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Experiencing Reiki: Is this really happening – or is it me?

I love to share the enthusiasm generated by students when they talk about working with Reiki, either on or after a course.  What I’ve noticed in particular is the amazement of many who can’t quite believe the powerful sensations they are feeling. 

Students who attend Reiki First Degree courses are always excited and surprised by the sensations they feel in their hands when scanning and treating others in the group.  This excitement is palpable, evoking comments such as, ‘I could feel tingling in my hands’ or ‘I was aware of intense heat’.  Then, as though unable to believe this, a little frown appears, followed by a softly spoken, ‘Am I imagining this?’

 After empowerments, some students describe the wonderful experience of receiving Reiki as light, colour or other sensations, very often again adding, ‘I wondered if it was me, imagining it!’  This is understandable as we are not used to feeling such sensations in every day life, for example, whilst taking the dog for a walk or doing the weekly shopping (unless we tune into Reiki at the same time of course!). 

Reiki 2 students are very often taken aback by the power of the energies they are introduced to at this level.  Yet, quite a number have expressed the thought that it might be their imagination at work when, during or after the course, the energy feels very much more intense. They may also question whether the greater sense of calm that they are noticing is because of Reiki, or all in the mind! 

You may feel one or many physical sensations or experience a different emotional state whilst practising, receiving empowerments or carrying out Reiki meditations.  These will be so powerful that, as you continue to practise regularly, you will be convinced more and more that you are not imagining things. 

So, please don’t worry if you have doubts.  I do remember questioning the source of the sensations I was experiencing at the beginning of my Reiki journey. Rest assured, that any uncertainties you may have will rapidly disappear as you become more familiar with the wonderful Reiki energy by practising self-healing, receiving empowerments and treating others. Any concerns about these being in your head will disappear and be replaced by an absolute belief and trust in Reiki. 

Sadly, Western culture tends to demand scientific proof of everything, not preparing us for experiences that may not quite fit in with our model of the world. Remember that energy is all around us and that we are working with something that has always been there, it’s just that we’ve simply changed our focus.  So, it’s quite okay for you to question in the early stages, ‘Is it me?’ but before long you will be basking in the knowledge that you are out of the equation and, in getting yourself out of the way, you are allowing Reiki to flood through you and beyond. 

Enjoy your journey!

Warm wishes

Marilyn Harvey