West Yorkshire Reiki Testimonials: Ann Halstead

yorkshire reiki courseAt Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Ann Halstead’s Reiki Evolution Reiki training courses in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.



“I am a complementary therapist and have attended many holistic workshops over the years. I have always been left wanting more of the positive, enlightening and life enriching experiences- and Ann delivers this during her classes. Ann is professional, yet down to earth and practical, allowing students to work intuitively-which makes you feel safe with her and enlightened at the same time. I always feel empowered and positive when I work with Ann. Her manuals are excellent too- and lightyears ahead of any Reiki teacher I have had in the past. Thank you so much- look forward to my next Reiki class with you!!”

Louise Fairclough, Wakefield

“The Reiki course with Ann was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s transformed me in a very powerful way, leading me to become more sensitive & connected to the world around us. Ann’s caring and down to earth, no nonsense approach to teaching made it all the more understandable and enjoyable.”

Sophie Virginia Green Fox

“Thank you so much for another fun & inspiring day! You made the day feel very relaxed & enjoyable. I appreciated the fact that we were in such a small group as it made it easier to listen to what you had to say & ask questions when needed. I also greatly appreciate the fact that you offer support afterwards. The content was fascinating – I love having new ways to think about things & being able to open up to different possibilities. The practical exercises really help to get a better understanding too.”

Ms S Carter, Halifax

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and the Course more than met my expectations. It was exactly the sort of day that I had hoped for, but really did not expect. I have spent more time than I care to recall wishing myself away from courses where I felt awkward or bored, but I can truly say that you were so friendly, genuinely welcoming and knowledgeable that the time just flew by.

The course content was very good; some parts of it reminded me of things that I already knew but had left to gather dust, whilst other information was new and challenging and have given be lots to consider and read further about. Thanks again and I hope that we meet again in the future. Now that I have found your website I will keep visiting it and hope to attend another study day when the time is right.”

Christine M, Huddersfield

“If you are serious about learning Reiki then I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I have trained with other Reiki Masters and quite honestly haven’t learned a fraction of the knowledge that I have gained from Ann. In my opinion Ann is a true teacher, she wants you to succeed and her on going support has been invaluable, she has instilled such confidence in me. The content of the manual has given me more insight than any Reiki book I have read. Thank you for everything!”

J North, Halifax

“Ann’s caring and compassionate nature is apparent as soon as you meet her. She has a great sense of humour too! Thank you for all your help and a wonderful course”.

Miss R Armstrong, Wakefield

“I seem to have gone from strength to strength since training with Ann, I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Mrs Z Hall, Pontefract

“Ann was recommended to me by a friend, now I know why. Thank you Ann your help has been invaluable.”

Mrs N Grainger, Barnsley

“Since my first contact with Ann I knew I had found the right person to teach me Reiki. The information that was sent to me prior to my study day was in depth enough to encourage me to study Reiki without being overbearing.

Ann has a wonderful calm demeanour and takes you on the journey of Reiki beautifully. At the end of my first study day I was so inspired by Ann that I could not wait to practice on friends and family, which I did with instant success. I followed up my studies with Ann and undertook the second level of training which has further enhanced my knowledge and Reiki strength.

Ann is available for support by phone and/or email at all times and this along with weekly connections is very encouraging. I would highly recommend Ann to anyone considering Reiki.”

Janet Simpson, West Yorkshire, March 2011

“I thoroughly enjoyed doing my Reiki 1 with Reiki Evolution, I liked having plenty of time to do the preparation work and the meditation CD was immensely helpful, it meant I could focus fully on what I was doing, my teacher Ann is an absolute star, really put me at my ease, all in all my experience was so positive and uplifting that I’ve already signed on to do my Reiki 2! great stuff, I’d recommend you to anyone.”

Kate Burns, South Yorkshire, June 2011

“The course was brilliant. I loved the teaching methods of both the manual and the Cd. I found both of these extremely helpful and made learning the theory much easier. The practical side has been very enlightening and I have felt a new inner peace. Ann Stead is great, she made the 1st degree both interesting and fun. I know that I can contact Ann at any time and she will be only too happy to help.

I started using Reiki as soon as I’d finished the day course and am now looking forward to the 2nd degree.”

Carolyn Coleman, West Yorkshire, July 2011

“I had a great experience studying for my Reiki 2 with Reiki Evolution, just as with my Reiki 1. I found the manual and cd to be very thorough and informative, while my live course with my teacher Ann was an absolute joy! I think that Reiki Evolution provides a good balance of study and practical work that means there is less pressure on ‘the big day’, which I for one am extremely grateful of! I’m very much looking forward to – when I’ve had sufficient time to process and practice – coming back and doing my Reiki 3.”

Kate Burns, South Yorkshire, August 2011

“I found the course very well set out and easy to follow. I could work at my own pace, and in fact did not start it until the beginning of August. This was because I knew I would be unable to give it my full attention until then, because of holidays etc. I was lucky enough to have a one-to-one day with Ann, which was great, and I experienced some powerful reactions on receiving the empowerments.

I have just been looking at the information about second degree courses and am definitely interested in going further, but not until some time in the New Year.”

Margaret Frame, West Yorkshire, September 2011

“I found the course content was suitable and relevant for level 1; the course far excelled my expectations. Ann was superb at delivering the course live and for me a home course would not have suited me. I prefer interaction and immediate feedback on how I’m doing.

The course is a good introduction to Reiki training and I look forward to taking my training a stage further – level 2.”

Lesley Frear, West Yorkshire, September 2011

”What a great way of learning! I am so glad that I chose the Reiki Evolution course of learning. The course manuals for both Reiki 1 & 2 were very easy to read, the CD back up made the information really sink in and I was never afraid to contact Ann if I had any questions. I learnt a great deal in a short space of time and am thrilled to now be able to use my skills for the benefit of others. On both practical days, Ann made me feel totally at ease and I feel that I have secured a long lasting friendship in Ann to boot.

Thank you so much for the helpful advice included in both manuals, I have enjoyed every minute of my experience.”p>

Carolyn Coleman, West Yorkshire, November 2011

“I was happy with the course content; it all felt totally relevant to anything I was expecting from First Degree. The course met my expectations, absolutely.

I find the manual easy to follow, and friendly and informal, which is reassuring for a beginner such as myself. I also enjoy/ed the CDs. They’re very relaxing to listen to.

I thought Ann was a fantastic teacher : fun and engaging, and really interesting and knowledgeable. I thought it might be a bit ‘serious’ but Ann made it a very enjoyable, relaxing day.

I think the pre-course home study approach is a good idea because you can take it all in at your own pace; I don’t think it’s necessary to put all the background into a live course. The live training is very practical which is ideal.”

Natalie Woodhead, West Yorkshire, January 2012

“The course was amazing. Ann delivers the course content at a manageable pace for everyone to take in fully what is expected and to gain full understanding of all aspects.The course exceeded my expectations. Ann is a natural teacher, genuine, caring and incitive making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed in order to gain as much as possible throughout the day. The manual is clear, concise and allows for ease of learning whether one has plenty of time to give to it or only a short time to dive in and dive out. The CD’s are a great aid to improving meditation. The venue was exceptional, spacious, light and peaceful, and of course the ideal place to be for a gardener like myself! Set in such a wonderful area with fantastic natural views only enhanced the over all experience. How could the course be improved? I am not sure that that is possible as Ann guides each student with care and determination to ensure they gain the best experience possible.”

Linda Davis, West Yorkshire, April 2012

”Just to say that I was really impressed with your level one course and will definitely be back at some point to continue with level two. Being an absolute beginner to Reiki in every way I found that your method of delivering the course material through written, audio and ‘hands-on’ format made it so much easier to take on board and remember. I was also impressed with the background information and your desire to stay true to the original concept of Reiki, and thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from the live training day with Ann in Huddersfield – she has a natural way with sharing information and teaching and an ability to give confidence in the process of Reiki to uncertain people like myself who can tend to let their own insecurities get in the way without the proper guidance! Thanks once again for a very enjoyable course, and all the follow-up information and assistance which you provide.”

Carryl Jones, Gwynedd, July 2012

“I really don’t know where to start, firstly I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The course content was perfect in the sense that it wasn’t too much but at same time covered everything I feel needed to be covered, yes the course did meet my expectation and beyond and I have no hesitation in recommending your courses to anybody interested in looking into Reiki. The live course was fantastic, the location was relaxing and not hard to get to, the atmosphere during the live course was very relaxed and rather easy to follow.”

Ray Green, West Yorkshire, September 2012

“I have always felt instinctively that Reiki practice should be simple and uncluttered which is why I was drawn to Reiki Evolution in the first place and I feel I had a deep learning experience with the course being partly home based study and partly live day school as I had plenty of time to absorb and reflect on information. The combination of text and CD worked very well for me and I found the different learning methods reinforced each other. When I studied Reiki before, I wasn’t aware the main emphasis was on self healing and development so I feel I have a completely new understanding of Reiki now. I am also very pleased that there is ongoing support and guidance available.

At the day school Ann was thorough and informative while still being warm and friendly and I found her approach very affirming as she treated us each as individuals. The whole experience has been very positive for me and I shall strongly recommend the Reiki Evolution courses to other people.”

Lucy Jackson, West Yorkshire, September 2012

”I had a great time on my training and thought the course was brilliant. Ann was the font of all knowledge and was so helpful and warm she made me relax as soon as I walked into the training room.

The only down side was that the day went far too quickly! I could have spent another 8 hours talking to Ann about Reiki! I am definitely going to sign up to the second course with Ann in April. The course material is brilliant and I find the meditation CD to be really helpful as I am new to meditation and found the guidance really supportive.

A life changing day for me.”

Alison Cooper, Cheshire, December 2012

“I thought the recent Reiki 1 course that I did was excellent in every sense of the word. The written materials and audio recordings were excellent and was a suberb way of getting to grips with the course content prior to the course itself – this contributed to make the live training easier and more enjoyable as I was already familiar with most of the concepts. The trainer – Ann Halstead was excellent and I was lucky in that I had a one-to-one session due to the holiday season cancellations. She was professional, kind and considerate and delivered the training extremely well. I really can’t rate the training highly enough and will definitely be booking a place on Reiki 2 at some point in the near future.”

Debbie Britton, West Yorkshire, August 2013

“I have had the most amazing experience throughout my Reiki journey culminating in my RMT course with Ann Halstead. The courses have been informative and full of content backed up by the endless knowledge that Ann has. She is truly an inspirational teacher and she helped to support the whole learning experience.

I hope to be able to move onto teaching after I have taken some time to continue o develop and grow as this has really made me re-evaluate the direction in which I see my life moving. I have no suggestions of how to improve the course as the pre-course information gave me the foundation to build upon on the live weekends.”

Ali Cooper, Cheshire, December 2013

“I had my course on 7th February at Anne Halstead’s home in Huddersfield along with one other student having received the Reiki materials about ten days beforehand.

I found the pre-course materials very helpful in allowing me to get the most from the training day. Anne was well prepared and welcoming and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.”

Kathy Robinson, West Yorkshire, February 2014

“My name is Natalie Fraser and I very much enjoyed the training day with Ann. I only wish it was for a week instead of just the day! I learned so much from the manual and cd. I tell everybody about Reiki and encourage them to learn more about it. I have been searching for something my whole life and now in Reiki i believe I have finally found what I have been looking for. My husband had a car crash about ten years ago and has been in back pain ever since I have been doing Reiki on him everyday and the pain has gone! I cant believe how effective Reiki has been.
Ann is lovely, a very good teacher who puts you at ease you know you can ask her anything and not feel stupid. I am definitely doing the second degree and hopefully the masters. I just want to thank you and Ann for everything.”

Natalie Fraser, South Yorkshire, April 2014

“I was amazed at how much was covered on the Reiki 1 course. I didn’t realise there would be so much involved. I found the manual and CDs really helpful.

I thoroughly enjoyed my live course with Ann Halstead. Ann made the day interesting and informative, as well as fun. I was very nervous before the day and very nearly backed out. I am so glad I attended. Within minutes I felt relaxed and was having fun as well as learning.

I have to say I was absolutely amazed at the Reiju Empowerment I received. I honestly thought I would be the one sitting there, having experienced nothing. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I have already signed up for my Reiki 2 course with Ann, and am really looking forward to it.”

Julie Foster, Cleveland, September 2015

“The material was very easy to follow and I liked the way you could read and listen to the material.  The live training was very beneficial and Ann was very knowledgeable and was good at putting you at ease which was really good.
Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to progressing onto the second level in the future.”
Gemma Thorpe, West Yorkshire, September 2015

“The course content was excellent, the materials provided both hard copy and electronically were easy to follow, very informative and a real pleasure to practice.  I found that listening to the meditation CD was really helpful in building up my regular practice of Hatsurei, self-healing and distance healing.

When I met Ann and the other students on Saturday it was a real blessing and pleasure.  The day flew by, it was well structured and a great mix of open discussion about our own experiences, Ann’s experiences, and we also got to know each other well as the other ladies were very easy to talk with and listen to and it is lovely to have a shared interest.

I had different experiences with each of the empowerments delivered by Ann, the first one I saw lots of moving globes of light, rather like a lava lamp, the second one brought bright white light with streaks of bright blue and Ann said she saw blue sparks coming from my hands, the third empowerment brought a huge sense of peace and tranquillity.

Practicing on each other later in the day was very enlightening, both from the physical aspect of standing in one place for a length of time and of holding my hands, especially when they were hovering rather than on the client, without moving as well as the sheer concentration of moving the energy through the tanden to my hands.  Despite the physical strength needed the whole experience was quite blissful.  For myself I experienced a lot of fuzziness around my pelvic area when being treated and a huge sense of relaxation, sleepiness, afterwards.

Ann said we could experience symptoms for 48 hours afterwards and I have gone through various stages of this from the sleepiness of Saturday with very detailed dreams, to being very emotional on Sunday and being unable to sleep at night.

I am really looking forward to accepting your invitation to the discussion forum too and I know Ann is only too happy to answer any questions for us.   I very much feel part of the Reiki Evolution ‘family’ already and cannot wait to practice on my friends and family.

In terms of improvement, it is hard to imagine how the course itself could be improved.

I understand that I have to now build my experience with friends and family before registering for the second degree in a couple of months time but I can say that I am really looking forward to furthering my studies with Ann and Reiki Evolution as my ultimate aim is to work with Reiki as part of my Holistic Therapies service.

I have waited many years to take up Reiki as I have been drawn to it and also had angelic and spirit guidance that I should work as a healer and especially with Reiki and had I known that it was so very accessible I would have done this years ago.

I will have to access the link to the forum and also to Facebook from home as I am unable to access these from my work computer due to firewalls, but I will be leaving very positive feedback on the Facebook site and very much look forward to progressing with Reiki Evolution.”

Linda Kitson, West Yorkshire, November 2015
What did you think of the course content? Excellent
Did the course meet your expectations? Exceeded all expectations!What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?   Excellent.  I found the manual and CD easy to follow.  I particularly liked the way the manual and CD state how you may feel when receiving or giving a reiki treatment and at the same time explaining very clearly that every one experiences reiki in a different way and that is ok.What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher? Anne Halstead – a fantastic teacher.  The venue at Shepley is wonderful and very comfortable.  The whole day was so enjoyable.My experience of Reiki Evolution – professional on every level.”
AngelaDalgleish, West Yorkshire, July 2016
What did you think of the course content? Excellent, excelled my expectations.
Did the course meet your expectations? Excellent, excelled my expectations.What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?
The course materials are very informative.  They clearly outline the history and origins of Reiki and broke down the various methods and meditations etc into easy to understand information that prepared me very well for the day course.  I really enjoyed working through the course materials in conjunction with listening to the tracks on the CD.  I’m looking forward to booking my Reiki Level 2 training once I’ve got a little experience treating my family and friends.What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher?
Overall I really enjoyed the day course.  I was nervous about attending, but Ann made the day very enjoyable.  I found that the live training complimented the course materials very well.How do you think the course could be improved? I genuinely can’t think of anything.”   
Rob Linden, West Yorkshire, July 2016
“I really enjoyed being on the Reiki level 1 course yesterday and the lovely ladies who also attended 🙂 Been wanting to take this course for many years but things always happen when the time is right and not a moment sooner! Ann is a wealth of information and delivered the course in a very easy to understand way and answered any questions we had with honesty, integrity and humour. Cannot wait to see you again for the next level.”
Ali Kirkby, Lincolnshire, January 2017
“After looking through the course contents I found this really easy to follow having read the manual and listening to the CD it was great to follow and so easy as it was broken down into sections. The manuals and CD were very professional set out and flowed along nicely.
The course was everything and more and I would highly recommend this course to my family and friends. The course was excellent with Ann re-iterating all that I needed to know and she got me through the course. Ann is a fantastic teacher and a credit to your company, in due time I would like to follow in Ann’s footsteps and be a good as she is one day!”
Jackie Bain, West Yorkshire, April 2017
“I loved the course material and the CD pack.  Ideal to listen to and read many times in the future.
I was very happy with the practical day course and thought Ann Halsted was an excellent teacher. She was warm,friendly and made everyone feel welcome. She conveyed to us self confidence and a can do attitude.
The hands on practice/treatment was enlightening. My companions were all nice and open to positive change. The class size of 6 is just right to enable all questions to be answered.”
Angela Shepherd, West Yorkshire, October 2018
“It was a friendly and relaxed day. I love the face-to-face courses because you get to meet new people and the discussions are very interesting. The course covered everything I’d learned in the book and heard on the tracks, so I was comfortable with it and it seemed to sink in deeper as we discussed topics more deeply and exchanged experiences.
The course content was thorough. I like the tracks, especially having the meditations on MP3 now, and it’s useful going over the teachings visually, audibly and also doing it in a supervised environment. My teacher was experienced and, I felt, gave us all the confidence we needed to feel we can make this part of our lives more deeply.As someone who works in marketing, I can appreciate the time and care you’ve taken setting up the course communications.I felt looked after during the whole process, with all the information I needed, from venue to teacher to Reiki theory. Thank you!”
Jacquie, Lancashire, March 2019
“I found the course to be excellent and I really enjoyed both the home study and the live course.
The course materials were excellent and comprehensive and for the live course I found Ann to be an excellent teacher and a thoroughly nice person.”
Angela Wilby, West Yorkshire, June 2019

I really loved the Master level course and feel that it was very authentic energetically. I loved the Empowerments that Ann gave us and the meditations and chanting really resonated with me. I have been to Japan, as I am a practitioner of Japanese style acupuncture too, so it all felt authentic and right energetically to me.

The manual is very detailed and useful to have, and I found the CD’s also good to have to hand. I tend not to retain information in my head for very long these days, so for me, a good tool to have to refer to. I am hoping to teach next year, and feel confident that I have the tools and backup to do so confidently.

It is nice to have the backing of Ann and yourself and a living organization to fall back on and refer to going forward. It is also nice to know that we can meet together as a community too, going forward post pandemic. Nice to be part of a larger Reiki community. There certainly is nothing like this in my local area of North Wales at the moment, so I hope that I can also run regular Reiki shares for all, as Ann does.”

Eirian Harrison, Conwy, October 2021


“I recently received level 2 from Ann in Huddersfield for which you requested some feedback. Overall I found the course to be beneficial and quite enjoyable. The venue was spacious and well suited to hosting the course. I have previously attended courses where space has been tight.

I believe the success of the course was built upon the excellent course materials I was sent prior to the course. The book and cds were very thorough and easy to understand. I originally feared that one day would not be enough. However it was very relaxed and Ann was able to cover the material without rushing.

I found Ann to be knowledgeable and very approachable. She was able to break down the concepts and make them easy to understand. Ann was passionate about answering questions and explained ideas from their root, minus all the superfluous fluff that has been added to reiki over the years. I found this approach to be refreshing and very beneficial.

I received your follow up email. It’s great that there is follow up after the course and a genuine desire for students to get the most from the course and progress further.”

Parwez Bellal, Gtr Manchester, July 2022


“The course I attended was brilliant, Ann is a lovely person made everyone feel so welcome. She made it easy to understand and made you feel at ease when doing all the practical parts. She was just the Reiki master I was looking for, couldn’t fault it in any way, just fabulous!!”

Tracey Abbott, West Yorkshire, December 2022