The Right Time

A question often asked of me is: When is the right time? This relates to lots of aspects – When is the right time to start practising Reiki as a profession? When is the right time to meditate? When is the right time to start competing my horse? When is the right time to move on to the next chapter or level?

Unfortunately this is a question for the person asking, not the teacher. It is a question that you can ask as many times as you would like to – and usually the answer doesn’t appear in Big Red Ink infront of you – never say never though!

Inside of us everyone knows the right time, however, we put things off, we make excuses, we’ll promise to make time to sort things out or put more effort in, and then the time will be right for us to make a change or better ourselves.

We all need to remember that: we can’t make time, we can only choose to use the time we have wisely.

So my answer is this: if you are thinking of doing something new, making a change for the better and you’re asking or thinking, when is the right time?…

Then it is time to Go For It! The simple fact that you are thinking about it, shows that your subconscious is hinting at you!

The aspect of making a change may seem scary, but hey, fear is an illusion – fear is the monster that lives in the cupboard and becomes scarier and scarier, until one day, you open the cupboard door and realise there’s nothing there!

The right time is now!


Sarah Berrisford Reiki Master Teacher, author or the popular books ‘The Handbook of Equine Reiki’ & ‘The Complete Guide to Animal Reiki’. Sarah is based on the Lincolnshire/ Cambridgeshire border, where she teaches Reiki, Equine Reiki Courses and Distant Learning Equine Reiki Courses.


4 thoughts on “The Right Time

  1. I ask myself, “what are you waiting for?”
    I remember my Mother being very stoic and saying, “I shall do it now, not wait till I am better.” She was very near the end of her life but still got up and went out and did what she could, as she would not get better. She even created some beautiful pieces of batik work – a new skill discovered in the last year of her life.
    I try to emulate her. Unfortunately a fractured arm does curtail some things but, as they say, while it hurts you know you are alive.
    As Taggart says – go for it, with love and light xxx

  2. This is such a timely blog post for me. I gave up my full time job as a teacher and have been waiting for the right time to set up a professional practice. So many doubts, so many excuses – do I know enough, am I good enough, where can I practice, where do I start……an endless stream of resistance. Fear is indeed an illusion, as the likes of Wayne Dyer et al say, ‘false evidence appearing real’. It’s about time I ‘showed up’ and followed my heart to a path of service. The time is now. Thanks for the reminder Sarah!
    Love and light xx

  3. I have just had my first Reiki attunements at the age of Sixty one. I was exactly the right time for me. I have never experience such a feeling of being within this universe. I have learned to trust the universe to bring me what I need, when I need it. All I need to do is recognise the opportunity and respond.

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