The Very Best Aspects of the Reiki Second Degree Home Study Course

On this page, what I have done is to have my Reiki Second Degree home study students’ testimonials ‘analysed’ so that you can see the main areas where students really appreciated how the courses worked and what they did for them, what they liked and appreciated the best.



The Reiki Second Degree home study courses offer a flexible and accessible way to learn about the practice of Reiki. The testimonials from students who have followed such courses highlight the following ten main benefits:

Clear and Concise Course Content

Students found the course content to be excellent, informative, and well-organized. The course manuals and audio are easy to understand, with clear instructions and relevant illustrations.

Learning at Your Own Pace

The home study approach allows students to work at their own pace, without feeling under pressure or rushed. Students appreciate the flexibility of being able to study and practise Reiki whenever they want, and they feel that they have learned more than they would have on a live course.

Comprehensive Course Material

The course covers a broad range of topics, including the history of Reiki, various techniques for treatment, and the law and admin for practitioners. Students appreciate the comprehensive nature of the course material, which covers everything they need to know and more.

Supportive Feedback

Students found the feedback and support from the course tutor to be excellent. They appreciated the prompt and informative feedback they received after submitting their work, and they felt that their tutor had really listened to their questions and concerns.

Powerful Meditations

The audio racks included with the course offer a variety of powerful meditations and exercises to help students learn and practise Reiki. Students find the meditations and exercises to be relaxing and informative, and they appreciate the soothing voice of the tutor.

Powerful Healing Techniques

Students appreciate learning about the various ways to send out distant Reiki, and also the powerful “Reiji ho” technique. They find these techniques to be helpful in their Reiki practice, as they allow them to work on a wider range of people over a longer period of time.

Building Confidence and Intuition

Students feel that the course has helped them to build their confidence and intuition in their Reiki practice. They appreciate the emphasis on trying different techniques for treatment and developing their own style, and they feel that they are now ready to work with the public.

Empowering and Equipping

Students feel empowered and equipped to practise Reiki after completing the course. They appreciate the comprehensive nature of the course material and the supportive feedback they receive, which has helped them to learn and grow in their Reiki journey.

Person-Centred Approach

The course is designed with a person-centred approach, which allows students to study at their own pace and receive support and feedback tailored to their needs. Students appreciate feeling valued and supported throughout their learning journey.


Students report that Reiki has had a profound effect on their lives, both personally and professionally. They feel that the course has been life-changing, enabling them to manage challenging situations more effectively and remain calm under pressure.



The testimonials from students who have followed the Reiki Second Degree home study course highlight the clear and concise course content, the benefits of learning at your own pace, the comprehensive course materials, the supportive feedback, the powerful meditations, the distant healing techniques, the building of their confidence and intuition, the sense of personal empowerment, the person-centred approach, and life-changing benefits of this approach to learning Reiki.