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Hannah Shine

Reiki – a very portable therapy

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Reiki is with you every moment of every day.  When I went to Egypt on a Reiki trip in October, 2006 arranged by Louise Heseltine (what a memorable trip that was Louise!), we were in the Valley of the Kings.   It was fiercely hot, and I was coming out of one of the tombs.     It had been a LONG way down and involved uneven steps.  A gentleman with a stick was just starting his journey down.  I advised him that it was very steep and that he might have a lot of difficulty.   Surprisingly, he heeded my advice and we both walked back up to the top.   I… Continue reading

What happened when I gave a Reiki treatment…..

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Jon came in some time ago for a Reiki treatment.  He had a very severe “chest infection” and was wheezing.   He was VERY poorly and I was concerned that he may have pneumonia. He settled down on my couch (I had to prop him up because his chest was so bad) and I put some soothing music on and said my Reiki prayer before starting his Reiki treatment.

I put my hands on his shoulders and connected with the energies….. After a few minutes I took myself out of the equation and merged with the energies.    Soon I became aware… Continue reading

Just For Today, I Am Free From Worry…

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Some years ago, I attended a Reiki gathering at West Wittering, Sussex………… There I met many other Reiki practitioners and am still in touch with Diane  Thompson from Reiki Evolution all these years later……

One of the guest speakers was a Reiki Master from the Caribbean………… tall, slim, very energetic and with a smile that lit up the room……….

He spoke for an hour on one precept:  “Just for today I am free from worry”…..

“What is worry”?   He asked us to define this…… several hands were extended nervously as three or four people tried to do this………..he thanked them… Continue reading

How creative is your Reiki?

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Reiki is a magical energy that has limitless uses…… how creative are you with using this in your everyday life?

I use it every day!!   Some examples:

I reiki my food and water – in fact everything that I consume.

I energise my treatment room and couch each day, and sometimes reiki the whole room using the symbols on each wall, ceiling and all the corners of the room.

I reiki my car when it is parked – I reiki my home – especially when I am away.

I use reiki on all my plants, and I specially reiki the… Continue reading