The Ten Rules of Reiki: Rule #10

10 rules of reiki by taggart king

Ignore silly rules and restrictions

Another problem with thinking too much is that we can start to overcomplicate something that is a very simple and a very safe way of helping ourselves and helping other people to change things for the better. And if we think too much, and particularly if we start to worry too much – and I have to say that there is something in the Reiki precepts about worry – we end up with people speculating about potential dangers, imaginary dangers, problems that have no basis in anyone’s experience, and we start to limit our practice of Reiki.

And you can see that in different lineages, where students are taught long lists of situations where they shouldn’t use Reiki, people that they shouldn’t treat, things that they have to do, or should always do, or should never do, and many of these restrictions and limitations are just complete nonsense, completely divorced from reality.

And students take these teaching on in good faith, and pass them on to their students when they become teachers, never questioning whether what they were taught has any basis in fact or experience.

Reiki contraindications

So what restrictions do we have careering around the world of Reiki?

  • You shouldn’t treat people who are wearing contact lenses
  • You shouldn’t treat people who have cancer
  • You shouldn’t treat babies
  • You shouldn’t treat people who have a broken bone
  • You shouldn’t treat pregnant women
  • You shouldn’t treat people with high blood pressure
  • You shouldn’t treat people who have pacemakers
  • You shouldn’t treat diabetics
  • You shouldn’t treat people who are stressed.

This is nonsense and has no basis because Reiki is a safe and nurturing energy that gives people what they need.

So, where is the evidence that using Reiki makes people’s pacemakers explode? Where is the research paper that proves this? Or even if there isn’t a research paper, where are the anecdotes, where it is clear that Reiki messed up a pacemaker?

Where is the evidence? There is none.

Where is the evidence that you shouldn’t treat people who are stressed?

Good grief this is nonsense isn’t it?

Some people are taught that you shouldn’t treat clients with cancer because the Reiki will ‘feed the cancer’. OK, where’s the evidence? And also, since everyone listening to this track has some cancer cells in their body, cells that have gone wrong and which are mopped up routinely by our immune system, we shouldn’t be treating anyone, including ourselves!

It would be a death sentence.

Some people are taught that they shouldn’t treat pregnant women. OK, where’s the evidence that Reiki is dangerous? There is none, of course. But because sometimes women can be pregnant without knowing it yet, particularly in the early stages, if you believe that Reiki is dangerous to pregnant women then you should be refusing to treat any woman of childbearing age just to make sure that you’re not treating someone who might be pregnant.

And if you’re attuned to Reiki yourself, then of course you would need to make sure that you never had children.

It’s all about worrying too much

What all these rules and restrictions do is to introduce into Reiki something that Reiki is designed to ease: worry, worry about what’s going to happen, restricting what we do ‘just to be on the safe side’, all based on wild and feverish imaginings that are passed on from teacher to student.

Well, Reiki is bigger than that and need not be restricted.

And another area where Reiki does not need to be restricted is in terms of what we are told that we have to do in order to work with Reiki.

There are Reiki people out there who have been taught a fifteen-stage process or ritual that they need to go through before they start a Reiki treatment. If they don’t get it right, well they’ve been told that it isn’t going to work properly and so they worry about that, as you would, but of course such rituals are optional: you don’t have to go through a 15-stage process before you give someone a Reiki treatment.

Someone somewhere made up the ritual and then it’s ended up being passed on to people as gospel, as dogma.

There are some Reiki people out there who have been taught that they have to draw the Reiki symbols on their palms every day because if they don’t then the symbols won’t work for them. People are told that you have to draw the three Reiki symbols over your palms before you give someone a treatment, or that you have to draw the three symbols over every hand position that you use.

Reiki is very simple, you know

You plonk your hands on someone, shut your eyes if you like, and the energy flows.

Much more than that is really gilding the lily.

And I know that some rituals can be useful: they help you to focus your attention, they help you to focus your intent in a particular way, and some people like rituals and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But we should remember that Reiki is a very simple system, it works brilliantly without clutter, and if we use processes and visualisations and set phrases, we should remember that these are actually optional, not compulsory.

We can experiment and find our own comfortable way with the energy, different from the way that other people work, and that’s fine.

About the 10 Rules

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8 thoughts on “The Ten Rules of Reiki: Rule #10

  1. Hi Taggart

    I totally believe this and when I was taught many years ago there was a little uncertainty around this area probably due to lack of proper evidence and rumours about things going wrong. I always got confused how something that can only do good could create something bad.

    As Mrs Takata once said “hands on Reiki on, hands off Reiki off”

    Intention is key and if you intend only good will happen for the highest good of all concerned then that is what will happen.

    many thanks for this article.
    Love and Light

  2. Taggert King, You are wonderful. We need more articles like this one. I have posted it on our Reiki Facebook Group. So refreshing ahhhhh * Everything you wrote Bravo !

  3. I believe that deliberate intent is a powerful energy or vibration too. I believe your approach is a common sense way of working with the energy we call Reiki. I believe your approach facilitates the keeping of one foot in the physical world and one foot in the spiritual world, which I think is really important. I believe we are spiritual essence experiencing a physical experience.

  4. Thanks, Taggart. I have just done the First Degree Course, and I only know what I have read in the Course Manual + the information on the day. Therefore, I see Reiki as an uncomplicated and beautiful healing and balancing process. Very simple in nature, therefore also very powerful and positive.Thank you for sharing.

  5. Mrs. Tacata taught my grandmother reiki. I often use her when doing treatments, I am very passionate about reiki. I am a master who learned from my grandmother. I am so happy the word is spreading.

    1. Since the time of Mrs Takata, Reiki has spread throughout the whole world and probably hundreds of thousands of people now practise it in different ways. 🙂

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