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McRitchie Reservoir Singapore



It happened quite unexpectedly as I walked in wonder along the pathway in the warm, damp heat of the tropical rainforest. The foliage dripped with early morning dew and the soft sound of butterfly wings gently clipped my ears.

We were walking in the largest patch of green that Singapore has to offer, the MacRitchie reservoir. The walk itself is about 15km and a welcome break from the concrete jungle that is Singapore, as more and more construction work replaces mother nature.

My husband, Ian, is ex-military and generally likes to ‘yomp’ as opposed to walk. My regular reciting on our walks of the poem ‘what is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare…’ generally falls upon deaf ears! This time I was not going to be rushed and let him yomp on ahead with my 2 children Hannah and Alex.

We had already met the resident group of Macaque monkeys,  who have a penchant for grabbing anything that vaguely resembles a packed lunch and also the turtles in the reservoir who swim at speed to greet you in the hope you may have something edible for them too. I was rather disappointed at the humanisation of the local wildlife, but understandable on such a small island I suppose!

We were now venturing as deep into the rainforest as the small pocket of forest would allow. I was enjoying the warm shade that the trees allowed and delighting in the dappled sunlight as it split the trees and alighted on the footpath ahead of me. The birdsong was sweet and the exotic aroma of damp earth and leafy vegetation was almost good enough to eat.

As I walked I suddenly felt a very strong feeling of energy coming from a tree on my left. It was palpable even from a couple of feet away. I stopped and wondered if I was simply going mad. I’ve always loved trees but have never truly conversed with one before, but this one was definitely calling my name!

I had to explore this new phenomenon and, of course, I worked my way through the undergrowth toward it. Its strong buttress-style trunk allowed me to get quite close between its roots and I gently placed my hands upon its trunk and whispered my greetings. Immediately the sense of an energy exchange began, the Reiki simply poured through me into the tree.

As we shared this joyous exchange of energies, we spoke of nature and nurturing all life with reverence and Grace. This beautiful tree was revealing to me its sense of oneness with all creation and its delight in finding someone who was sensitive enough to share time and Reiki with it.

It taught me that Reiki is an energy that all nature knows of intimately. It is part of their daily sustenance, as one frequency amongst the plethora of frequencies that we, and all living things, require to maintain a healthy balance and equilibrium.  It told me that nature, as one cohesive consciousness, was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude that so many humans were now awakening to their own Divine nature and that soon, very soon, we would all be singing the same song in harmony – the song of Ascension.

I felt so far removed as I merged with the essence of the tree, a blissful harmony of frequencies as we ‘danced’ together in time. But I was soon disturbed from my humbling and beautiful interaction with this amazing Being as a call to arms jolted me back into 3D reality. My family were waiting for me to catch them up and patience is not their strong point!

I bade my farewell to the tree and stepped back into my life.

But I will always remember this as one of the most truly amazing and powerful experiences of my life in a place I had not expected to feel such immense and Divine power where concrete reigns supreme.

My advice: always, always, expect the unexpected and be prepared to be amazed, particularly in these times of incredible changes on Earth and for humanity!


Debbie McDougall

March 2011 Salisbury, Wiltshire


Debbie McDougall is one of the Reiki Evolution team of teachers offering training in the beautiful city of Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Debbie began her Reiki journey in 2004, eventually leaving the NHS in 2008 after nearly 30 years as a Nurse, and more latterly, a Midwife. Debbie has also trained in other forms of Holistic healing and runs regular workshops and groups aiming to empower others to heal themselves. She also runs Munay Ki workshops to pass on the beautiful and profound Ascension Rites of the Incan Shamanic lineages and writes her monthly ‘Earth Change Updates’ available on her website.

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