What are Energopsychograms?

energopsychogram ckr cho ku rei chokurei

About 13 years ago I was working with a lovely man in Moldova, Benedict Caraush. I was teaching him the Original Japanese Reiki methods and taking him through a distance Reiki Master Teacher course, and he was practising Reiju empowerments on his group of Reiki Master Teacher students.

One of his students had a special ability, a way of representing in graphic form the essence of an energy or an initiation.

This is what Benedict said at that time:

One of this people have the ability to channeling the information on the paper like a drawing – energopsychograma. Some time ago she made for me the energopsychograms for how works Reiki on 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees when people are attuned Western style (Takata). Next week I hope that she will be able to do the same work for the Reiju for 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees in order to compare. If you are interested to see it, just let me know and I can scan it when will have it ready and send to you.

Benedict kindly shared with me a whole series of images detailing different energies and in series of blogs I am going to share them with you.

What to do with energopsychograms

You will know by now that I believe that once you are ‘connected’ to Reiki then you can focus the energy in a whole number of different ways. You can use the Reiki symbols, like CKR and SHK, you can use channelled symbols or symbols from other traditions or sources (whether or not you have been ‘attuned’ to them) and you can use sounds, chanted either out loud or in your head.

All these things will frame the energy in a particular way, producing a particular ‘frequency’.

Energopsychograms will do this too, if you meditate on them.

Like carrying out a symbol meditation, meditating on an energopsychogram will elicit a particular energy within you, and doing so is a form of self-healing.

On our Second Degree courses we teach students to meditate, separately, on the energies of CKR and SHK because these symbols represent the energies of earth ki and heavenly ki in Usui’s original system, two fundamental energies, and in doing so you carry out a powerful self-treatment.

Energopsychogram meditations

To meditate on an energopsychogram, just sit calmly with the image in front of you. Stare at the image. let it wash over you, defocus your eyes.

Notice the quality of the energy that is being elicited within you. What is the nature of the energy? Where do you feel it? How does it feel. Bathe in the energy fo the image.

CKR energopsychogram

The image that you can find at the head of this page represents the energy of CKR, which is the energy of earth ki.

Why not compare its energy to that of CKR, the symbol. Click to find out how to : Meditate on the energy of a Reiki symbol.

Over to you

What do you notice when you meditate on the energy of the CKR energopsychogram?

How does it differ from the energy of he corresponding symbol, or of the focus kotodama, if at all?

Post your experiences below so we can all see how the energy manifested itself.




15 thoughts on “What are Energopsychograms?

  1. Mandalas have been used in meditation for many years, how do you feel this differs from the feeling you get with the above?

    1. Hi, whether we use symbols, mandalas or energopsychograms, I think we’re dealing with a graphical representation of energy.

  2. Hi Taggart,
    Just by looking at these strange diagrams,the energy started to flow… hmmm, there is something to this phenonmenon :).
    Saying that you had recomemded to us to make our own symbols so it may be a similer philosophy.
    Thanks for shareing..

    1. “Just by looking at these strange diagrams,the energy started to flow”… yes, it just shows that once you’re attuned to Reiki, you don’t need to be ‘attuned’ to a symbol (whatever that means) for it to frame the energy in a particular way: any symbol will elicit an energy, whether that be other Reiki symbols or images like energopsychograms.

  3. Hello
    Interesting that you comment ‘whatever that means’
    I’m very new at Reiki, and quite hung up on being correct out of respect. Have been aware of ‘feeling energies since a child so brilliant to have become attuned to level 2 in order to focus my energies more positively. BUT can you explain your take on what attunements stand for please.
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Caroline, take a look at these blogs for a fuller explanation:


      Basically, to be using Reiki you need to have gone through some sort of initiation, whether an attunement or an empowerment, but you don’t have to be ‘attuned’ to a symbol for it to work for you, you just need to be connected to Reiki in some way. Many people have a natural healing ability, some people end up draining their own energies when practising hands-on healing, and Reiki prevents that from happening.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

  4. Dear Taggart
    I have been practicing reiki without the use of symbols or connecting with the universal energy, simply by focusing on my tandian and using chakra colours to increase the strength of the energy.
    Also by using primary colours you can separate the colour as each colour has different strength patterns. Just like the symbols.

    1. Excellent. I’m pleased that you have found a way of working that suits you and it shows that not only images, but sounds and colours/shades can frame/focus the energy in a particular way. 🙂

  5. Anudha, wow purple and emerald are the colours I seem to favour too..! Whenever I have reiki I always find those swirling around my eyes… when giving reiki I get them often at the end, like to think that’s my sign from the universe that I’m done there…
    Regards from Sunny Scotland. Rose x

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