Tune Into Our Weekly Distant Reiju Empowerments

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Bliss out on our distant Reiju every week

For the benefit of Reiki people who are not able to get along to a Reiki share to receive a regular Reiju empowerment, or for people who simply do not even know anyone who can carry out Reiju empowerments on them, I have decided to provide Reiju at a distance.

In the original Japanese form of Reiki, empowerments would have been received week in, week out, throughout a student’s life with Reiki, at First Degree, Second Degree and beyond.

And some people are making Reiju empowerments available at their Reiki Shares by way of echoing this tradition, but not all students can attend evening get-togethers.

Many people within the Reiki world do not have access to empowerments at all: maybe their Reiki Master has not learned the technique yet, or maybe they have lost contact with their teacher.

Distant attunements or empowerments work incredibly well: they provide you with a lovely ‘boost’. They are not essential, but a lovely way to ‘re-set’ and help you on your journey with Reiki

What to do to receive your distant Reiju

Each week I will perform a distant Reiju empowerment, done with the intention that it will be received by any Reiki person who wants to ‘tune themselves in’ to the ‘broadcast’. The empowerment can be received any time on a Monday, whenever that is, local time.

This is what you can do to receive the empowerment:

  • If you know about Hatsu Rei Ho, the basic energy exercises of Japanese ‘Gakkai’ Reiki, then go through the sequence as normal. When you have performed Seishin Toitsu for a few minutes, stay with your hands in Gassho and say to yourself ‘I will receive my empowerment from Taggart now’.
  • If you are not familiar with Hatsu Rei Ho, simply get yourself comfortable in a chair, with your eyes closed and your hands in the prayer position. Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself, and then say to yourself ‘I will receive my empowerment from Taggart now’.

You may notice a lot happening; you may notice very little.

What you notice may continue for less than minute, or you might be experiencing things for 5-10 minutes.

What might you experience?

You might notice a lot happening, you might notice something happening, you might notice very little, you might notice nothing!

It varies.

To give you an idea of the sort of things that you might experience when on the receiving end of Reiju, here are some recent comments from some of my students who were on the receiving end of a Distant Reiju ‘Experiment’:

“… at 9:00pm waves of energy washed over me. Hardly any vibrating, just a light, fizzy energy. My hands and feet were full of Reiki.”

“I sat down a little before 9.15pm cleared my mind…. there was a wonderful feeling of being light and a faint buzzing around my head, then gentle pressure on my crown….plenty of warmth followed. As things progressed I could sense movement around me. It was as if you were standing in front of me…had the impression of gentle swaying…for a moment the room was light. I felt a need to put my hands in the prayer position…felt movement and warmth, with some tingling. Don’t remember putting my hands down, but I did!!”

“I felt very peaceful and could feel the energy coming from the front, my crown was filled with the energy expanding , then as if you were standing in front of me , the various positions with energy softly expanding. The third eye was throbbing and continued to do so after I felt the transmission was completed. I thought I had been sat for ages, when I felt the process was complete ,I thanked the Reiki Guides and realised it had only been 10 minutes from my sitting to completion.”

“I went up to bed at 8.45pm and laid down, I felt really warm and fuzzy and went out like a light!!!”

“I am going thru’ quite a sad time right now and I can feel that this reiju empowerment has given me the courage and strength I need to assist and empower me to walk peacefully thru’ this part of my journey. I could see the shimmering light come down into my crown and spread throughout my whole being, “telling me that all is well, we are with you always dearest one”. Today, there has been a lot of tears and releasing and I “know” that I am being guided out of this mist of despair.”

“After a few minutes I felt A great deal of energy, followed by a strong feeling of heat in my solar plexus amd then my heart chakra. I then saw waves of purple and greeny gold coming towards me and breaking over me,my fingers were tingling the whole time, and then it all suddenly stopped.”

“I became aware of energy at the third eye and a little later on my hands. Then the eye again, then the hands. When all the wonderful buzzing stopped, I got up, and found myself so relaxed and yet so energised. I don’t think I ever felt Reiju this strongly in person, Taggart. It was wonderful. Thanks.”

Worldwide Reiju broadcast

Here is some more feedback from people who tuned themsleves into the real Worldwide Reiju Broadcast which was carried out for the first time in 2002, and continues to this day:

“Had a wonderful experience just now. This morning I printed out your e-zine and thought I would sit and read it later with my cup of tea! I was reading the Distant Reiju section and had just finished section (1). That’s it, bang it came. A flash went through my mind “what day is it? Oh, Monday”. Never got to read section (2). I just put down my papers, put my hands in Gassho and enjoyed it. Wow! It struck me that it must have only just made it into Monday in England, actually I then worked out that it was 1am there. I would love for you to teach me how to do that, I would love to set that up for my students too.”

Karen Loaring, Australia

“I enjoyed the “Monday-Reiju”, thank you for this. Will be back next week again. ;-) I could sense every single movement you made and each position, probably because I know how the Reiju is given. I also had a feeling of being connected to Chris Marsh and could see – like in a tunnel – his lineage back to Usui Sensei in the background. I really liked the experience and I did feel a strong energy coming down. Again I had the intuitive feeling of knowing Usui personally, of having been connected before in another life. But maybe that’s just fantasy, don’t know. I am giving Reiki (western style) and Seichem empowerments, Christ Light Ceremonies and more, so I know the taste of quite a few energyfields, different atmospheres, this Reiju was different in so far that it was very much “down to earth”, less sentimental, less deeply touched in the heart (compared to angelic energyfields), a bit like Za Zen or Aikido practice with its centering at the hara/dantien and with the stress on clarity, which in the end is egolessness, nothingness. It activated a conscousness that can be described in Lao Tse’s words: without doing anything nothing is left undone. So the energy did feel more japanese, or what I imagine this to be, compared to western style Reiki.”

Einar Stier, Germany

“Dee and I tuned into your Reiju Empowerment yesterday at about 1:30pm. Dee felt a heaviness & throbbing in her head. She felt a hotness round her neck & coldness on her knees and lower back (she has an inflammation at lower back and hips). She saw a rainbow & had a feeling of peace. I also felt a heaviness & throbbing in my head at first. Then my left eye started twitching and the eye began to water. (I was at the tail end of a three-day migraine with slight pain still hovering on the left hand side above my eye.) I saw a white light and my knees felt cold. My head finally cleared and I have been fine since. Thank you so much, Taggart. I shall be tuning in every Monday. It is such a wonderful idea & so generous of you to do it for us all. We have a monthly Reiki Sharing Group which happens to fall on a Monday at 7:30pm; so if it is all right with you perhaps we could all join in.”


“I recieved your empowerment today. My hands became burning hot and fingers trembling , they were still in gasso my fingers then seperated and the palms of my hands were pushed outwards as if I was holding a ball. My hands then seperated and turned upwards as if cupping a ball and I felt a slight pressure as if something was being pressed into my hands at this moment I felt a breeze or a breathe on my crown chakra and on my face. My hands then cooled and became my own again. I carried on my meditation and could see a long crude wooden table with men dressed in black robes and wearing what can describe as pill box hats. The one at the end of the table rose and the others leant forward over the table resting their heads on their arms he then lifted his hands over them as if in blessing. Then to my asonishment he said in very plain english, You are ready you may go now, and the men got up and as they did so they faded into the stone walls and I came very quickly out of my meditation.”

Jo Jones, UK

“Thank you for the beautiful Reiju empowerment. I received you reiki e-zine today and then sat in gassho position and tuned in. The energy came immediately and is still with me as I write this. A wave of energy entered the front of my body, in particular Crown, third eye, heart and solar plexus. It immediately reminded me of what I have come to think of as the essence of reiki attunements, that is, a focussed “beingness” and love. I do not yet have the Reiju process, but as I have grown with Reiki, I now understand that intention and willingness are the essential factors in passing Reiki attunements. I sometimes describe the attunement process as the thing you do to keep your mind occupied whilst Reiki does the work. I have often had the urge to just stand behind the person and let the attunement energy pass through me, but I have followed the familiar process anyway! I wonder if this is along the same lines as the Reiju attunement. I also believe, but have yet to test this out that other healing and empowering frequencies are available in this way, without necessarily having symbols, although symbols, to me, are like transpersonal anchors to particular states of resonance. In other words, they certainly help make a swift connection. I shall wait until it feels right to learn the Japanese techniques – it’s “on the back burner” for now! I can now feel a wave of energy gently working its way down through my body. I feel set up for the rest of the day ahead. Thank you again. It’s good to see another who is taking an open and sharing approach to Reiki. Good luck and God bless!”

Dawn Salter, UK

“Thank you taggart for the reiju empowerment sent last Monday. It felt as though you were standing in the room behind me with your hands above my head. As soon as I said I was ready to receive the empowerment my head started fizzing and vibrating, then it spread down the back of my neck and shoulders. It was so intense it felt like my head was going to explode! Afterwards I felt so relaxed and at peace. What a wonderful way to start the week! love and light,”

Natalie Day, UK

“Hi taggart, yesterdays empowerment was as spectacular as the first one!”

Natalie Day, UK

“I have tuned in every week since I received your Feb. eZine. Each week, after doing Hatsu Rei Ho, I have felt a presence in front of me and tingling and pressure around my head, particularly crown, and sometimes pressure at the 3rd eye. I also see beautiful pink colours. It seems to happen more or less straightaway after I ask to receive the empowerment from you. It stops after a few minutes. Simply magical! Thanks Taggart!”

Shirley Climpson, UK

“We tuned into your empowerment yesterday evening and could definately feel that it worked. We both felt energy flowing down through our crowns, with tingling & a heavy weight on our shoulders and necks. I felt a lot of heat mainly in the heart chakra area. Michelle said her hands began to tingle like the first time you attuned her, in the centre of her palms. We both agreed that it lasted more than a few minutes, I’d say about 10 minutes. We were very light headed afterwards & felt sort of drunk but in a nice way. Anyway, thank you very much Taggart, & we willl look forward to next Monday’s Reiju! Love from,”

Suzanne & Michelle, Spain

“At about 5.30pm I sat down and cleared my mind and very soon felt as though someone was standing behind me with hands around the side of my head, massaging my brow chakra. This continued for a few minutes and then I felt as if that ‘person’ was standing on my right side, with a hand on my forehead and another on the rear of my head. This again continued for a short while and felt good. During this time I was aware of the usual sensation in my hands which continued after I opened my eyes – again for a short while. I must admit I was a bit heady for a few moments after opening my eyes – but having said that, I had a comfortable feeling of strength. Thanks.”

Gavin Morrice, UK


What was it like for you?

Leave a message below to let us know what you noticed when receiving your distant empowerment.

It would be great to hear from you…


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17 thoughts on “Tune Into Our Weekly Distant Reiju Empowerments

  1. Thank you for this opportunity. I’ve been doing self reiju but I don’t normally get an opportunity to recieve from another. I am grateful for hearing about you and your site! 🙂

    1. I’m glad that you are finding the distant empowerments helpful, Filipe. Why not tune in every week? 🙂

  2. Hi Taggert, I have a confession to make – I knew of the Monday empowerments who I received from Margaret but about a year ago I asked for my empowerment to come from you. I did feel some fizzing but the thing that most interested me was the over powering and lovely smell of fresh vegetables and freshly cut wet grass. That astonished me as I do not have a good sense of smell. Anyway I forgot about the smell over the next year. For some reason earlier this year I asked for my empowerment to again come from you and I got the same vegy and grassy smell. I was going to write and tell you this but I thought you might think I was being fanciful. However last Monday I did the same again and this time got the same lovely smell but with the added smell of vanilla. I just wondered if this is ‘normal’? regards Liz

    1. Hi Elizabeth. Certainly experiencing smells like that is unusual, but not unheard of! I wasn’t sitting in a garden with wet grass when sending the empowerment, and I do not have vanilla to hand, so it’s just your body’s way of expressing the empowerment to you. Sounds lovely. 🙂

    1. You tune in wherever you are in the world. You do not need to go somewhere special. Sit at your dining table or sit cross-legged on the beach. Wherever.

  3. Hello Taggart, it’s been quite a while since I’ve received an empowerment from you.
    My hands so very heavy filled with energy and tingling. There was a band of pulsating energy around my head and then a feeling of deep peacefulness. I drifted off to sleep giving myself some deep healing.
    Thank you Taggart

    1. Hi Hazel, I’m glad it was such a lovely experience for you; why not tune in each week and see where that takes you 😉

  4. Master, good afternoon. Once I receive your Empowerment, can I apply Reiki on myself and friends? If that’s the case, to which Lineage would I belong?

    1. Hi, these empowerments are for the benefit of people who are already attuned to Reiki, and are not a substitute for proper Reiki training. Reiki is far more than just receiving an empowerment.

  5. Dear Taggart,
    I am already a Western reiki master of various Lineage. I have been a reiki master for 12 years and taught many students.
    However, I would like to experience it because I have not received the authentic reiju.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

    I wonder if I can deliver it to my students after experiencing the reiju you provide.

    Thank you.
    a blessing of light.

    1. Hi, well I don’t think you need to have received a Reiju empowerment before you carry out this style of initiations with students (you are a Reiki Master already, after all)… but you do need to know how to carry out the Reiju procedure, the ritual itself, because it is very different from Western attunements.

        1. Yes, you would need to follow the Reiki Evolution Master Teacher course, whether in person or via home study, which covers Reiju empowerments, kotodama (sacred sounds) and other powerful meditations and practices that were part of the original system that Usui Sensei taught.

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