What happened when I gave a Reiki treatment…..

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Jon came in some time ago for a Reiki treatment.  He had a very severe “chest infection” and was wheezing.   He was VERY poorly and I was concerned that he may have pneumonia. He settled down on my couch (I had to prop him up because his chest was so bad) and I put some soothing music on and said my Reiki prayer before starting his Reiki treatment.

I put my hands on his shoulders and connected with the energies….. After a few minutes I took myself out of the equation and merged with the energies.    Soon I became aware of something very strange happening.  I felt that my hands were sinking into Jon’s ribcage…  I opened my eyes momentarily and saw my hands still resting on his shoulders…. I closed them again and trusted in the process.   I was also aware that my hands seemed to be “pulling” out negative energies.

When the treatment drew to a close, and Jon came to, his first words were:

“Wow!  That was weird…… I felt your hands sinking into my chest and clearing out my lungs”.  I told him that I had felt a similar experience………And we both noticed that he was not wheezing anymore.

Jon telephoned me a few days later to thank me for the treatment and said that he did not need to see his doctor as he was planning to, as he felt completely better.

The intensity of Reiki never ceases to amaze me…..   Have you had an experience with Reiki that you would like to share?  I would love to hear them!

hertfordshire reiki coursesHannah Shine is one of Taggart’s Reiki Evolution team of teachers, based in Essex/Hertfordshire.   She is also a multi therapist, practising from her home at Hatfield Heath.   Her Reiki courses are run from her beautiful summer house in her relaxing garden. Her therapies include homoeopathy, reflexology, Bowen technique, head massage, body massage, kinesiology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and many others.  She is currently doing a Cognitive Hypnotherapy course at the Quest Institute.



14 thoughts on “What happened when I gave a Reiki treatment…..

  1. Hi RLA!! How lovely to hear from you after SO long…………..
    Hope you are well and using Reiki phenomenally!!

    Yes, that was an amazing experience which has not been replicated since!!

  2. Hi Hannah
    That was a wonderful story. I have no vision at all and did my Reiki 1 on a 1-to- 1 basis a few years ago and it goes to show that even if you have no vision or not, you can do anything you want to do!
    Keep up the good work on your Reiki journey!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Katie…. I hope you are using your Reiki on a daily basis…. a self treatment, distant healing, everything!!

  3. Dear Hannah
    I was so interested to read your story about this treatment. What an amazing experience, and outcome for your client. It is also strange to read it at this time, given an experience I had treating my Mother only last week which I wanted to share. When I was working around the rib and naval area, the energy was really strong and I could feel heat quite intensively. At the same time, I felt part of my hands pulsating along with a sinking feeling. Afterwards, Mum told me that she had felt as though my hands were sinking right into her body and actually said she felt as though everything negative was being washed out. Mum is borderline diabetic and has slightly high blood pressure but apart from that, at 89,is supposedly in good health. However, as I
    know we don’t and can’t diagnose or try to make sense of what might happen, I just reassured Mum that the energy had gone where it was needed for her benefit and she seemed reassured by that. I love the Reiki sessions with Mum – it seems a special time for us but this occasion proved even more so. I’m Reiki 2 and have just booked my Masters course. Previously, I have lacked confidence on occasions although feel I have started to overcome that recently. This experience however really made me believe that I am succesfully channelling the energy (is that ok or does that constitute “ego”?! ) so I concluded that Reiki really does work on all levels!!!
    With best wishes

    1. Dear Trish
      Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with your mum. And how lovely it is that at 89, she is so switched on to love Reiki and her insights that shefelt you were removing everything negative!
      Confidence becomes stronger the more you use your Reiki and I am delighted to hear that you are embarking on your Masters Course. You will have so many more tools in your box, with the choice whether you use them or not. Again, using your intuition as to when you use it.
      I really feel that it is O.K. to pat yourself on the back when you do a good job (what’s the use of criticising yourself?) and feeling good about your abilities to channel Reiki means you are “Just for today, being compassionate on yourself and others”. Keep up the good work Trish and please share other experiences you have. They are SO interesting……….

      Reiki blessings for your Masters Course and your Reiki journey.


  4. I was really interested to read about these experiences. A few weeks ago I was treating someone and while I was resting my hands on his forehead, I was convinced that my little finger was inside his ear! I opened my eyes to check and both my hands were still on his forehead. The next minute he reached his hand up and rubbed his ear. When I spoke to him afterwards he said it felt as though something was in his ear. I told him that for some reason the energy needed to be inside his ear. I don’t know if it was for a physical reason or if there was something he needed to hear or communicate. Reiki is an amazing thing with a mind of its own!

  5. HI Judy What a lovely experience! Reiki never ceases to amaze me in its “intelligence”.
    Well done, and please post any experiences you have…… so very interesting.
    Reiki blessings to you and happy Easter! xxxx

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