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Debbie McDougall

The Healing Age: Reiki To Go?

These days you find people searching, searching, searching. Looking desperately for the answer to life the Universe and everything. They can’t seem satisfied with their ‘lot’ in life. There must be something missing, something more, something that will make them feel whole, complete, happy.

We live in a fast food society where we want everything now and by golly we don’t want or expect to work for it either!

With the 2012 Era now in full swing, people are undergoing great changes, huge events in their lives that they would never have guessed could, or would, happen to them. Things… Continue reading

Tree Hugging Abroad

McRitchie Reservoir Singapore



It happened quite unexpectedly as I walked in wonder along the pathway in the warm, damp heat of the tropical rainforest. The foliage dripped with early morning dew and the soft sound of butterfly wings gently clipped my ears.

We were walking in the largest patch of green that Singapore has to offer, the MacRitchie reservoir. The walk itself is about 15km and a welcome break from the concrete jungle that is Singapore, as more and more construction work replaces mother nature.

My husband, Ian, is ex-military and generally likes to ‘yomp’ as opposed to… Continue reading