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Back to basics: Reiki First Degree

People end up on First Degree courses for many reasons and come from an amazing variety of backgrounds, all attending for their own personal reasons. Reiki courses in the UK present a whole variety of approaches, some “traditional” Western-style, some more Japanese in content, some wildly different and almost unrecognisable, some free and intuitive, others dogmatic and based on rules about what you should always do and not do. Reiki is taught in so many ways, and students will tend to imagine that the way that they were taught is the way that Reiki is taught and practised by most… Continue reading

The 10 Rules of Reiki

In this article I thought I would set down ten things that you can do – ten principles to take account of – to benefit your practice of Reiki. This is not something that has come from Japan, or from early practitioners of Reiki: it is just something that I have put together myself. I hope that this article will be of interest to people at all Reiki levels.

(1) Reiki is all about you

Although Reiki is sometimes presented in the West as a sort of complementary therapy, a hands-on treatment technique, or a form of Japanese spiritual healing,… Continue reading

Using elements of HatsuRei Ho

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HatsuRei Ho is a daily meditative practice that involves moving energy. It is generally undertaken by people who have attended a Reiki course. I have taught elements of HatsuRei to clients who haven’t even contemplated learning Reiki yet, to help them manage their energy. The feedback has invariably been positive.

Take Kenyoku which means dry bathing for example. What you do is take your right hand to your left shoulder as you breathe in, and brush across the body to the right hip as you breathe out. Do the same thing with the left hand from your right shoulder brushing to… Continue reading

Try our distant empowerments

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Distant Reiju empowerments for you to tune into every Monday

Hidden away on an obscure page on our web site (I now realise!) is something that I would like to make a bit more prominent, and that is that I send out a distant Reiju empowerment that any person who has learned Reiki can ‘tune into’. You can tune into the empowerment any time on a Monday, wherever in the world you are (I send out the empowerments in advance with the intention that they can be received the following Monday, whenever that might be local time, you see; intention… Continue reading

The “21-Day thing”

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Where did the 21 day thing come from?

I wanted to talk a little bit about the “21 day thing”: the 21-day self-treat or the 21-day clear-out after attending a First Degree course.

I’m a bit puzzled by this and I’ve been trying to fathom where it came from, and why it should be recommended.

I think this idea probably came into being because it echoes the story told about Mikao Usui’s discovery of Reiki on Mt Kurama where, according to the story that Mrs Takata passed on, Usui Sensei went up Mt Kurama and fasted and meditated for 21… Continue reading