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Using elements of HatsuRei Ho

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HatsuRei Ho is a daily meditative practice that involves moving energy. It is generally undertaken by people who have attended a Reiki course. I have taught elements of HatsuRei to clients who haven’t even contemplated learning Reiki yet, to help them manage their energy. The feedback has invariably been positive.

Take Kenyoku which means dry bathing for example. What you do is take your right hand to your left shoulder as you breathe in, and brush across the body to the right hip as you breathe out. Do the same thing with the left hand from your right shoulder brushing to the left hip. You then brush down your arms to your fingertips, breathing in as you start and out as your brush down. Both sides.You can repeat this three or more times.

Why would you want to do this and why have my clients found it so useful?

Several years ago, a client who was very successful in his business reported that he felt drained after his morning briefings. He arrived at the office happy enough, but felt tired within the first hour. He was absorbing everything said and unsaid that was going on in the meeting room. I taught him the dry brushing technique. It made sense to him, and back in his office, he was prepared  to give it a try.

As you brush across the body and down the arms, imagine that you are letting go of anything that might have stuck without even trying to work out what that might be.

He enjoyed the easy practice and was pleased with the results. There were still challenging meetings, but there was no need for him to carry the atmosphere around with him for the rest of the day.

When we do Kenyoku, we move chi or ki along our meridians, encouraging a smoother flow. As a physical exercise it is also soothing and balancing. It is related to both Qi Gong and Taoist massage.

Think of it as dusting yourself down or straightening yourself up.  James Bond does it after a dangerous encounter, to signify completion and moving on.  In energy healing terms, it is a practical way of getting back in touch, quite literally, with greater positivity and wellbeing. It benefits you, and all around you.

Whether you have already learnt Reiki, or are contemplating it, do Kenyoku when you come home from work, after you have been queuing up in the supermarket or had a difficult conversation and notice how this simple exercise can cleanse your energy field as surely as a shower cleanses your skin.

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I have been teaching Reiki for 10 years and joined the Reiki Evolution team in 2006. Coming from a background in education, I am in full-time professional practice offering Reiki, EFT and Spiritual Development in Harrogate and by telephone. I run workshops, professional trainings and retreats to facilitate growth, healing and transformation.