Reiju for You

taggart king reiki evolutionClick HERE to find out how to tune into distant "Reiju" empowerments sent out every Monday by Taggart King, Reiki Master Teacher and the founder of Reiki Evolution.

Terms & Conditions

When you book a place on a Reiki Evolution course, you pay a deposit in advance and then the balance remaining is paid to your teacher either (1) on the day of your course, or (2) a couple of weeks before the course date by direct bank transfer or other method (this varies from one location to another but is made clear on the course booking page).

The deposit that you pay holds a place open for you on the course date that you chose, and this deposit is non-refundable whether or not you attend on that date.

If you need to change the date of a course that you have already booked then we will charge a re-booking fee. The fee is £40 for First Degree and Second Degree courses. For the Master Teacher course the re-booking fee is £70.

If you end up being the only person booked on a particular date then the course may not go ahead because our teachers prefer to teach at least two students, and it’s usually better for you to have at least one other student to go through the training at the same time as you, though some students very much appreciate one-to-one tuition. We aim to give you about a week’s notice if we need to cancel your course, and we will then offer you alternative dates and locations.


When we first started running Reiki courses we didn’t ask for deposits or anything like that, but we soon found that some people would not turn up for their course, or cancelled at the last minute, or kept on cancelling at the last minute and then re-booking, cancelling and re-booking. This wouldn’t matter if we were running courses for 10 or 20 students, but we teach no more than 4 or 6 people at a time, and now usually less than that since the pandemic, and sometimes we had added extra course dates on the basis of courses that we thought were fully booked, only to find that students did not attend. We found that requiring non-refundable deposits and charging re-booking fees means that most courses will go ahead with the planned number of students, which is better for everyone.