Take Your Reiki To The Next Level

After 30 Days of Practice, You’ll See Your Reiki Soar!

When you are starting out with Reiki, or even if you have been working with the energy for a long time, it can feel difficult to be totally confident in what you are doing. You don’t want to get things wrong, but equally you want to do your best and develop yourself and experiment, and it’s not always clear where you can go to get advice about that.

It’s natural to have questions and perhaps some doubts in your mind, and you may have a feeling that there is more to it, that there’s more potential in you and in Reiki, but there’s no clear roadmap to follow.


Help Is At Hand

Developing Your Reiki is Easier Than You Think

If you’re interested in moving your Reiki ability on, whether that’s in terms of developing your sensitivity to the energy, entering a whole world of Reiki intuition or getting to grips with and understanding symbols, even learning how to create your own bespoke Reiki symbols, then it is possible to achieve this for yourself by following a simple, step-by-step guide.

And whether you’re a Reiki beginner, a seasoned Practitioner or an experienced Reiki Master, you will be surprised where this will take you. 30 days of practice and exploration, with an experienced guide to hand, will do wonders!

How to Free Up Your Reiki

Take It Step-by-Step

There are a lot of ways in which you can develop your Reiki, to deepen your experience of the energy and enhance the way that you work on others, and it can almost seem overwhelming, all the things you could be capable of: becoming more sensitive, becoming more intuitive, understanding symbols and their energies, or even dealing with emotions and beliefs that may have been holding you back in some way.

But the key to feeling confident in all these areas is to break them down into a load of simple, short exercises, exercises that anyone can practise and which build on each other. So you take it one bite at a time, work at your own pace, and start to gather some momentum.

And it’s important to have some choices, different ways of approaching things, because everyone is different and “you have to do it this way” isn’t very helpful. So you need text, you need diagrams, you need to be able to hear someone talking you through things, and you need to be able to come back to those instructions as a permanent resource.

Transform Your Reiki

Gain Important Insights and Confidence

taggart king reiki evolution

Hi, my name is Taggart King and I am a Reiki Master Teacher from the UK, who has been working with, and experimenting with, the energy for 25 years now, in both the Western and Japanese styles.

I started just as you are, excited at the gift of Reiki that my teacher gave me, and wondering how I could develop things further, wondering if anyone could be intuitive, or whether it was just for the lucky few, and with a whole load of questions about the energy and symbols, and using intent, and using non-Reiki symbols, and how else you could use the energy; I had questions about everything!

I wasn’t content to just follow the instructions I was given and just accept that as the entirety of Reiki, and in the world of Reiki a lot of people seem to keep what they are doing quite close to their chests… So I started to play with the energy, and experiment, and try out different ideas to see what worked and where it would take me.

Along the way I developed a new way of using Reiki – “Five Element Reiki” – and I have a background in NLP and Cognitive Hypnotherapy, which gave me other insights into how you can work with the energy, including in some very powerful and adaptable ways of working with symbols and stuck emotions and limiting beliefs.

I have distilled all my experience and experimentation into a range of written and audio guides which I will talk more about below.

By the way, I do not consider myself as having ‘mastered’ Reiki. After several decades I am still a beginner, with a great deal yet to learn, and I do not have all the answers. But I have discovered how to help Reiki people to really move their practice on in a whole range of ways, I have some powerful insights into the energy and how it can be used, and you can benefit from my experience.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel!

I can’t begin to describe the exhilaration of working seamlessly with the energy, in partnership with it, using intent, using intuition, using bespoke energies powerfully; it’s such a blissful and potent experience, to have such a sense of ‘flow’.

You will be able to experience this for yourself and if you are already a Reiki Master Teacher, you will be able to use these approaches confidently to help your students to develop too.

You Have What It Takes

You Can Deepen Your Reiki Experience

The techniques and exercises that you are going to be reading about have been used in practice with hundreds of Reiki people and they work, not just for the lucky few, but for almost everyone.

All you need to succeed with becoming more intuitive, more sensitive, more inspired, and more confident, is to spend some time working with the energy in ways that I describe, following some simple instructions, and keeping an open mind.

You will be working with Reiki in new and perhaps surprising ways, exploring your intuition using a whole range of different techniques, and pushing through the limits of what perhaps you thought was possible with the energy.

And I don’t see much of this stuff being taught elsewhere.

“Your Reiki Workout”

Exercises and Meditations to Explore the Wonder of Reiki

Central to the resources that I will be passing on to you is my eBook “Your Reiki Workout: Exercises and Meditations to Explore the Wonder of Reiki” and here are the main areas that you will be focusing on as you follow my guidance:

·      Setting your energy foundation

·      Become more sensitive to the energy

·      Explore the power and versatility of intent

·      Develop your Reiki intuition

·      Explore a whole world of intuitive working

Setting your energy foundation

If you are going to develop your Reiki then you need a good solid foundation to work from, something that will develop your ability as a channel and imbue you with intuitive potential.

Follow my simple instructions and your daily practice will give you just the solid foundation you need.

Become more sensitive to the energy

While there are a few, a very few people who don’t seem to experience anything as the energy flows, most people can feel the energy flowing in some way.

But the experience you have now, the level of energy sensitivity that you enjoy now, is not set in stone, not at all: you do not need to wait for years to see if your sensitivity develops. There are certain definite things that you can practise now that will turn up your energy sensitivity, both exercises and meditations.

The first stage of using your sensitivity is to use what you feel in your hands to guide you in terms of where you treat and for how long you treat in a particular hand position, but you can go further. And I wonder where that will take you?

Explore the power and versatility of intent

Perhaps you haven’t thought too much about using your intent when working with the energy, or treating people, but your intention, when used sensitively, can be a very mature way of working with Reiki, a way of powerfully enhancing your treatments.

The goal here is to enter this blissful ‘energy dance’ where you use your intuition (see below) to guide you in terms of where and how you focus your intent, so you work fully in partnership with the energy, with the energy guiding you in terms of where and how you work.

Develop your Reiki intuition

I want you to know that working intuitively is not something that is reserved to the lucky few, or only attainable after years and years of practice. If you approach it correctly then you can start to gain intuitive insights almost straight away, and the first way that you can start to use your intuition is to allow the energy to guide your hands to the right places to treat for each person you work on.

And for Reiki Teachers, the exciting news is that you can teach your students to work like this in a short space of time: they can be working with their intuition and have their hands drift with the energy, like having invisible magnets guide their hands to the right places to treat on each person they work on.

Follow the formula I give you and you will soon be moving away from standard hand positions, to give your client exactly what they need on each session with you.

Explore a whole world of intuitive working

And you know, once you start to open to your intuition, there is a whole new way of working available to you, with a world of insights into imbalances and energetic needs in the people you are working with.

In this section, I lay out a dozen different ways that you can become aware of a person’s energy needs, using props, using created visual images and using your physical body. You can experiment, find your own way with the energy and your intuition, and discover for yourself that there is no one way to work with Reiki, just endless opportunities and variations, limited only by your own preferences and creativity.


Working with and creating bespoke symbols

reiki teaching advice: explain, guide, review

As far as I can tell, these teachings are unique in the world of Reiki and allow you to control and focus the energy powerfully and precisely. You’ll move into a way of working where you can create new symbols effortlessly to powerfully effect change in yourself and the people that you work on.

You will learn to use Reiki as a “carrier” to imbue you with qualities and states and emotions that move you in a positive direction in your life.


Transform yourself using a unique Reiki breathing method

reiki teaching goals

Again, something that seems to be unheard of anywhere else in the world of Reiki. You will learn a powerful way of effecting life-changing energy shifts, to free yourself from whatever is holding you back.

Whether you are suffering from limiting beliefs or negative emotions, you will be able to breathe easy, no longer held a slave to past behaviours and responses, which no longer serve you.

Design a life for yourself where you can move on and let go of any “anchors” that have prevented you from living a more fulfilling life.


Meditations to enhance mindfulness, sensitivity and intuition

Mindfulness, energy sensitivity and opening to intuition are the basis for a powerful and fulfilling Reiki practice, and what I have done is to create three 10-minute MP3 meditations that blend the power of Reiki with a set of gentle hypnotic suggestion patterns that will, over time, move you into an easier mindful state and help to open up your sensitivity to the energy and free up your intuitive potential.

Listen to one of these tracks once a day and allow your subconscious mind to open you to the energy and support you as you practise the many exercises you will find in these materials.


An audio guide to letting go of limiting beliefs and stuck emotions

Although clear written instructions go a long way to providing you with what you need, it can be very helpful to be able to listen to someone explaining things, and to have a set of guided meditations that talk you through the techniques that you are reading about, so that you can relax and have someone guide you through the stages (rather than having to remember them all yourself).

So what I have done is to put together an audio series on MP3 that supports your work with bespoke symbols and give you what you need to dive into work on your limiting beliefs and stuck emotions. A complete course in changing things for the better.

Your Reiki Future

Bliss out on a Beautiful Energy Dance

So, these materials are all about:

·      Helping you to move on from perhaps uncertainties about the best way to use Reiki and the best way to develop yourself

·      Providing you with insights into the energy that most courses do not seem to teach

·      Bringing clarity and understanding

·      Moving your practice on so that you can experience more, do more, feel more and get your mind out of the way

·      Entering a blissful energy dance where you work fully in partnership with the energy

No more wondering, worrying, nagging questions and uncertainties, just a sense of calm clarity and confidence.

Comprehensive Guides

Everything you need to move things on

So, what you will receive when you invest in these materials is as follows:

A 200 page eBook: Your Reiki Workout: Exercises and Meditations to Explore the Wonder of Reiki”, containing step-by-step instructions, showing you how to build a solid foundation for your Reiki development, build your energy sensitivity, open to your Reiki intuition, and explore your intuitive potential

Bonus section: a Reiki Symbol masterclass that takes you far beyond what you might learn about symbols on standard Reiki courses, to the extent that you can create and use your own bespoke symbols for your own self-development and to help other people.

Bonus section: a powerful Reiki breathing method, not available anywhere else, that you can use to drain the power out of powerful negative emotions or stuck emotions, and drain away limiting beliefs that may have held you back in your life in many ways.

Bonus audio: three specially crafted Reiki meditations that fuse gentle but powerful hypnotic suggestion patterns with the power of Reiki, to help you ease into a state of mindfulness, develop your energy sensitivity and open you to your intuitive potential.

Bonus audio: a complete course in using bespoke symbols and my special Reiki breathing method to drain the power out of stuck emotion and limiting beliefs. Helpful commentary and guided meditations support what you have already been learning about and make it straightforward to use these techniques straight away, because you will be guided every step of the way.

Let’s Do This

Time to Take Things to The Next Level

So, this is where you can choose to invest in your Reiki development, guided step-by-step through a whole series of exercises and activities that will move things on for you in important ways.

Many of these techniques do not seem to be available in the world of Reiki and you will be joining an increasing group of Reiki people, just like you, who have achieved a sense of contentment and clarity, soaring with a wonderful sense of flexibility, working fully in partnership with the energy, in a gentle, effortless energy dance.

No more doubts, no more uncertainty, just clarity.

If you were ordering all these resources they would cost over £41.00 so I have reduced the price to £27.00 for a while. Click the link below and in a few minutes you’ll have access to a DropBox containing all the materials you need.

My Guarantee

A full refund in the next 30 days

I want to make sure that you feel completely comfortable in engaging with these materials, so my guarantee to you is that if you are unhappy with what you see, for any reason at all, in the next 30 days, you can contact me on taggart@reiki-evolution.co.ukand I will arrange for you to receive a full refund of what you paid.

So, that’s a no-quibble 100% guarantee.


Over To You

Dive In and See What’s Possible

Take the opportunity now to move on from doubt and confusion and embrace something that is going to make a real difference to you and your Reiki journey.

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