Tune Into Our Weekly Distant Empowerments

For the benefit of Reiki people who are not able to get along to a Reiki share to receive a regular Reiju empowerment, or for people who simply do not even know anyone who can carry out Reiju empowerments on them, I have decided to provide Reiju at a distance.

You don’t have to have trained with Reiki Evolution to tune in: any Reiki person can!

In the original Japanese form of Reiki, empowerments would have been received week in, week out, throughout a student’s life with Reiki, at First Degree, Second Degree and beyond. Some people are making Reiju empowerments available at their Reiki Shares by way of echoing this tradition, but not all students can attend evening get-togethers.

Many people within the Reiki world do not have access to empowerments at all: maybe their Reiki Master has not learned the technique yet, or maybe they have lost contact with their teacher.

Distant attunements or empowerments work incredibly well, and I have included an on this subject in the ‘Reiki Articles‘ section of this web site.

What to do

Each week I will perform a distant Reiju empowerment, done with the intention that it will be received by any Reiki person who wants to ‘tune themselves in’ to the ‘broadcast’. The empowerment can be received any time on a Monday.

This is what you can do to receive the empowerment:

  • If you know about Hatsu Rei Ho, the basic energy exercises of Japanese ‘Gakkai’ Reiki, then go through the sequence as normal. When you have performed Seishin Toitsu for a few minutes, stay with your hands in Gassho and say to yourself ‘I will receive my empowerment from Taggart now’.
  • If you are not familiar with Hatsu Rei Ho, simply get yourself comfortable in a chair, with your eyes closed and your hands in the prayer position. Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself, and then say to yourself ‘I will receive my empowerment from Taggart now’.

You may notice a lot happening; you may notice very little. What you notice may continue for less than minute, or you might be experiencing things for 5-10 minutes. It is quite variable… see what happens, and send Taggart an email to let him know what you experienced!

What to do if you live outside the UK

I send the empowerments in advance (usually the previous Friday or Saturday) with the *intention* that they can be received by people any time on the following Monday, whenever that is local time, so you don’t have to wake up early or stay up late to tune in; just tune in whenever is convenient on a Monday.

Tune in any time on a Monday, whenever that is local time.


To give you an idea of the sort of things that you might experience when on the receiving end of Reiju, here are some recent comments from some of my students who were on the receiving end of a Distant Reiju ‘Experiment’:

“… at 9:00pm waves of energy washed over me. Hardly any vibrating, just a light, fizzy energy. My hands and feet were full of Reiki.”

“I sat down a little before 9.15pm cleared my mind…. there was a wonderful feeling of being light and a faint buzzing around my head, then gentle pressure on my crown….plenty of warmth followed. As things progressed I could sense movement around me. It was as if you were standing in front of me…had the impression of gentle swaying…for a moment the room was light. I felt a need to put my hands in the prayer position…felt movement and warmth, with some tingling. Don’t remember putting my hands down, but I did!!”

“I felt very peaceful and could feel the energy coming from the front, my crown was filled with the energy expanding , then as if you were standing in front of me , the various positions with energy softly expanding. The third eye was throbbing and continued to do so after I felt the transmission was completed. I thought I had been sat for ages, when I felt the process was complete ,I thanked the Reiki Guides and realised it had only been 10 minutes from my sitting to completion.”

“I went up to bed at 8.45pm and laid down, I felt really warm and fuzzy and went out like a light!!!”

“I am going thru’ quite a sad time right now and I can feel that this reiju empowerment has given me the courage and strength I need to assist and empower me to walk peacefully thru’ this part of my journey. I could see the shimmering light come down into my crown and spread throughout my whole being, “telling me that all is well, we are with you always dearest one”. Today, there has been a lot of tears and releasing and I “know” that I am being guided out of this mist of despair.”

“After a few minutes I felt A great deal of energy, followed by a strong feeling of heat in my solar plexus amd then my heart chakra. I then saw waves of purple and greeny gold coming towards me and breaking over me,my fingers were tingling the whole time, and then it all suddenly stopped.”

“I became aware of energy at the third eye and a little later on my hands. Then the eye again, then the hands. When all the wonderful buzzing stopped, I got up, and found myself so relaxed and yet so energised. I don’t think I ever felt Reiju this strongly in person, Taggart. It was wonderful. Thanks.”

Worldwide Reiju broadcast

Here is some more feedback from people who tuned themsleves into the real Worldwide Reiju Broadcast which was carried out for the first time in 2002, and continues to this day:

“Had a wonderful experience just now. This morning I printed out your e-zine and thought I would sit and read it later with my cup of tea! I was reading the Distant Reiju section and had just finished section (1). That’s it, bang it came. A flash went through my mind “what day is it? Oh, Monday”. Never got to read section (2). I just put down my papers, put my hands in Gassho and enjoyed it. Wow! It struck me that it must have only just made it into Monday in England, actually I then worked out that it was 1am there. I would love for you to teach me how to do that, I would love to set that up for my students too.”

Karen Loaring, Australia

“I enjoyed the “Monday-Reiju”, thank you for this. Will be back next week again. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I could sense every single movement you made and each position, probably because I know how the Reiju is given. I also had a feeling of being connected to Chris Marsh and could see – like in a tunnel – his lineage back to Usui Sensei in the background. I really liked the experience and I did feel a strong energy coming down. Again I had the intuitive feeling of knowing Usui personally, of having been connected before in another life. But maybe that’s just fantasy, don’t know. I am giving Reiki (western style) and Seichem empowerments, Christ Light Ceremonies and more, so I know the taste of quite a few energyfields, different atmospheres, this Reiju was different in so far that it was very much “down to earth”, less sentimental, less deeply touched in the heart (compared to angelic energyfields), a bit like Za Zen or Aikido practice with its centering at the hara/dantien and with the stress on clarity, which in the end is egolessness, nothingness. It activated a conscousness that can be described in Lao Tse’s words: without doing anything nothing is left undone. So the energy did feel more japanese, or what I imagine this to be, compared to western style Reiki.”

Einar Stier, Germany

“Dee and I tuned into your Reiju Empowerment yesterday at about 1:30pm. Dee felt a heaviness & throbbing in her head. She felt a hotness round her neck & coldness on her knees and lower back (she has an inflammation at lower back and hips). She saw a rainbow & had a feeling of peace. I also felt a heaviness & throbbing in my head at first. Then my left eye started twitching and the eye began to water. (I was at the tail end of a three-day migraine with slight pain still hovering on the left hand side above my eye.) I saw a white light and my knees felt cold. My head finally cleared and I have been fine since. Thank you so much, Taggart. I shall be tuning in every Monday. It is such a wonderful idea & so generous of you to do it for us all. We have a monthly Reiki Sharing Group which happens to fall on a Monday at 7:30pm; so if it is all right with you perhaps we could all join in.”


“I recieved your empowerment today. My hands became burning hot and fingers trembling , they were still in gasso my fingers then seperated and the palms of my hands were pushed outwards as if I was holding a ball. My hands then seperated and turned upwards as if cupping a ball and I felt a slight pressure as if something was being pressed into my hands at this moment I felt a breeze or a breathe on my crown chakra and on my face. My hands then cooled and became my own again. I carried on my meditation and could see a long crude wooden table with men dressed in black robes and wearing what can describe as pill box hats. The one at the end of the table rose and the others leant forward over the table resting their heads on their arms he then lifted his hands over them as if in blessing. Then to my asonishment he said in very plain english, You are ready you may go now, and the men got up and as they did so they faded into the stone walls and I came very quickly out of my meditation.”

Jo Jones, UK

“Thank you for the beautiful Reiju empowerment. I received you reiki e-zine today and then sat in gassho position and tuned in. The energy came immediately and is still with me as I write this. A wave of energy entered the front of my body, in particular Crown, third eye, heart and solar plexus. It immediately reminded me of what I have come to think of as the essence of reiki attunements, that is, a focussed “beingness” and love. I do not yet have the Reiju process, but as I have grown with Reiki, I now understand that intention and willingness are the essential factors in passing Reiki attunements. I sometimes describe the attunement process as the thing you do to keep your mind occupied whilst Reiki does the work. I have often had the urge to just stand behind the person and let the attunement energy pass through me, but I have followed the familiar process anyway! I wonder if this is along the same lines as the Reiju attunement. I also believe, but have yet to test this out that other healing and empowering frequencies are available in this way, without necessarily having symbols, although symbols, to me, are like transpersonal anchors to particular states of resonance. In other words, they certainly help make a swift connection. I shall wait until it feels right to learn the Japanese techniques – it’s “on the back burner” for now! I can now feel a wave of energy gently working its way down through my body. I feel set up for the rest of the day ahead. Thank you again. It’s good to see another who is taking an open and sharing approach to Reiki. Good luck and God bless!”

Dawn Salter, UK

“Thank you taggart for the reiju empowerment sent last Monday. It felt as though you were standing in the room behind me with your hands above my head. As soon as I said I was ready to receive the empowerment my head started fizzing and vibrating, then it spread down the back of my neck and shoulders. It was so intense it felt like my head was going to explode! Afterwards I felt so relaxed and at peace. What a wonderful way to start the week! love and light,”

Natalie Day, UK

“Hi taggart, yesterdays empowerment was as spectacular as the first one!”

Natalie Day, UK

“I have tuned in every week since I received your Feb. eZine. Each week, after doing Hatsu Rei Ho, I have felt a presence in front of me and tingling and pressure around my head, particularly crown, and sometimes pressure at the 3rd eye. I also see beautiful pink colours. It seems to happen more or less straightaway after I ask to receive the empowerment from you. It stops after a few minutes. Simply magical! Thanks Taggart!”

Shirley Climpson, UK

“We tuned into your empowerment yesterday evening and could definately feel that it worked. We both felt energy flowing down through our crowns, with tingling & a heavy weight on our shoulders and necks. I felt a lot of heat mainly in the heart chakra area. Michelle said her hands began to tingle like the first time you attuned her, in the centre of her palms. We both agreed that it lasted more than a few minutes, I’d say about 10 minutes. We were very light headed afterwards & felt sort of drunk but in a nice way. Anyway, thank you very much Taggart, & we willl look forward to next Monday’s Reiju! Love from,”

Suzanne & Michelle, Spain

“At about 5.30pm I sat down and cleared my mind and very soon felt as though someone was standing behind me with hands around the side of my head, massaging my brow chakra. This continued for a few minutes and then I felt as if that ‘person’ was standing on my right side, with a hand on my forehead and another on the rear of my head. This again continued for a short while and felt good. During this time I was aware of the usual sensation in my hands which continued after I opened my eyes – again for a short while. I must admit I was a bit heady for a few moments after opening my eyes – but having said that, I had a comfortable feeling of strength. Thanks.”

Gavin Morrice, UK


What was it like for you?

Leave a message below to let us know what you noticed when receiving your distant empowerment. It would be great to hear from you…


117 thoughts on “Tune Into Our Weekly Distant Empowerments

  1. Thankyou that was really lovely and needed its given me peace and clarity I have felt jangled today and it was good to feel as if I was recieving a treatment from someone else . I could of stayed in the meditation for hours I have asked my angels to keep the feelings of peace and grace flowing through me and bye bye jangles thankyou ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Rachel, I’m really pleased to hear that you had a nice experience. Why not tune in every week?

  2. I alway find my crown becomes very sensitive. My hands are red hot sometimes they feel too hot. When I go tobed on the same night, I see inside my body the orange and yellow colours fill me up inside with their healing energies

    1. Dear Carol, I’m pleased to hear you had an interesting experience. Receiving regular empowerments, while not necessary (you don’t lose your Reiki connection) are a lovely thing to receive and make a definite difference, especially if you’re combining them with regular self-energy-work.

  3. I have fibromyalgia and neuropathy pain, and while Reiki has help me immensely, having the ability to receive Reiju from you has ramped up the energy so much that I have been able to have better control over the pain levels much more efficiently and longer lasting. I teach English on Line for the local community college here in Las Vegas, NV – USA, and there were days when the pain levels were so high I wasn’t able to perform my job as well as I wanted to. Receiving Reiju has changed that, making it possible for me to function well, and has helped control the frustration of dealing with years of constant pain. I thank you from the depths of my heart for this wonderful Gift that means a highly improved life. May Creator and Lord Buddha bless you always,
    In Light,
    Dr. Elizabeth King, MA, DCH, Usui Reiki M/T; Gendai Reiki Shihan

    1. Dear Elizabeth, it is very humbling for me to hear about how my distant Reiju empowerments have made such a difference to you. I am so glad that you have been able to control the pain more efficiently and in a way that is longer lasting. With best wishes, Taggart

  4. Thank you! I am returning to the UK to live after a long time overseas. I would love to attend workshops with you. My Reiki Master Richard Jones of Colours of the Dawn taught me about your work. BTW website under reconstruction for a week or two ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. When you have a moment, Christine, just take a look at our Reiki courses, which we have in specialist subjects like Equine Reiki, Animal Reiki and Reiki Drum Technique. They might be of interest to you.

  5. Dear Taggart.
    Just to say thankyou for the empowerment today. Today is the first day that I have managed to take the time out to tune in to your Monday distant empowerment.
    I have recently Gained my Reiki first Degree and open to help along my Reiki journey. Reiki has changed my life completely both mentaly and physically.
    Just to let you know I felt real connection with the empowerment and had coloured visions,most relaxing and blissful.
    Thanks Again Taggart
    Will tune in again next week
    love Andrea

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the experience, Andrea, and I hope you notice a difference by tuning in most weeks.

  6. Hi taggart, had to email u. With my experience,am still in shock ! Had a series of reiki treatments around ten years ago,after a bad accident wich really helped me, then at the beginning of July this year, went to a spar day for a friends 50th birthday, I chose to have reiki, and the whole experience was amazing, and when I came home I looked up reiki on the internet and found so much information, I have been learning to do reiki on my self, annd can’t believe the feeling of healing wich is happening to me , physically and. Mentally. I have for three Mondays now have joined your empowerment, the 2nd week I. could feel a slight shaking of my hands while in prayer position, but today, my 3rd week my hands went mad, I couldn’t stop them shaking, it was so violent my whole body shook, when I tried to stop the shaking they just went forward and back like a penndulion, this went on for quite some time until I was so exhausted I had to pull my hands apart, I then went sound asleep ! I have to say I was a little frightened at what was happening! This is all so amazing, I feel I should get myself to some classes and learn reiki professionally. Thank you, see you next week x

    1. Hi Debbie, Well you’ve certainly had some powerful experiences when tuning into my distant empowerments, haven’t you? What people notice when receiving Reiju does vary a lot, and it can very from one occasion to another, too, and you’ll most likely find that your sensations will settle down now. Remember that you are in control of these movements and if you want to ease them back or restrain them then you can do so. Best wishes, Taggart

  7. I didn’t feel any different to when I ordinarily connect to reiki.
    However, I did visualise a man with longish wavy, blonde hair, wearing loose-fitting light coloured clothing. He was climbing some steps and, when I drew back, it appeared as though he were climbing up the side of a pyramid.
    Then I saw a black lady in African clothing. She wore her hair in a huge pile on the top of her head and her face came right up to mine.
    That was all. No feelings especially.

  8. I have been browsing for an Equine Reiki Distance course and came upon your name on this website and was just delighted! I am going to be registering to take the Equine course and I also noted that you do the Monday Distance Empowerments. I am going to “attend” this coming Monday, and look forward to receiving one each Monday now! I am so looking forward to this each week. Thank you!

  9. My hands felt prickly with energy on the outside and the palms felt hot. The touching fingertips felt heavy/dense. I felt hands of light placed over my own, and felt as if I was rocking in my chair (I wasn’t!) Immediately afterwards my aura was a light, clear and very bright pale purple (it’s normally turquoise).

    1. Thanks for your message, Patricia. I’m pleased that you had an interesting experience and that you ended up with a light, clear aura. Why not tune in every week, if you’re not already. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi, this was the first time i have turned in as i only did my Reiki 1 last Saturday,as i am typing this approx 15mins later my hands are still hot and tingling.Thankyou so much i’m going to tune in regularly.

    1. Hi Cherry, I’m glad it was a nice experience for you and I’m sure you’ll benefit from tuning in every week.

    1. Hi Kevin, you just need to tune in, as described on this page: https://www.reiki-evolution.co.uk/tune-into-our-weekly-distant-empowerments-reiju/. I don’t maintain a list of recipients: I send the empowerments out with the intention that they can be received by anyone who tunes into them, anytime on a Monday (whenever that is local time). I send the empowerments out in advance, you see, usually on the weekend. Then they’re sitting there ready to be received as Monday appears on the planet!

  11. Hello, I have tuned into your Reiju empowerment for the past 3 weeks. The first time i felt like I cannot handle the power and had to go to bed during mid day for couple of hours to come back to normalcy. The second time when I tuned in, it was really wonderful. Both my hands were raised shoulder level and I got up from the chair as if someone is pulling my hands forward. Third time also I had the same experiences. I have booked my First Degree Reiki Course(Shoden) which is on 19 September in Loughton with Tina Shaw and absolutely looking forward for that class. Really excited. Thank you very much for what your are doing. It would be an absolute pleasure to meet you in person one day.

    1. It’s great to hear about your positive experiences with the distant empowerments, Ashok. They can be deceptively powerful sometimes. I am sure that you will have a great time on your course with Tina Shaw because she’s a great teacher.

    1. Hi Laurie. I hope you have a lovely experience. It varies: for some people it’s all bells and whistles and rainbow light-shows, while for others it’s very subtle indeed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Sharon Merry…Arizona USA
    I felt a warmth on the back of my head a place where I have never felt reiki before…also a tingling at the base of my skull. I also saw an eye sending me reiki through my 3rd eye, but then that happens to me often.

    thank you so very much

    1. Hi Sharon, I’m glad that you had an interesting experience and I hope you enjoyed it. I have no control over what people experience, of course!

  13. Many years ago I recieved head and body trauma from a road accident and went on to develop Fibromyalgia. Conventional treatments have never help me. About ten years ago I became involved with Holistic Therapies and went on to achieve the level of Reiki Shihan.
    Reiki has helped me achieve the ability to self heal, which helps me get on with everyday living. Reiki has also given me the confidence to help others.
    After receiving the blessing of Reiju my body feels surrounded with energy, but still allows inner peace, which keeps me grounded. It is a wonderful experience.

    1. Dear Susan, I’m really pleased to hear how Reiki has helped you and that you are enjoying tuning in to my distant empowerments. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I felt like I had no body I just had thoughts I felt like I just was an energy I saw a yellow flower open up in the sky and people reaching up to get energy then I saw blue and purple pouring around me it was surreal thankyou so much

    1. That’s great. I’m glad that you had an interesting and enjoyable experience. I wonder how the empowerment will come thorugh next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Morning Taggart = truly wonderful. I joined your distant empowerment yesterday = Easter Monday = waves and waves of deep purple energy, feelings of complete calmness and warmth. I was so relaxed, almost asleep and then a sudden “snap” and I was wide awake !! I had so much more energy than before, it was unbelievable.
    I am calm and happy (you know we are having a stressful time at the moment). So thank you so much Taggart. And Wilf is still doing well !

    1. Hi Karen, I’m glad it was a lovely experience for you and I hope you enjoy tuning in every week. I am glad that Wilf is still doing well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Dear John, no, you don’t need to have trained with us. Any Reiki person can tune in to the broadcast, no matter where they are in the world and no matter who they trained with. Take it as a gift from me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Well that’s my pleasure, Rebecca. I am glad that this was a nice experience for you and I hope you tune in next week ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I have only been “doing” Reiki for 2 weeks with 2 x 3 hour training sessions, and I love it !
    I tuned in for your empowerment yesterday around 5 o clock at night, after doing Hatsurei Ho I asked for your empowerment…………. WOW I honestly did not expect what happened next. I went into a lovely very deep meditation and felt my body become peacefully heavy and began to “see” swirls of colours and patterns, bright yellows and gold. The whole process lasted for 35 mins. Afterwards I felt incredibly relaxed and …………….. I know something very deep happened but its hard to put into words.

    Thank you so much Taggart !

    PS. As a newbie, can I do this too often, do I “need” to do it every week ?

    1. Dear Kenneth, I’m glad you had a powerful experience when tuning into my distant empowerment. No, you don’t *need* to tune in every week, or at all, but it’s nice to do: a lovely ‘re-setting’ of your energy system and it works well with a regular practice of Hatsurei ho, say, or a self-treatment. Don’t tune in on multiple occasions on one day, don’t tune in every day, and remember that your development is far more to do with the regular energy work that you do yourself than it is on things received from other people from afar!

      1. Dear Taggart,

        Thank you so much for the reply and for the advice, very much appreciated………………….. and also a big thank you for all the other available information on your amazing website.

          1. As a small way of returning some positive energy to you Taggart, I just bought a copy of Reiki for Beginners: The Reiki โ€œFirst Degreeโ€ manual ……………… Cant wait to start reading and learning more. Have a great weekend ! ๐Ÿ˜›

  17. Dear Taggart,
    I have received Reiki from a practitioner as he isn’t into certification and paper so I have no confirmation that I have Reiki 1,2 and 3. How important is it to have a certification and can I work my healing without them? with thanks,

    1. Hi Katrina, I suggest that you go back to the person that taught you and ask for written confirmation (even on a letterhead, showing his name and address) that he has taught you at First Degree, Second Degree and Master Teacher levels and provided you with the attunements and instructions necessary to satisfy the requirements of those levels. He should also give you your Reiki lineage, which is a list of Reiki Masters starting with him and gong back through his teacher, and their teacher etc, all the way back to Usui. Are you sure that this person is actually a Reiki Master?

      If you are going to practise then you will need insurance, and to get insurance you need a Reiki certificate of some sort, and if you want to join any of the Reiki associations (optional) they will also want to see a certificate.

      It is unacceptable for this teacher not to have provided you with a certificate.

  18. Hiya Taggart

    I attended Reiki 1 with Louise in Kent a week ago; totally exceeded my expectations and i loved it; I subsequently booked onto Reiki 2. On my course I thought I was being a bit daft seeing eyes (with eyelashes) plus I then started to see horses eyes, but Louise ensured me it was ok. I tuned into the first distant empowerment on Monday; i saw a lot of yellows and golds and then I kept seeing different angles of a lions face and mane, I just wanted to check whether I am doing nothing wrong or whether it is my mind thinking I have to see things. I have a real draw to the animal reiki and am thinking those courses once I see how I get on with reiki 2.

    1. You’re doing nothing wrong, Karen (that wouldn’t even be possible, since you’re just sitting there receiving an enpowerment!). These things affect people in different ways: lots of people see colours, some have physical sensations like tingles or fizzing or heat or swaying, occasionally people have even noticed a distinctive smell; some people notice nothing at all. Just enjoy the images: it’s your mind’s way of experiencing the energy during an empowerment, just as ‘correct’ as seeing violet or gold or feeling pressure on your forehead or wherever. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Wow, I have been following your meditation cd (which has been very beneficial) this is the first time I have tried Reiju empowerments at a distance, whilst visualising my neck it gave a loud crack and I cannot believe how much more relaxed I feelโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Well that’s excellent, Anne. WHy not sune in every week for a lovely boost and chill-out session!

  20. Hi Taggart
    I felt a lovely fizzy feeling in both my legs. Also felt like there was something/someone else in the room, but it felt very comforting.

    Thank you!

  21. Hello Good afternoon, I am a Reiki practitioner and I would like to know if receiving reiju once a week could increase the effectiveness of my self-treatments and treatments for others.
    I live in Spain, can I receive reiju without problems every Monday?
    Congratulations Taggart for the web page, I like that vision about the reiki free of prejudices.

    1. Hi Miguel, if you combine receiving Reiju empowerments with a regular Reiki practice (for example, self-treating and carrying out daily energy exercises (Kenyoku/Joshin Kokkyu ho, or Hatsurei ho) then you certainly should notice a difference in the strength of the energy. Reiju gives you a bit more potential, then you build on that potential by working with the energy. Hope that makes sense ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Had a great experience with the Reiju empowerment, Iโ€™ve become regular in my Reiki self treatments and meditation , and Iโ€™ve been to a lot of Reiki shares recently as well as attuned a new Reiki level 1 student. I experienced a power shift of conciousness during the Reiju empowerment, I felt myself go to the fifth Jhana or absorbtion meditative state where there is a feeling of infinite space. Iโ€™ve experienced this before but there is a lingering effect that I can still feel as I type this. Itโ€™s like a oneness that I usually feel on meditation retreats. Iโ€™ll defin be tuning in more on mondays, good stuff!

    1. That’s great. I am pleased to hear that this is a beneficial experience for you, Reggie. The combination of regular empowerments combined with personal energy exercises/meditations, works really well for moving things on.

  23. Hi Taggart, I have a regular Qi gong practice from a Daoist lineage and I’ve recently learned another series of forms. I’ve noticed that my Reiki has been increased as far as my awareness of the energy. I’ve heard that Qi gong is a great addition to the Reiki exercises. I was told to wait thirty minutes between doing my Qi gong practice and Reiki practice. What has been your experience with Qi gong and Reiki if any?

    1. From what I have heard from students, people who practise Tai Chi or QiGong, and who then learn Reiki, seem to greatly increase their sensitivity to the energy you cultivate, or find that if they start to learn Tai Chi or QiGong, they seem to be much more aware of the flow of energy than their non-Reiki-attuned compatriots.

      That’s looking at it from the opposite direction, though. I think that energy cultivation techniques would help one to become a stronger channel for Reiki, in the same way that Reiki energy exercises/meditations achieve that goal. Reiki will kick in and piggy-back on other energy work like yoga etc and I see no reason for waiting because it’s all the same energy in the end. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Hi, it doesn’t really matter where we are based, but we are in England and Scotland, and there is no charge for the weekly distant Reiju empowerments. You can tune in for free every week, just by following the instructions above, and we don’t need to know who is tuning in. Any Reiki person can tune in.

  24. I am so looking forward to the Reiju Empowerment tomorrow! I’m Karen from Cape Vincent, New York, and I’ll be there!

    1. Hi Karen, I hope you had a nice or interesting experience. What you notice when you tune in can vary a lot, everything from ‘I’m not noticing anything’ to “wow: bells and whistles!’. No matter what you notice, or don’t notice, the empowerment is giving you what you need on that occasion ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. I will continue to “tune in” every Monday – did it again yesterday. From other experiences, sometimes I need to keep doing something in order to “recognize” what is happening.

        Another “empowerment” from someone in the U.K. sent me many symbols, symbols that I didn’t know, messages that came through so quickly that I forgot them as soon as I heard them. And the colors of the chakras had come through, as well. I think the “jumbling up” of all of this had to do with the fact that several Reiki Masters were sending me this empowerment at once. Does this make sense.

        Anyway, I look so forward to your future empowerments. If nothing else, it calms me, and I believe that it is enlightening, as well.

        1. That sounds cluttered! What you will receive from us is simply an empowerment sent with the intention that you should receive what you need, and is free from any symbols or other things. Often people find that they notice different things on different occasions, so try each week and see what happens. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. I’m with you! Getting ready for my empowerment today when the time is peaceful and right. Looking forward to it. Thank you!!

  26. Hi haven’t done this for a while as I have been very ill and not felt up to doing Reiki. Felt pins and needles in my fingers almost painful and then felt as if someone was brushing my head. Resolved to do more. I seem to have two guides for healing. Both ancient one Mediterranean the other Indian she comes from the south! She came to me when an Indian Guru married to my boss came and gave me healing while desperately ill in hospital! And comes to me when I do distant healing.Don’t know her name but the Guru told me she is very ancient and she often uses flowers and herbs and sprinkles them where needed. My own Reiki Master also came and gave me healing what a blessing she lifted the pain away and after her two visits I didn’t need morphine any longer! All the body pain just went (I had sepsis) such a relief as I just didn’t know what to do with myself. Thank god I meet her and learnt (still learning) about your way of doing things!

    1. I am so pleased to hear how Reiki is making a difference to you, Anthony.

  27. Thank you Taggert for your refreshingly informative site, and for your commitment to sending reiki out every Monday. Im new here but have just tuned in and felt a wonderful warm relaxed glow mainly down my left side but focussed on the left side of my face, neck and shoulder. I simultaneously did Reiki on my iPhone as it had gone down that morning and was saying all sorts of technical death messages, and afterwards, it worked as it had done before! I will be tuning in every Monday. You’re work is invaluable.

    1. Dear Alison, I’m pleased to hear that you enjoyed the empowerment and I hope you start to tune in most weeks: it’s a lovely way to re-set everything and give you a good foundation for your regular energy work.

  28. I am so thankful to have found your site. I am working on my own Traditional Usui Reiki book. My Reiki classes were given by word of mouth, only 5 printouts which included the 4 Reiki symbols and the 5 Reiki principles. I began to feel like I had missed something when I started seeing all of the added procedures to my Traditional Usui Reiki. So my research brought me here along with a few others writing traditionally like I am. Thank you for confirming that I did not miss anything! I’m grateful for your weekly distance healing! Thank you and I honor the Divine in you!

  29. I am currently receiving Reiki treatment on a weekly basis for myself from a reiki master who learned through you. He is also teaching me reiki 2 the reiki evolution way and told me about this website and the empowerments. So last night was my first time of tuning in. For about 20-30 seconds I felt a tingling/fizzing sensation that started in my hands, spread up my arms and then filled my whole body. After that there was a calmness and the air surrounding me somehow felt lighter and cooler.
    After about 5 minutes of just enjoying this, I continued on to my regular nightly self healing treatment and then went to bed and slept the most soundly I have done in weeks.
    I look forward to tuning in each week and seeing on how this builds my connection to the energies and my development in working with reiki. Thank you for sharing this gift for the benefit of so many.

    1. That’s great. I am pleased you had an interesting and enjoyable experience and I am sure that tuning in every week will tie in nicely with the other energy work that you are doing.

  30. I have not tuned in yet, but will do so when I can.
    I notice that there is nothing listed for N. Ireland on the LH side of the page although we are part of UK. Does this make any difference to your weekly empowerment?

    1. Hi Anthony, the list on the left hand side of the page is simply a list of the places where we have a Reiki teacher available to teach people who wish to train with Reiki Evolution. That list has nothing to do with the distant empowerments, which can be tuned into by any Reiki person, wherever they are in the world. Hope that helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Wow! Have been busy preparing for reiki masters next week and tuned in to the empowerment. Instant energy flowed through me with vibrations and spinning sensation in my tanden. Reading the material for 1&2 has been fantastic and learning much more that I have learned in 1&2. Canโ€™t wait til next week.

    1. I’m pleased you had a lovely experience, Phyllis, and I hope you have a great time on your course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Hello Taggart,
    This is my first experience of your Monday distance treatment. I felt a warmth around my arms like another layer of clothing, very gentle. Although I have been a level two Reiki Practitioner for over two years, sensing energy is not my forte. I shall be participating again as often as possible. Thank you.

    1. I’m glad you had a nice experience, Mary. You may well find that your experiences will be different on different occasions, some more intense, some less intense, but no matter what you experience it is giving you what you need at that moment. For energy sensitivity you might want to take a look at a chapter in my book “Your Reiki Workout” https://www.reiki-evolution.co.uk/reiki-manuals-books/ or use a guided meditation here https://www.reiki-evolution.co.uk/hypno-reiki-mp3-downloads/ (nentatsu ho #1)

  33. Hello Taggart,

    I tuned into your distant empowerment from India today, for the first time. I have never been very sensitive in terms of sensing and identifying energy+visualising even. Yet, today when I tuned in at the end of Hathsurei ho, I felt a very gentle warmth in the crown and third eye, my entire head and face region which was surprisingly coupled with me being able to sense/see a energy in the shade of blue. And the surprising part was, I wasn’t even trying to visualize. I am looking forward to tune in next week.

    Thanks a lot for understanding that a lot of us don’t have access to such empowerment for one or the other reason. Your effort really means a lot, thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Dear Radhika, I was pleased to hear about your experience when receiving my distant empowerments and I am glad that it was a good experience for you. What you may notice can change a lot from one week to another, sometimes spectacular, sometimes very muted, but each time they are giving you what you need, and I hope you enjoy tuning in every week now.

  34. Hello Taggart,

    I would like to receive Reiju Empowerment. Kindly please advice.

    Many Thanks

    Monika Kumar

    1. Hi Monika, all you need to do to tune in each week is to follow the “What to do” instructions above. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Lucky, all you need to do to tune in each week is to follow the โ€œWhat to doโ€ instructions above. ?

  35. Hi. My name is Linda sandahl, I am Right now studing to become a Reiki master because i feel that i eantbto share and be apart of sharing Reiki with as many people as possible.

    I live in Sweden and got my first Reiki treatment when i turnes 30 and Will be Done with my master course a little after my 35th birthday. I am so exited to become a Reiki master and hold my own course eventuelly.

    I am woundering if the Reiki reiju/ empowermwnts are for free or How does that work? How do you ? think about the balance of giving and reciving?

    Best regards/ Linda sandahl

    1. Hi Linda, I send out distant Reiju empowerments that any existing Reiki people can tune into, any time on a Monday (whenever that is, local time). I send the empowerments out in advance (usually on a Saturday) with the *intention* that any Reiki person can receive it on the following Monday, whenever they ‘call it in’ to receive it.

      Why does there have to be a balance of giving and receiving? Do you only give a gift to someone because you think that something of equal value will come back to you? No, you just do somehting nice for another person because it is a lovely thing to do for another person, and it’s the same with distant empowerments: a compassionate practice with no expectation of reward ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Dear teacher Taggart,

    Enjoying and very thankful for the opportunity to receive your wonderful distant โ€˜Reiju empowermentsโ€™. Thank you so much for this generous gift! It really reaches me, touches me, it gives inspiration and courage for my Reiki way. I have been receiving the empowerments for five month weekly . All of them were just beautiful! I feel so peaceful and optimistic every time that I have it. I would like to tell you some words about my experience. I had received your empowerments after doing โ€œHatsurei Hoโ€ (on your youtube channel) today and last Monday. It lasted about 1,30 minutes in two cases. My mind was absolutely bright and clear, there was no headache but it was a strong pressure on my shoulders and my neck, so strong that I wasnโ€™t able to sit in my chair and had to lay down because of streaming ocean energy coming down. I listened your voice, felt your hands on my back and received a full treatment from you . Suddenly I saw a face of Morihei Ueshiba (I know he is a founder of Aikido) and the faces of Japanese men and heard someone’s voice. It was so unexpected because I have nothing to do with martial arts. I know the history of Reiki and enjoy reading your articles, listening to and doing your meditations. Thanks a lot, this was so very inspiring. And I was also deeply touched. What an amazing opportunity you have given us sharing Reiki!!! I have abundant gratitude dear Master Teacher!

    With love and gratitude from Russia,

    Natalya Syrovatskaya

    1. Dear Natalya, thank you very much for taking the time to let me know how my distant empowerments have been helpful to you and I am pleased to hear that it has been a positive experience for you. Make sure that you ‘tune in’ every week, practise your Hatsurei ho, and see where this takes you ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. I tried my first Reiju this morning. Like my previous attuments it was another non event. But they worked so I will believe this will, and will carry on. I did feel very peaceful though.
    I do like your style of Reiki, it suits me better. I am enjoying your books very much.
    I did an online Reiki 1 and 2, then an in person Reiki 2. When I am ready I would like to do your Master course.
    I have struggled with lack of visualisation and the other inner senses, and not been able to do some of the exercises on my courses, but working my way slowly through the books Shoden and Your Reiki Workout with renewed hope. I know Reiki is working as I feel better than I have done for many years. Only started about 6 months ago aged 70, so left it a bit late in life to start. I am enjoying the journey and will continue in your style, it feels more right to me.
    Thank you.
    Margaret Thornton.

    1. Hi Margaret, I was pleased to hear that my approach to Reiki sits well with you and it is certainly never too late to start embracing simple energy exercises and meditations, such as you find in First and Second Degree. Not everyone can visualise well but that is no hindrance, so if an instruction asks you to visualise something, simply insert alternative phrases, like “have in mind…”, or “know…”, or “be aware of…”, or “notice the energy…”, or “experience…”, or “feel…”. Hope that helps.

  38. Iโ€™ve had very little experience of Reiki, just self taught from a book as I cannot pay fir attunemen.
    yet after meditatiing briefly and repeating the suggested prayer, my hairline above my forehead began to tingle.
    Iโ€™d had my hands in prayer position close b, but the sensation was so strong I had to move my hands further away.
    My forehead continued to tingle for several minutes and my tongue and lips also tingled.
    The energy moved from my forehead to the tips of my fingers which were still held in prayer.
    I passed the energy on in prayer to my family member who so deeply needs healing.
    Thank you.

  39. Thank you so much, I felt a warm glow in my heart area. Gorgeous stuff! Take care all, Reiki blessings xx

    1. Oh, I’m really pleased to hear that it was a lovely experience for you, Amanda. Why not tune in every week? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. Hi Taggart

    Thank you for the empowerment. I saw lots of pink and had tingling in all areas of my head. I also yawned a lot, which felt like a release of something. It felt very calming ?

    1. Hi Debbie, thank you for your feedback. I’m glad it was a nice and interesting experience for you; why not tune in every week?! ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. That was my first time using the empowerment and it was quite incredible. Immediately I had a sense of pressure in both ears, not a buzzing more of a kind of whooshing sound. It was quite intense actually, but it was a peaceful feeling too. Then my hands became incredibly hot. I had the inclination to place them over my heart chakra. It lasted for about five minutes or just over and was a really lovely experience which I’ll do regularly now. Thank you for this amazing Reiju!

    1. Dear Loretta, thank you for taking the time to let me know how the distant empowerment was for you and I was pleased to hear that it was a nice experience. It may well vary in terms of experiences from one week to another but it is always giving you what you need in that movement. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Dear sir king
    Please add me to your list for the reiju on mondays
    Sincerely Alexandra Kuik from the netherlands

    1. Dear Alexandra, there is no list. I simply send out the empowerments with the intention that they can be received any time on a Monday by someone who is already attuned to Reiki. So you can tune in any time on a Monday and they will work for you. Just follow the instructions in this blog post.

  43. First time I tried, was last week – didn’t work for my Irish wolfhound wanted to share and stuck her nose between my hands. This week it was amazing, my feet burned holes in the ground rightaway, not at all usual for me – I also had the general signs of connecting, that’s always nice.
    It didn’t last long but I feel really good now, thank you!

    1. Oh, that’s great to hear, Willeke, and I’m glad your Irish wolfhound didn’t get in the way the second time! ๐Ÿ™‚

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