The Ten Rules of Reiki: Rule #8

10 rules of reiki by taggart king

Don’t try to puzzle out why

We’ve seen that the best state of mind to have when treating someone is to be empty and neutral, merged with the energy and merged with the recipient. We are in a mindful state, just being, not forcing things, letting it happen. If our mind wanders then we just gently bring our attention back to what we were doing, and bliss out on the energy.

And it would be nice if we could bring that lovely, centred, unconcerned state into other areas of our life, too, particularly when it comes to seeking answers or explanations for everything that is happening to us and to the people that we are treating.

Because if we seek answers or explanations for every little sensation that we have, every little happening, and particularly if we can’t be content with a practice or an approach without understanding exactly why we are doing a particular thing, then we are going to make our journey with Reiki a particularly difficult one.

What do colours mean?

If you see a particular colour, or colours, when treating someone, or when self-treating, it might be nice just to accept this as a pretty light-show, an added bonus, a colourful and welcome side-effect of the flow of energy… rather than trying to puzzle out why you had a particular colour and what that means.

Maybe the colour does have a meaning – there are colours associated with the chakras for example – and maybe the energy was focusing on a particular chakra when you saw that colour. But because Reiki works on so many levels, because it deals with physical things, mental states, emotions, spiritual aspects, because it deals with historical problems that are still present in some way in our energy body, and it deals with things that are ‘on the boil’ and haven’t manifested yet… we have no real idea of what it’s doing other than to be safe in the knowledge that the energy is giving us or the recipient what we need.

So stop trying to puzzle things out: it will make no difference to your experience of the energy or the effectiveness of your Reiki.

Get your head out of the equation and just let the energy do what it needs to do, without all that frantic mental activity!

What do sensations mean?

If you have a particular sensation when treating someone, or you were drawn to a particular area of the body, do you really need to know why that happened?

If your hands ends up resting on someone’s liver area, does that mean they have liver disease?

No, it doesn’t, it just means that the energy needs to flow there to produce the balance that is appropriate for the recipient.

We don’t diagnose with Reiki: Doctors diagnose. Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters don’t diagnose, and shouldn’t diagnose, and if they feel an urge to diagnose something then they should stop it.

In any case, Reiki works on lots of levels, so in Traditional Chinese Medicine the liver is said to hold mental states and emotions that might be being dealt with; is that what’s happening? Who knows? We don’t need to know, we can just accept that Reiki is doing what it needs to do, and go with the flow, merging with the energy in a lovely mindful state.

Let’s speculate!

Worse still is the urge to try and come up with our own theories about what we are feeling.

Some people start to think in terms of blockages or negative energy or, worse still, ‘dark energy’. Those are not helpful terms to use when talking to a Reiki client, who came in looking forward to a lovely blissful session and come out with a belief that they are harbouring a blockage or dark energy.

We don’t need to introduce such ideas into our Reiki because they’re not helpful to us or the people that we work on.

The sooner we can accept that Reiki is all a bit mysterious and puzzling, but works tremendously well, so we can just let it do what it needs to do without second guessing what’s happening, the better it will be for us because we can just let go of all those questions and enjoy the journey.

Did I really feel that?

Actually, along with thinking too much and questioning everything comes the challenge that we can face when second-guessing things that we feel or notice.

Did I really feel that sensation, was I making it up, is it all in my head, did I only feel something because I wanted to?

Well, either you feel something or you don’t. If you feel something you can trust that you felt it; you can’t make yourself feel something. If it was possible to fool yourself into feeling Reiki sensations then everyone would feel something and there would be no-one who was concerned that they don’t feel anything when doing Reiki… they would all have magicked sensations into existence, wouldn’t they?

So just accept and go with what you feel: if you notice a lot of energy flowing into a part of someone’s body (maybe your hands are fizzing or tingling or pulsing or whatever sensation you have) then just stay there for longer until you feel the flow of energy subside.

You can trust what you’re feeling.

You’re not making it up.

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9 thoughts on “The Ten Rules of Reiki: Rule #8

  1. Hello again 🙂

    It is incredible how many people try to work out what is going on and believe they have sussed it completely when they feel something. In the process they will say some very scary things such as you have a dark energy around your heart, or you are leaking energy from your solar plexus. I’ve had some things said to me that could have really scared some people, but being a Reiki healer myself I know not to take them to heart or over think what they have felt or appear to have thought they felt. As intuitive as we are, we do not ‘know’ everything, and if we constantly tried to work out what we were feeling during a treatment it would detach from The Now, the quietness and stillness. Going with the flow is the best way to give a treeatment passing sensations without judgement.

    Reiki is meant to heal and encourage not create fear and insecurity. Like my Mother used to say “if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all”

    Thanks for the wonderful Blogs

  2. Thanks, Emma. I agree. How does telling someone that they have dark energy around their heart (as if that really means anything anyway) help that person?

  3. I find there are two main types of client, those who just accept and relax and bliss out and those who come expecting some sort of ‘breakthrough’ a spiritual revelation of some kind if you will, I find these people harder to treat as it takes longer for them to settle. Sometimes they will report feelings, lights colours etc and expect a explanation. I know for myself the more relaxed and ‘unfocused’ I am the stronger the reiki flows.
    Although I did have a client say my right hand was hotter than my left? ( I am right handed) which has worried me since.

    1. Hi Stephanie, I wouldn’t worry about the apparenly stronger right hand, you know. Maybe where you rested your right hand was where the client needed more Reiki. Some people do seem to find that one hand seems to channel more than the other, but that doesn’t matter either because the energy does move from where you channel it to where it’s needed. And some people who have noticed a difference from one hand to the other have found that regular energy exercises, for example Hatsurei ho, help to even things up. Don’t worry. 🙂

  4. So good to read. I was taught by a Reiki Master who seemed to have a reason for everything. Colours, feelings, seeings, sounds etc. etc. I on the other felt extremely ignorant because I could not remember what he had taught me. Eventually I just gave in to my ignorance and let the Reiki flow, however and wherever it is meant to. My greatest proof is that my own health has gone from strength to strength despite my advancing years. Also some clients come saying that another therapists had “diagnosed” such and such. I simply decided not to join that particular game and simply said. As a nurse, I always leave diagnoses to the doctors.

    1. I always feel a bit dubious about Reiki Masters who have all the answers about everything. It’s a sign of a closed mind, someone who needs the security of thinking that they know everything and someone who is not open to new ideas and different interpretations. I think that the best approach is to embrace uncertainty and maintain a ‘beginner’s mind’, where you realise that no matter how much you think you know, there’s more to learn. We’re not trained to diagnose, we shouldn’t diagnose; that’s best left to doctors 🙂

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