Using Reiki for Dog Training – by Sarah Berrisford

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In my last blog – Reiki for Dogs – I spoke about a simple basic approach that you can use when working with Dogs using Reiki.

In this blog I wanted to talk about using Reiki when you are training your dog, since this is a topic that comes up frequently on my Animal Reiki Practitioner courses.

It’s all about Intent

One of the easiest ways to use Reiki with dog training is to use intent.

You can carry out this exercise in person or distantly.

  • Sit comfortably
  • Connect to Reiki
  • Feel the connection with your dog
  • Let Reiki flow
  • When you feel that the time is right, begin to picture how you would like your dog to act. Say your dog becomes anxious when left alone. You would picture him lying happily and content when on his own.
  • Once you have visualised your preferred scenario, smile to yourself, feel happy, see the picture and follow it with happy thoughts.

You may find that when you try to picture your dog being happy and content, when left on his own, you keep thinking of him being anxious again. Don’t worry this is quite normal.

If this does happen you can slowly erase the anxious picture and replace it with the contented image. Keep doing this until it is easy to ‘see’ your dog being content.

Carry out this exercise whenever you can, preferably a few times a day.

Visualising good behaviour

When you greet your dog, let your first thought be of him being happy and content when on his own, followed by a smile from you – letting your dog know that this behaviour also makes you happy.

Next, it is important to become aware of your own thoughts, every time you think of your dog behaving in a way that you hope to change, replace that thought with the desired image.

If you are fretting about your dog whilst away, thinking of him tearing around the house causing havoc and destruction, your dog will pick up on this. Animals read these pictures and energy that we put across to them, so we do need to be careful that once an issue has started we aren’t ‘feeding’ the problem further.

So keep those happy thoughts and enjoy the moments that make you smile.

Interested in learning more about Animal Reiki?

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