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taggart king reiki evolutionClick HERE to find out how to tune into distant "Reiju" empowerments sent out every Monday by Taggart King, Reiki Master Teacher and the founder of Reiki Evolution.

Try our distant empowerments

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Distant Reiju empowerments for you to tune into every Monday

Hidden away on an obscure page on our web site (I now realise!) is something that I would like to make a bit more prominent, and that is that I send out a distant Reiju empowerment that any person who has learned Reiki can ‘tune into’. You can tune into the empowerment any time on a Monday, wherever in the world you are (I send out the empowerments in advance with the intention that they can be received the following Monday, whenever that might be local time, you see; intention is the key!). You can tune in more than once on a Monday if you’re feeling so inclined. 🙂

There are definite benefits associated with receiving regular Reiju empowerments, and indeed regular attunements. In fact, for a long time, International Reiki Master Teacher William Rand has recommended that Reiki Masters get together to attune each other, not because the effect of attunements wear off (they don’t) but because being re-attuned gives a lovely ‘kick-start’ to your system, hitting the ‘reset’ button and helping to clear stuff out: rather like a spring clean.

And it’s the same with Reiju: the effects of Reiju don’t wear off, but there are definite benefits associated with receiving this lovely, energising and balancing gift regularly if you can: not essential, but beneficial to receive nevertheless.

What is Reiju?

You could see Reiju as a simple, Japanese version of an attunement, which was used by a group of Usui Sensei’s surviving students to transfer what Usui used to bestow on students using intent. In the original Japanese form of Reiki, empowerments would have been received week in, week out, throughout a student’s life with Reiki, at First Degree, Second Degree and beyond. Some people are making Reiju empowerments available at their Reiki Shares by way of echoing this tradition, but not all students can attend evening get-togethers. Many people within the world of Reiki do not have access to empowerments at all: maybe their Reiki Master has not learned the technique yet, or maybe they have lost contact with their teacher.

Distant attunements or empowerments work incredibly well, and of course there is no difference between an attunement or empowerment given in person or given at a distance; distance is not relevant to the practice of Reiki.


Each week I will perform a distant Reiju empowerment, done with the intention that it will be received by any Reiki person who wants to ‘tune themselves in’ to the ‘broadcast’. The empowerment can be received any time on a Monday.

This is what you can do to receive your empowerment:

    If you know about Hatsu Rei Ho, the basic energy exercises of Japanese ‘Gakkai’ Reiki, then go through the sequence as normal. When you have performed Seishin Toitsu for a few minutes, stay with your hands in Gassho and say to yourself ‘I will receive my empowerment from Taggart now’.

    If you are not familiar with Hatsu Rei Ho, simply get yourself comfortable in a chair, with your eyes closed and your hands in the prayer position. Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself, and then say to yourself ‘I will receive my empowerment from Taggart now’.

You may notice a lot happening; you may notice very little. What you notice may continue for less than minute, or you might be experiencing things for 5-10 minutes. It is quite variable… see what happens, and post a comment below to let us know what you noticed!

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