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About Tina Shaw: London Reiki Courses

reiki training courses in london loughtonAbout me

Hi I’m Tina Shaw. I have been running monthly London Reiki training courses since 2002 and began running Reiki courses for Reiki Evolution in 2003. My Reiki courses are currently located in Loughton (East London/Essex). The Loughton Essex venue is near to the M25, M11 and A406 with easy parking, and near to a London underground tube station.

My journey with Reiki started at a time in my life when I was feeling thoroughly frustrated with my working life. I wanted to be doing something fulfilling, something I could spend my life enjoying. Once I discovered Reiki I knew it contained within it everything I was looking for. I’d also had a sense of energy flow before, but never really understood it. Reiki provided a natural and safe way to develop that experience. Reiki has help me personally in ways that I couldn’t possible write here. On every level, physically there have been old injuries that before were just not healing and suddenly through Reiki just did. My highly active mind began to calm and the most significant change for me was finding that I could sleep, really sleep I was no longer plagued by restless, sleepless nights. It also helps me to manage my emotions in a more constructive way. Prior to my Reiki training I was a very angry person and had a lot of trouble managing that, I’m such a different person now that people find it hard to believe I ever had a angry bone in my body. Reiki will always be an important part of my life and something I am always grateful to have access to.

My approach to Reiki training

My approach to Reiki tends to be very down to earth. I like to keep the training clean in that we are learning about Reiki, so I don’t get involved in other concepts such as angels, spirit guides etc. I think Reiki provides a great structure to support people with whatever their unique spiritual or personal journey is and it’s not up to me to dictate that but give you a sound basis in Reiki as a way to enhance any beliefs or concepts that are true for you. I am always happy to discuss other concepts and how you might adapt your personal practise to include them. For this reason I provide a wealth of on-going support in person and online to help ensure that individual needs and development is met, as far as is possible.

Reiki seems to mould itself to the requirements of each individual. Therefore, the benefits of doing a Reiki course are endless. For many it is the beginning of a life long journey of self-discovery, others spend their lives helping others and need something that is there to support them. Reiki is an excellent addition to other therapies, as it will benefit the therapist as well as the work they do. Reiki can enhance creativity and intuition through working with Reiki. Overall, it provides students with a sense of calm, the strength to cope when life takes a turn for the worse, and courage to be more true to themselves, taking each moment as it comes.

My Reiki Training Courses in London & Loughton, Essex

I offer Reiki workshops for all levels of training on a regular basis. I also specialise in developing intuition and so offer a variety of courses on this subject. Intuition is something that everyone can harness it’s not a special gift, yet often people lack confidence and or trust in this aspect of their development. So I offer courses that help you to develop the skill and build your confidence using a variety of techniques. Everyone is different in how they work intuitively so the courses are aimed at helping you to develop in your unique way.

I offer the two day Five Elements course for those who want to dive deeper into the energy system. The course offers students an additional skill set with an in-depth knowledge of how the Five Elemental energies can be used to enhance the healing and balancing of the energy system for you and your clients. Emphasising the truly holistic and interconnected nature of the energy system, in mind, body, emotion and spirit.

I host Reiki shares every other month in Loughton where all Reiki students are welcome. A share is an ideal opportunity to practise your new skills and receive a short treatment. Everyone receives a Reiju empowerment and other willing Reiki Masters can give out empowerments too. Reiki shares really help students to develop with confidence, sharing experiences is a useful part of our development.