Tyne & Wear Reiki Testimonials: Linda Vickers

At Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Linda Vickers’s Reiki Evolution Reiki training courses in Newcastle, Tyne & Wear.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day spent with Linda and feel as though it has changed my life in lots of little ways. Things just seem better. The manual was very comprehenive and covered things in an easy to understand way. I use the CD every day for my meditation. I cannot wait to do Reiki 2.”

Erica Hardy, Tyne & Wear, May 2010

“I would like to say how much I enjoyed the course with Linda, I found her to be most welcoming, she put me at ease immediately, she fully explained the format of the day and I was comfortable asking questions. It was such a beautiful experience and it was lovely to share it with Linda. The refreshments provided were excellent also!

The manuals and CD’s are such a valuable resource, the manuals very comprehensive and the CD of meditiations I can only describe as excellent and have really helped me as my mind does tend to wander just a little, they have helped me focus.

I would thoroughly recommend Reiki Evolution and the support is very good. I’m looking forward to developing my Reiki further.”

Susan Coates, County Durham, June 2010

“Another fantastic day with Linda. She is amazing and has everyone at ease from the start. The manual is invaluable and being able to practise before is a great way to learn. I use the meditation CD every day and as soon as I put it on, my dog curls up at my feet and goes to sleep. Thank you so much.”

Erica Hardy, Tyne & Wear, June 2010

“What did I think of the course content? The course was really enjoyable, I had a really good day, very enlightening and inspiring.

Did the course meet my expectations? The course was much better than i had imagined it would be.

What did I think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? The manual was very interesting, informative and gave me a good insight into Reiki, the history, the practices and information/data concerning the techniques. The CD’s helped to carry out the meditation, self healing and gave a sound insight to the history of Reiki.What are my comments about the live training, and my teacher? I followed the information from the manual and the CDs while completing the homework tasks prior to the course which i thought was a good induction to the course. The teacher Linda was very warm and welcoming which made me feel instantly at ease on first meeting her. She is a great teacher and i listened to her intently during the course. She was very knowledgeable and passed on her knowledge and skills to us in a well presented and student friendly manner. Linda is a very warm and loving person and made the whole day a very enjoyable experience.”

Karen Dixon, County Durham, July 2010

“I must say that I was sceptical as I have been ‘stung’ by internet promises regarding other courses and so it was a bit of a leap of faith for me, but there was something about your website that beckoned me. It was partly the professionalism. I can be and have been a bit rigid as far as having to ‘prove’ alternative professions are not ‘soft and fluffy’. My own current profession of counselling having been hammered of late with lots of jumping through hoops to prove what you do and how you do it. I do agree with making things safe for users to have a positive and good experience. I found your site practical and believable.

When I received the manual and the CDs I must say I was impressed. It was easy to digest and extremely interesting. I had no idea of the roots of Reiki and spent much time reading and practicing prior to my live course. I was smitten in the most positive way and uplifted by this gentle but professional and connective way of being. On the course day I was again refreshed to meet like minded people with gentleness and calm that I experienced as very cleansing. I felt very connected to Linda and very quickly connected to my fellow student Angela.

I was amazed by some of the exercises and how they helped us to feel the energy. I kept saying it was ‘weird’, but in a very exciting and humorous way. I loved it. Linda was a superb teacher. I did not feel stupid or out of my depth, she is a gentle person who is so open to giving and receiving. She taught me a lot and although I have been unable to share the group who meet as yet, due to work commitments. I hope to do so at some point in the future. I do feel I can contact Linda with queries, which gives me a feeling of security when embarking on this new journey.

I am so looking forward to my Reiki two which I booked yesterday. It feels deep and spiritual for me. One of the reasons I started this was my horse Shaun who has been traumatized and scared. I started Reiki on him and continue to do so, you would not believe how much calmer he is and how much more connected he seems to me. (well, I suppose you would really!). I have a lot of work to do with him yet.

I can honestly say that my extremely sceptical farmer husband has also benefited from the Reiki he has received from me especially after working with sheep on the farm this week. He is often fairly crippled after bending over treating 2000 ewes and lambs at this time of year. He does this in about two and an half days, some going. I gave him some Reiki the other night and he was quite adamant that it could only be the Reiki that had helped as the pain in his hip went straight away. He said although the other treatments I had given him had made him feel relaxed, this was the first time the pain had gone in less than 20 minutes. He was a bit impressed with the result. I was glad to offer him some very practical help.

I don’t like to get over excited about Reiki, as I think it needs to be honoured as a way of being, but it has begun to change my life. I do not, strangely enough, connect with others much, people are not always what they seem, I find, but I hope I can share a like mindedness which seems to be part of the Reiki community, it is still early days for me. I have already thanked Linda but I would also like to thank you Taggart, for devising this learning to help others know this way.”

Joanna Devereaux, Northumberland, October 2010

“I attended the Reiki course on Sunday 3rd October 2010 at the home of Linda Vickers. As soon as Linda opened her door to me I felt very welcome in her home. She is such a warm and easy going person and I had a great day. By the time I left I was so uplifted and excited at what I had experienced.

The course manual and CD combined make it easy to learn about Reiki and the back ground information on where Reiki came from is very interesting. What can I say? I had a very enjoyable and eye opening experience and am continuing to carry out the energy exercises.”

Angela Lumsden, Tyne & Wear, October 2010

“For me there were two main reasons why I decided to do my Reiki I Course with Reiki-Evolution. Firstly, I liked the idea to learn “the original Reiki” not mixed up with other healing methods and not dogmatic. Secondly, I found it very appealing that I receive course materials to familiarise myself with the background information in preparation for the live training so the information has time to settle and I have time to think about it.

I also liked the combination of manual and CD very much. After a long working day it is very convenient just to close my eyes, relax and listen to a CD. Also the CD provides a very good overview. The manual then is great for more detailed information and as a reference book. So I think the combination of manual and CD is an excellent approach.

Especially as a Reiki beginner I also liked the meditation CD very much and it helped me to get started in a very easy way. I am still using it now. The live training and the teacher were just wonderful and Linda gave us a very warm welcome. It was a wonderful, relaxing and peaceful day with exciting new experiences for me in a lovely atmosphere and I am very happy that I have done the course. To sum it up, for me it was the perfect approach to Reiki. No doubt that the course did meet my expectations. Many, many thanks for that. “

Anja Hasebrink, Tyne & Wear, December 2010

“What did I think of the course content? The course content was really good, lots of interesting materials and meaningful activities.

Did the course meet my expectations? Yes and more.

What did I think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? The manuals were easy to read, full of interesting facts, activities and gave examples of student/s experiences. The CDs were a great help with relaying basic information and following the meditation techniques. I particularly enjoy the music and the tone of the voice, they really help to relax while meditating.

What are my comments about the live training, and my teacher? I really enjoyed learning the basics at home first using the manuals and CDs, so on the day it all just came together. The teacher was brilliant, very warm and friendly, she makes you feel really comfortable and makes the day really enjoyable. She understood how we were all feeling and helped us share our experiences with each other throughout the day. Had a great day THANK YOU.”

Karen Dixon, County Durham, December 2010

“The CD and information were very professional and good quality. I was very impressed with the groundedness of the written work and the experience of self practice with more powerful learning in the symbols and distant healing. Everything seems to fall into place and the energy I felt was fabulous.

The live training was again an excellent standard. There were four people including myself and I believe this was the right number. I would not liked to have been in a larger group in this context and venue. The course was value for money and I feel the support that is given helps to encourage more work on an individual self treatment and possibly setting up a practice, although that does seem daunting just now. I must say that this is a generous training with help to spread this way of working in the tools you offer. I have not known that in any other course. Thank you very much.

I have enjoyed my training. I enjoy my daily self work and bringing this into my life. I have yet to decide where to go with it. Originally it was for my horse! “

Joanna Devereaux, Northumberland, January 2011

“I would just like to say what a fabulous day I had on 10th April 2011 on my Reiki course with Linda Vickers. She is such a wonderful, warm and welcoming person and made the whole day flow superbly.

I felt no pressure or anxious at all and if I was at all doubtful about my ability to give a treatment then Linda made me feel right at ease. The day was perfect and it was lovely to work with the different energies which became more powerful as soon as I received my attunements. We talked about different methods that can be used and our experiences with the energies and it was great fun also. I had a wonderful day and would add that the way that the course is run, is excellent, ie, having the manual to read, c.d’s to listen to initially and then of course the day course. I could not fault it. Thank you for all the information and knowledge made available to me.”

Angela Lumsden, Tyne & Wear, April 2011

“I was very happy with the second degree course as I was with the first one. As previously Linda made it a very special experience for me and I enjoyed every single second. I found the course material very helpful, in particular regarding the learning of the three symbols. Given the material in advance there was enough time to learn the symbols so I could concentrate on practising on the day itself. I found the CD symbol meditation also very helpful so I could get used to work with the symbols before actually attending the live course. To the CD about the second degree I listened a few times when I was travelling on the bus to work and I liked it very much.

For me it is an ideal course concept. Receiving the course material in advance was one reason why I chose Reiki-Evolution. It is also a great help afterwards if I want to refresh my memory. I also appreciate the support I get after completion of the course.

To sum it up. I was very happy with the whole course and Linda is such a great teacher and lovely person.

Anja Hasebrink, Tyne & Wear, July 2011

“I had a really lovely day with Linda and the others on the course. I left feeling relaxed, at peace, serene.

It was very helpful receiving all the learning materials beforehand. The live experience would not have been so enjoyable if we had been ‘thrown in at the deep end’. Having a good basic knowledge of what was to happen on the day made the experience much more relaxing.

The live training helped fix the information I had read in the book into my mind. As you said in one of the leaflets, people learn and understand in different ways. I can only learn so much from a book, CD, etc., before I need to practise. The hands-on practise, plus being able to ask and listen to others questions greatly increased my understanding.

I think we all surprised each other at how intuitive we already were. The lady I practised on even saw blue flashing lights when I treated the areas I knew needed more attention. It boosted my confidence so much I have been ‘treating’ a colleague at work – in sight of others. It feels good to know that I can be used to help others.

Unfortunately, I am not able to give you any feedback on how to improve the course, because I felt it was a perfect day. I am looking forward to the next one.”

Poppy Cook, Tyne & Wear, July 2011

“The course manual I found to be very well set out, easy to read and understand, a very informative tool. Plus with the added cds which again were wonderful to listen to and helped enormously, I even found myself chuckle at various ways certain things were said, example: when talking about the hostile American public hating anything to do with Japan following Pearl Harbour, came the phrase ” and along comes Mrs Takata with Reiki ” brilliant.

The live course was very enjoyable, it was fun, a very relaxed atmosphere, Linda the Reiki Teacher made the course a great experience and has a wonderful calming influence. Any nerves on the day were quickly put aside. I like that there are only four students on the live course as the teacher can give more time to each student. Great course content covered.

Overall I cannot find any fault or anything that would need to be changed regarding the course as a whole, well recommended. I am looking forward to doing Reiki Second Degree.”

Elaine Welsh, Tyne & Wear, August 2011

”I was most impressed with the course materials. The manual and CDs are very professional and the content was very thorough and informative. I think it is an ideal way to learn as I had four weeks to read, re-read and study the coursework before the live course. On the day of the live course I was made to feel most welcome and at ease. Linda’s style of teaching was perfect and I had a wonderful day. The course met all of my expectations and more.

While receiving my Reiki treatment by a fellow student, as she went through all the different hand positions around my body, I felt as though another pair of hands were resting on my head throughout.

Can’t wait for 2nd Degree, many thanks.”

E. Armstrong, Tyne & Wear,October 2011

“I have really enjoyed doing second degree. The course content and materials are most helpful especially as being able to combine the manual and audio CD in learning, they are both easy to understand whilst also enjoyable. Its good that you are able to be more prepared for live practice.

The day of live practice is always nerve racking but Linda is a wonderful teacher and her calming ways and the way she conducts the day is a joy to be part of what is a special day. It is a shame when the day is over.

I have learnt so much about reiki and amazed at how much you can do with the energy. I very much look forward to the oncoming journey reiki will bring and sharing this with others.

I will most definately recommend Reiki Evolution to other people. I am so glad I picked up that magazine which contained the link to your site.”

Elaine Welsh, Tyne & Wear, December 2011

“I must say the whole day was fantastic and Linda was brilliant, a wonderful host and teacher. Once again the course materials were first class and I had ample time to learn and digest the content. I could find no fault whatsoever and can only praise Taggart and the whole team at Reiki Evolution, many thanks and keep up the good work.”

Edward Armstrong, Tyne & Wear, December 2011

“I thought that the course content was ‘spot on’ – both the pre-course reading and DVD and the day itself.

Linda was a fantastic, thoughtful teacher who, to me, seemed to embody all that Reiki could do for someone who followed it daily. She was a very good example of Reiki in practice.

I didn’t really go on the course with any expectations so I was very pleased with the variety of activities we did. Quite challenging in places but a very relaxing and spiritual day overall.

There was only myself and one other lady there on the day which was nice as we got a lot of attention and got to ask as many ‘silly’ questions as we wanted to.

Thank you for the opportunity to do this course.”

Shelley Henderson, Durham, January 2012

”I can confirm that I liked the Reiki I course very much. I found the course material very helpful, especially because it was visual and audio. So I could also familiarise myself with Reiki while I was driving (what I do a lot because of my job). The manual is very helpful as well and gives me the opportunity to re-read things and refresh my memory after I have attended the course.

The live course with Linda was excellent. She gave us a very warm welcome and the empowerment and the live exercise were a great experience.”

Arash Aydinlou, Tyne & Wear, March 2012

”The course was better than I expected, Linda was very thorough and helpful. The course manuals and CDs were great and easy to understand. I feel very confident to go out and practice Reiki. Already friends have asked me when I`m going to start.

I am looking forward to moving on to Master/ Teacher level and I know its going to be a lovely journey.”

Erika Majer, Tyne & Wear, December 2012

“One word: amazing, all of it! My teacher was amazing and  I am so happy I did the course with Reiki Evolution.”

Barbara Pollard, Tyne & Wear, October 2014

“The course fully met my expectations. The course preparatory materials (manual and cd) and the live training were of excellent quality. My teacher, Linda, was very welcoming and guided the live training activities with much encouragement and sensitivity. Things proceeded at good pace and my interest was maintained throughout. Altogether a most rewarding and enjoyable experience.”

John Phillips, Co Durham, March 2015

“I thought the course was very good. I really liked the home study approach as it allowed me to work through it at my own pace.  The manual and CD were great and I felt they prepared me well for the live training.
I enjoyed my live training day, my teacher Linda was lovely.  I liked the fact that as I was the only person booked on the course that she had arranged for a previous student to pair up with me.
I originally looked at doing a two day course, but when I saw your website with the home study and one day course I thought it would suit my needs better and it proved me right.”
Linda Teasdale, County Durham, August 2015
“I have been doing one of your first degree reiki courses and I just wanted to say how easy your course material was to follow especially with the audio cd to reinforce what I had already read in the manual. The meditation and self treatment cd were extremely helpful I used these every day.
I had my live course on Sunday with Linda vickers who was a fabulous teacher, she really made me and the other ladies feel at ease so we all had a wonderful day.
Reiki is already having a positive impact on my life. I have suffered from m.e. for years now and have had various operations and already I
feel so much more positive. I can’t wait to do the next part and eventually the master degree so I too can help teach more people to heal themselves and their loved ones.
All I have left to say is, WHY DIDNT I KNOW ABOUT THIS EARLIER !!”
Debbie Smith, Tyne & Wear, January 2016

“Feedback as requested on my recently completed Shoden course: you’d better grab a cup of something herby as I don’t do brevity well 😉

The course content was easy to follow and went way beyond my expectations. I had very little idea of Reki prior to enrolling on the course other than thinking it was a hands-on new age type of thing which may or may not help with the extreme stress I’m currently ensuring owing to a high pressured work environment I really do not belong to. I also thought Reiki may help with treating family members who are currently suffering a great deal (mother recovering from cancer treatment, recently widowed mother in law and a great deal of depression amongst several family members). It felt like the right time to take action.

I stumbled across your site quite by accident when searching for something entirely different – it felt like serendipity and I was immediately attracted by the history aspect – I studied history by distant learning with the OU for many years and it was this element of the page I found most fascinating thus without further ado I signed up as I very much liked your approach and honest, intelligent writing style.

The pack arrived extremely quickly and I imagined a stealthy team of ninjas galloping across rooftops to deliver so speedily. I was very impressed at the quality and professionalism of the study guide. The reading guide with the alternation between listening to the CD first then reading passages and vice versa appealed to my learning style and took me back to my OU days – this really worked for me. Above all – I enjoyed it. The initial sections on the background of Usui and your own personal journey was of particular interest and I found this very encouraging. I like that you did not take a cold, objective approach – your opinions were clear and it is highly apparent that you are passionate about Reiki and this sold the whole program for me.

Following this, my communications with Linda were immediately warm and welcoming and though I was trepidatious about what the day course would entail I need not have worried for a second. It was comforting to meet with my fellow Shoden newbies and know that I was not alone in having a mild panic that I could not recall all of the hand movements – we all worried about that but were immediately put at our ease by the wonderful warmth and gentleness of Linda – there are few houses one enters that have such an immediate welcoming atmosphere where one feels at home.

We had a clear and informative background and introduction from Linda and I was excited to be started. I did wonder what might happen during the empowerment – whether it would be fireworks and a variety of bells and whistles or would I simply feel “nice” with not much going on as you had described. Either way I was superbly relaxed despite a growling tummy as I couldn’t eat breakfast from panic over forgetting all of the hand movements and positions in advance despite weeks of study!

The first empowerment was extraordinary. I was the last of the 3 Shodenites to receive mine which I was glad about as it gave me a few minutes to undertake some deep breathing and switch off. When it came it was most unexpected – my entire body began to fill with a bizarre fizzing which seemed to fill every last part of me and at one point I had a split second panic that this energy wanted to burst out of me and my simple physical body could not contain it. This lasted for several seconds and I could sense my heart racing – when this subsided I experienced an aurora borealis of extremely deep and vibrant colours – the movement and shape was exactly like the Northern Lights and tinged with what I can only describe as black glitter like stars – which is exactly what I was feeling – like being full of stars and being broken up into a million molecules darting about space.

The second empowerment I felt hardly a thing – how bizarre! I certainly felt pleasantly relaxed. I was the first in line this time and don’t think I felt quite as ready but I kept an open mind and had no expectations.

The third empowerment was entirely different again. No powerful fizzing energy but another wonderful aurora-like display which then gave way to some rather peculiar visions! I really don’t know if this was simply my imagination having a ball at being so relaxed but they were curious nonetheless. Firstly, from out of the colours stepped a very beautiful and extremely tall woman dressed in a long white diaphanous dress, leaping out of bed with a very determined face. There was a warrior-type figure beside her, male, in unusual armour I didn’t recognise and she took a sword from him – this was VERY long and VERY thin and highly polished. I haven’t seen such a sword before in any of my history books thus far. She flung it out of the door. (Later I was intrigued to see a picture of this woman in Linda’s room and was advised she was the Goddess of Compassion – which was interesting to note as one of my fellow students had noticed that this was the one Precept I had mentioned most throughout the day in our conversations…compassion is a big thing for me as I follow the Precepts daily whilst being told by my management that I’m too nice to my fellow employees as they don’t work hard enough or face redundancy – hence the stress of this awful incongruity…)

This was then followed by a different image of a large, heavy chap who looked like a cross between an older Usui and the Dalai Lama – again a very determined face (almost quite angry!). Robed, in sandals and striding down what looked to be either a ward or a dormitory of young Japanese men in thin little beds with metal headframes – but they had a very particular outfit on which my head said was a convicts outfit – I have no idea why! They had really distinctive hats on which I will have to go look up to see if they exist as I found this fascinating albeit I don’t want to be too distracted if this is a common occurrence to go off an a tangent of the imagination during meditation/empowerments – it would be helpful to know if this quite common?

The actual hands-on element of the day course was a wonderful experience. I was the first to clamber on to the bed which I think I was ready for after the above! The “treatment” was extremely relaxing and I took a long time afterwards to “come round”  – thankfully Linda was on hand with a glass of water and to bring me back to earth with some grounding which I sorely needed. It was good to hear Linda gently walk my fellow students through the treatment yet this was not at all distracting. There was much concentration on my head which the ladies picked  up on and I was glad of as it needs much mending.

It was good to work on my fellow students and to receive such helpful instruction from Linda. It felt like the most natural thing to follow instinct and my hands felt as though they had their own purpose and directive which I just followed. By the time I worked on the 2nd of the students my hands were tingling and hot and working alongside another student with our eyes closed felt incredibly powerful – the energy was palpable. I followed a strong urge to concentrate on a very particular area and i had a strong sense that there had been some trauma both physical and mentally in this one area  – it left me quite emotional at the end of it. After the treatment the student confirmed what the operation was that she had undertaken and that left me startled with a “Oh my word this actually works!!!” realisation. Not that I had any doubts but to find myself doing it was just astounding – I believed in Reiki but I didn’t believe in myself and that was the big lesson of the day for me and left me feeling so content and happy that I could go forth and impart this wonderful feeling on the ones I love who need it most and the benefits this would give me too.

I am so thankful that I found you both quite by accident – it certainly feels now that it was meant to be and I am looking forward to signing up for the 2nd course and continuing to be an active part of this beautiful community. I needed Reiki in my life but had not ventured there owing to preconceptions of the Western methods – many of which you covered in your material. I don’t believe a course by another group would have given me quite what I wanted or needed and for that I’m very thankful.

Linda – I’m staring my “New Year” tomorrow and hope to see you very soon. A big, big thank you for everything.”

Mel Campbell, Tyne & Wear, January 2016

“Just to let you know my feedback on the Reiki Evolution course i just attended/followed:

What did you think of the course content? I though it was structured and the day flowed nicely, actually felt like it went quick.

Did the course meet your expectations? Yes it did. I feel we covered everything in first degree that I had envisioned. The small class size made it more open and inclusive, a nicer environment to learn.

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? Very thorough, and I like the mix of audio and visual, appeals to all styles of learning.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher? My teacher Linda was very good, interesting and patient and I felt her relaxed teaching style (not to mention her cooking) and continued online support to be fantastic! She provides a wonderful environment to learn in.

How do you think the course could be improved? I can’t think of any way in which it could have been improved.”

Rachael Jones, County Durham, October 2016

“One week on from my live course & feeling great. I no longer feel the need to drink alcohol anymore, which is amazing for a habitual nightly drinker the past 20yrs. I’m practicing mediating & self healing everyday, which is something I’ve never done before and feel myself getting calmer & more centred everyday.

I found the course content fascinating & easy to follow, the CDs helped confirm what I’d read in the manual & the guided meditations were very useful indeed.

I took my live course with Linda Vickers & really enjoyed it. She’s a wonderful teacher who I felt comfortable with immediately & she cleared up any doubts, confusions or questions I had. My empowerments were very special & I cannot deny the positive impact they’ve had (& continuing to do so) on my life.

I’ve got no complaints about anything & am fully enjoying my Reiki experience, planning to do my level 2 in a couple of months.”

Paul, Cleveland, July 2017

“I really enjoyed my course, in fact I enjoyed it so much I’ll be doing the level 2 as soon as possible. Great teacher, lovely atmosphere & a lovely lunch. I was made to feel comfortable & welcome.”

Sandra Johnson, Tyne & Wear, February 2018

“I am so excited to have done the course. It was great finding out about Reiki and Mikao Usui. I thoroughly enjoyed  the course content  informative with plenty detailed pictures making the whole course easy and enjoyable. The CDs were great also I love doing the meditation and self healing exercises. I must say Taggart you have such a calming voice Which was great doing the meditation exercises.
The course met my expectations and went over And beyond as I think I have learnt a lot in a short space of time. The great thing is having a manual to refer back to to refresh your mind. And I know I have got all the information at hand if I need to refer back to it.
On arriving at Linda’s home for the live training I was welcomed with a lovely hug. Linda is a lovely lady easy to get on with and made me feel very welcome. I can’t wait to see Linda again on Monday at Kepier Hall for the healing share. I feel already that Linda is a friend not just a teacher. I did enjoy studying at home as I was able to do this around my own schedule and it worked fantastic for me. 
I really don’t know how the course could be improved on as everything was fine I had a great home study and the live training was great I can’t wait to do more Reiki treatments. I will also be going on to do the next course at a later date. “

Allison Williams, County Durham, February 2018

What did you think of the course content? “Very down to earth and the right mix of study and practice. everything that is needed to learn about and practice reiki without anything superflous added on. 
Did the course meet your expectations? Yes.
What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? Very thorough but also very accessible. i was worried that i would not get through the whole of the manual as i had booked close to the date of the live course, but i had the time to ‘read and re-read’ as the content was straightforward and self-reinforcing. the CDs cover the main points needed and the meditations recorded are very helpful to relax into the process.
What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher? The teacher was very good at making me feel at ease. she was good at checking for my feedback during exercises. the food provided was excellent and abundant. her teaching space is very comfortable and welcoming.
How do you think the course could be improved?  I can’t think of any suggestions.

Frederique Tholozan, County Durham, July 2018

“I found the Reiki Evolution First Degree Course to be very engaging, informative and enjoyable. The themes and mode of learning suited my learning style well, and having a busy home life, it allowed for personal study at a relaxed pace around my own hectic schedule. The content was well balanced in terms of providing the background and history of the practice, which set an interesting perspective for the rationale behind the taught techniques themselves. I liked the underlying relaxed theme of the course material, which rewards an open minded approach which encourages the student to allow the energy to flow and do the “work”  with minimal conscious intervention and need to fuss around practical details.  

What did you think of the course content?

I very much liked the blend of written and audio learning delivery methods. The written material was very comprehensive, and achieved a nice balance of depth and accessibility for the newcomer. The guided meditations are very useful and well narrated, I still use these for daily meditations and self-healing work.  

Did the course meet your expectations?

I embarked  on the course with an open mind and minimal expectations, however the course certainly seemed to deliver on providing a well grounded introduction to the key Reiki principles and practices. It has opened the door to working with energy in a manner I had hoped and provides a very solid platform to build an effective skill set in energy work, to the benefit of myself and friends/family.

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?

The manual and audio content was invaluable in terms of preparation and is comprehensive as a source of future reference too.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher?

The quality of the live teaching on the day of the course was excellent and I very much enjoyed it. Linda is an ideal teacher of the material, delivering the key points of technique and background in a passionate and engaging manner. Because of this, I felt very comfortable in my understanding of the practices before stepping forward to perform them in the practical exercises! I also very much liked Linda’s connection of the material into the context of her own insights from personal experience. This aspect made the course delivery even more interesting and personable. It was also a very relaxing and conducive environment/setting in which to ask questions to expand and reinforce the learning gained from the written and audio content.”

Steve Chapelhow, Tyne & Wear, October 2018

“The course exceeded my expectations, I loved reading the okunden manual and listening to the info provided. I felt the energy pouring through the words and the tracks on the cd, it was a beautiful experience every time I sat down to learn and practice. The content was clearly explained and easy to process. I found it very simple to follow and it was an ease to complete the course. 
The live training was hugely enjoyable, Linda was a joy to be around and full of love, encouragement and advise. To feel the step up in energy that level 2 brings, was amazing. I can’t wait to carry on this reiki journey. “
Emma Hunter-James, Tyne & Wear, December 2018

What did you think of the course content?

“The content was great, just enough of everything and Linda is so good at getting things over in such a lovely way which all can understand. 

Did the course meet your expectations? Yes

What did you think of the course materials?

Manuals are great and easy to use. Lots of useful information.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher?

I like the home study as it can be done at your own pace and when you have the time to put in to it. The live training is fabulous and very hands on with lots of knowledge flooding from such an experienced teacher. Linda Vickers is such a warm and endearing person and very easy to listen to, also asking questions is easy as Linda is so approachable. 

How do you think the course could be improved?

No improvement required. “

Carol Farley, Tyne & Wear, March 2019

“I am impressed with both the manual and my live learning.

The CD in conjunction with the manual works well to instil an understanding of Reiki and how it works. The “meditation” CD works very well and in particular after my live course and empowerment.
The live course exceeded my expectations. There is a powerful aura around Linda and her home. It put me in the right frame of mind/spiritual state from the start. Her passion was evident and I learned a lot.
Most important I learned is trying certain techniques but if it does not work for me try something else; find your own way.
I will be looking to complete Reiki 2.”

John Farnworth, Cumbria, August 2019

“The course content was great and so interesting learning about the history and that it originated from in Japan. I loved the CD’s too as I learning better than reading a manual bit it was still very useful to picture how things should be done.

The live course was fantastic. From the moment I arrived and met Linda I felt like I had known her for years. She was so welcoming into her home and I felt at ease. I got so much from the live course and it was really uplifting doing the treatments I the afternoon and great to put everything into practice.

I will definitely be looking to arrange my Level 2 in the near future.”

Emma Western, Tyne & Wear, August 2019

What did you think of the course content?  “The content was comprehensive and had a great balance in terms of reading material (in preparation for the live training) and experiential learning through the live training.  I like the way suggestions about how to practice reiki are included and that rather than adhere to a standard set of hand positions we are encouraged to use our intuition to guide us.

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? I found the reading material very useful in terms of providing a background to the history of Mikao Usui’s teachings and the detail about how to approach reiki and what other students experiences have been were really helpful to include in the manual.  I found the recordings and meditations very helpful, especially prior to the live day, as this helped me to refresh what I knew from level 1 and to focus and practice new meditations in advance.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher, or the home study approach?  Linda is amazing – she is an inspiration and made me feel very safe and welcome. She clarified at the start what we would be doing throughout the day and during the day she explained the symbols and practices, and was happy to give more information if I needed it.  It’s great that I can stay in touch with Linda and ask more questions as I develop my reiki practice.”

Catherine Nixon, Cleveland, September 2019

“I got a lot out of Linda’s course today and I have gladly given you feedback.

What did you think of the course content?

Very comprehensive. Linda explains things in an easy way but during discussions she adds depth and context.

Did the course meet your expectations?

Beyond my expectations. Linda taught me a lot today.

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?

I was saying to Linda today that the course materials are like a dummies guide to Reiki. The course materials help make reiki simple.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher?

Linda is warm and kind person which makes learning very enjoyable. I learnbest ina live training environmant. As I have said above Linda is great. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.”

David Mason, Northumberland, August 2020

“I did my first course with Linda Vickers on May 25th and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The day was compact and we went through three empowerments and Linda did a Reiki session on each of us (myself and Paula) then we did a session each on Linda and then on each other. At all stages Linda recapped and pointed out what we had done and why.
We actually did far more than I expected to do and so I can only praise her and yourself for devising the course.
The course materials, the manuals and Mp3’s are of a very high quality and I studied everything thoroughly that you sent. Whilst I got the material under 2 weeks before I attended the course by doing sometimes short study periods and in other cases a whole morning or two I was able to thoroughly prepare myself for the practical day and now that has occurred, for the future. The home study approach is the best way as I could dedicate far more time to learning what Reiki is and how it can help: it allowed me to have an ‘adult experience’ and I didn’t feel as if I was being talked down to or treated like a school pupil.
I don’t think the course can be improved everything was excellent and you have done a thorough job in giving people what they need.”
Mick Wootton, Tyne & Wear, June 2021

“After thinking about completing a reiki course (2019) and putting it off I felt a sudden urge early last week that this was the time for me to ‘do it’. How lucky was I that one of your teachers who lives within an hour drive had a live course starting in 5 days. I was free, there was a space, all the information arrived within 48 hours it couldn’t have been more easy

Your materials and online information are fantastic, easy to read and understand for a complete beginner
Linda Vickers my teacher is a very special lady, the day flew, the program flowed and I was amazed at how much I learnt and experienced in such a short time completely exceeding my expectations.

The different media you use to share knowledge is so helpful, I am using the manual, CD’s, downloaded mp3 on mobile and read Reiki in a nutshell without stopping….twice over

I am 2 days post training, my body feels like it is going through a cleansing/detox
I am finding it so helpful to listen to the mindful meditations experiencing a calmness I haven’t felt in a long long time

My next step is to practice on family/friends.

Thank you for all the support before, during and ongoing. I am very grateful that I found you and Reiki Evolution.”

Donna Cowie, Tyne & Wear, July 2021

“I thouroughly enjoyed my First Degree Reiki course. Linda was an amazing woman. So calm and reassuring. Linda taught the class work with enthusiasm and passion and answered all of my questions. It was very pleasant to spend the day in Linda’s home.

It was great to have the audio CDs as well as the written content. It was a lot to get through but I didn’t feel any pressure in the practical day to regurgitate the material. Linda didn’t put us on the spot but taught in an encouraging practical way.

Ill definitely be back for my Second Degree Course!”

Hannah Humphries, Tyne & Wear, August 2021

What did you think of the course content? 
“I thought it was in depth and thought provoking. There was lots of content to practice with too. 
Did the course meet your expectations?
It exceeded my expectations. Linda always makes the courses so interesting with her experiences brought in from her first hand knowledge and she brings it all together in line with the course material to make the courses outstanding. 
What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?
Lots of clear and concise information. I’m not a big fan of CDs as they’re outdated now but understand fully why they need to be used. Great that the same information is in a downloadable version on Dropbox too. All of the info from these work so well with the manual and everything ties in perfectly. 
What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher, or the home study approach?
The live training was excellent. I was the only student on my course but it made no difference. It was peaceful and the perfect setting. The content we covered was immense and the patience and knowledge of Linda was outstanding. The room we used was beautiful with the most calm feel about it. I felt extremely welcome. The course flowed well, it wasn’t rushed, it was such a lovely weekend. Highly recommended. 
How do you think the course could be improved?
It doesn’t need to be.  
Thank you once again to you and to Linda for making my Reiki Masters such a beautiful experience.”
Carol Farley, Tyne & Wear, October 2021
“Linda is lovely, she helped me calm down and know that I can do whatever I want! She is a very good teacher, she is clear and honest, and I understood her even though I have been living in England and I speak this language recently. She loves what she does, I mean teach and Reiki. I have learned to do Reiki for myself and for my partner Luis, and especially I have learned to keep some distance from low emotions and thoughts. She shared with me her experience in the temples of Japan, and I remember a line I have in mind: “I learn only to be contented”” of a Zen master. Linda really gave me power. I had a wonderful day with her and Duncan, thank you very much Linda and Taggart and Namaste.”
Natalia Nucciarone, Co Durham, November 2021

“The course was absolutely fantastic. Here’s my specific feedback.

What did you think of the course content?

Excellent. The depth on the background for Reiki was very useful and meaingful. This led easily in to the energy awareness, self care and practice of Reiki.

Did the course meet your expectations?

Absolutely. I feel very prepared to commence a journey deeper in to Reiki, prepared to develop my practice.

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?

Very useful and well set out. The PDF works well and the tracks are easy to use.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher, or the home study approach?

Linda was really incredible. She instantly put us at ease and set a nice atmosphere for the day. Her passion for teaching and sharing was evident from the start. The day flowed well and was very enjoyable.

Thanks for everything.I certainly plan to progress my study and practice.”

Duncan Light, Tyne & Wear, November 2021

What did you think of the course content?
“It was very thorough. I appreciated the fact that there was so much background to the history of Reiki.

Did the course meet your expectations?
Yes. It exceeded my expectations

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?
I liked the fact that you catered for different learning styles by including MP3s as well as information to read. The manual was comprehensive and well laid out.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher, or the home study approach?
A lovely day with Linda. She was was extremely welcoming, approachable, warm and friendly. She was obviously very knowledgeable and experienced and answered all of my questions.

How do you think the course could be improved?
I can’t think of anything that would improve the course.”

Julia Harris, Tyne & Wear, February 2022
“The Course with Linda Vickers was outstanding.
I really enjoyed it, I loved the traditional, intuitive approach. The venue was great.
Everything was very professional and relaxed. The course material, books and mp3s where all excellent.”
Rob Searle, Northumberland, January 2023
“I completed the live training with Linda and really enjoyed the day. There were only two of us so we got a lot of attention.
The course content was easy to follow and reiterated the information previously received from yourself in your hard copy.
The course was well presented by Linda and she was so natural. She gave us time to ask questions and answered them with lots of knowledge. The venue itself was very good, and after each exercise she made sure we drank plenty of water.
The course materials were very informative and I am so pleased I requested the hard copy to read (I struggle with small print on bright screens). I love the CDs they are soothing to listen to and the music in the background helped me to focus and not ‘wander’. I received them the day after ordering which I was impressed with as I joined the course late with less than two weeks before the live training.
Linda made both of us feel very welcome in her home and the lunch she provided was simple but tasty, it set us up nicely for the afternoon session. After lunch we carried out a scanning on Linda which left me feeling very light headed and faint! I felt very embarrassed but was made to feel comfortable and able to recover in my own time. I was able to carry on and felt fine being ‘treated’ and also ‘treating’.
I felt the course, both home study and live training complemented each other as it would have been a lot to take in if it was all live. The home study section could be carried out at any time of the day in short spells so as not to overload the brain.”
Allison Laverick, Tyne & Wear, May 2023

“The course exceeded any expectations. The method of teaching was relaxed but informative . Our Reiki teacher was warm and wonderful and embodied the concepts of Reiki. Care was 100 percent throughout teaching and hospitality.”

Caroline Dixon, Tyne & Wear, July 2024