The Ten Rules of Reiki: Rule #4

10 rules of reiki by taggart king

Work on yourself daily

To get the most out of your Reiki, you need to have a regular practice of using the energy on yourself.

You’re not going to gain the greatest benefits from this wonderful system that we all have if you just pick up Reiki once in a while, do something with it, and then put it down again for whatever period. So if you are looking for consistent benefits through Reiki then you need to have a consistent practice.

The precepts start by saying “just for today…” and we can extend that by saying, “Just for today I will do something with my Reiki”.

And you can manage that; everyone can.

Everyone can make some time for Reiki each day because it doesn’t have to be hours and hours and hours’ worth. Do something for just 10 minutes: you have ten minutes. Do something for 20 minutes. And if you don’t have 10 minutes then get up 10 minutes earlier in the morning: problem solved.

Everyone can find a way of doing something with their Reiki today, and we don’t have to concern ourselves about tomorrow: tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow we’ll start with “just for today I can do something with my Reiki”, and we can find some time.

What could you do with your Reiki today?

Perhaps you’re giving someone a full treatment, or perhaps you’ll give someone a short blast of Reiki in your lunch-break: when you use Reiki on another person, you are gaining some benefit for yourself through channelling the energy. It doesn’t pass through you without doing good things for you, and you’ll be familiar with that lovely, chilled state that you experience as you get to the end of a Reiki session with someone else, almost as if you gain as much benefit as the person who’s receiving!

Maybe someone has a bad back or a headache or an aching wrist: give them a short blast and snatch a little blissed-out-ness for yourself!

Can you take ten minutes in a lunch-break to become still and send some distant healing? That would be a lovely way to unwind and recharge your batteries half way through the day, while benefiting someone else at the same time.

Ten minutes of mindfulness and bathing in the energy at the same time.

Work on yourself in some way

You will have been taught a self-treatment method or methods, so use one on yourself, even if it’s just for 10 minutes: you could just treat your shoulders, or rest your hands on your heart and solar plexus, which is a lovely way to experience the energy.

Have you tried that as a way of going off to sleep? The heat from your hands can be incredible sometimes, penetrating so deeply.

Take 10 minutes to do that for yourself, or maybe 15 minutes. Just drift with the energy as it flows. And of course you can do this for yourself whenever you’re sitting down: do you sit at your desk reading something during your day: give yourself some Reiki as you do that.

Do you watch television? Reiki yourself as you do that and you might find that you start to drift off; that soap opera wasn’t worth watching anyway! Preparing food… turn on your Reiki and channel it into what you’re preparing: flood the kitchen with Reiki.

And you might be surprised how Reiki can turn itself on and flow when you’re doing other things, particularly if you have some sort of a meditative practice that isn’t Reiki: well, Reiki doesn’t mind: it will turn itself on and click in, following your focus when you’re doing any sort of meditation.

If you practise yoga or tai chi or chi kung:, Reiki will be there, being guided and moulded by your movements and visualisations, flowing and balancing and doing you good.

Build momentum

What’s important here is the cumulative effect of using Reiki on yourself regularly, building momentum, small change building on previous small changes, taking you in the right direction for you.

Far better to do a bit each day than nothing for days and then doing a great big, long Reiki marathon on a weekend. That would be a wonderful experience, of course, and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do a mega Reiki session of you can, but make Reiki a regular part of your daily routine and you will be amazed by the benefits that this will bring you… remembering, of course, that you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you don’t manage to use Reiki every day.

Everything better than nothing is success and when we practise Reiki we embrace compassion and forgiveness, including forgiving ourselves for not being perfect, which of course we don’t need to be in order to gain tremendous benefits from this simple spiritual system.

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