‘others’ as they sit safely in their own little bubble of existence.

Well, here’s the latest news flash, if we haven’t already, we are all very soon going to experience our fears and our joys, our light side and our dark side, the good and the bad. This is unavoidable. We are all ascending, albeit at a different and individual pace. We are all part of that One Source that is experiencing itself in all its multi-coloured, multi-faceted glory!

So what does this have to do with Reiki?

Well, as with anything in this 21st century life of ours, there are sometimes some ‘fast food’ students who want it all and want it now. They want miracles in their lives to occur after just 1 empowerment or 1 or 2 self healing or meditation episodes and if it doesn’t work, then boy, they are mad, they feel cheated!

I will always tell students that the true learning (and miracles) come from Reiki itself after the training day.

Spiritual growth, which encompasses our personal healings, rarely comes with a flash of light and an epiphany! We are here to work, here to learn and this takes dedicated time and discipline from us.

Yes, we all know this and yet we still want it all now. We cannot believe we have to go through the mill to get what we want in life, good health, peace of mind and abundance.

I don’t mean to be a party pooper, but come on folks, if we could achieve spontaneous healings and enlightenment, then don’t you think we would have already?

Some people go to great lengths and elaborate rituals to induce a healing. The Truth is that all we ‘need’ is us and our trust in our connection to Source. In order to manifest our reality, we need now to draw on all our Spiritual resources, all our senses both known and as yet unknown.

We need to apply FEELING to our intentions whether we are healing or at a job interview. It goes even beyond mere human emotion stemming from ego. This is deep, deep Spiritual FEELING I’m talking about.  Feeling from that deep space within, that space which is Source itself. Knowing you are already healed and enlightened. Feeling that you already are.

‘Fake it ‘till you make it’ as the Americans say! SIMPLE

This is our path home, no matter which system you may decide suits you best, be it Reiki, Spiritualism, Shamanism, Buddhism etc and this takes your time and your patience with your own speed of growth, healing and change.

Reiki can assist us in getting to that deep place within. Simple connection and channelling of this high frequency energy can begin to turn our lives around, BUT, and there is always a BUT……this won’t happen if we pick Reiki up every few months (when we need it) and then we drop it again with reasons like:

“I just don’t seem to find the time”

“ I have too many other things to do”

“we were on holiday, you know how it is….”

NO folks, sorry but there really are no excuses. You either want change or you don’t.

Be honest with yourself at the very least 🙂

You cannot run a marathon without putting in some serious training.

So if you are truly serious about making changes for the better in your life, then put on your running shoes and get going!



Debbie McDougall is one of the Reiki Evolution team of teachers offering training in the beautiful city of Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Debbie began her Reiki journey in 2004, eventually leaving the NHS in 2008 after nearly 30 years as a Nurse, and more latterly, a Midwife. Debbie has also trained in other forms of Holistic healing and runs regular workshops and groups aiming to empower others to heal themselves. She also runs Munay Ki workshops to pass on the beautiful and profound Ascension Rites of the Incan Shamanic lineages and writes her monthly ‘Earth Change Updates’ available on her website.

Debbie’s website can be found here: www.heaven-wisehealth.co.uk

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