Wiltshire Reiki Testimonials: Wendy Vaughan

reiki courses wiltshire trowbridgeAt Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Wendy Vaughan’s Reiki Evolution Reiki training courses in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.



“I would like to start be saying that I am one of the most sceptical people on this planet when it comes to things that cannot be seen.  I struggle to believe in things that have no tangible evidence.

Wendy has treated all of my horses since I met her, I have been amazed over and again at how she makes my horses feel, this is obvious from their reactions.  After a few sessions, I showed an interest in being able to achieve this myself and she managed to convince me to take the Reiki course with her.

Wendy has a way of making people feel comfortable and relaxed in her company.  The day was very informal with plenty of refreshments and opportunity to reflect on the teachings and of course, lots of questions!

After the course, Wendy makes it very clear that she is there to answer questions anytime and for support.  I recently struggled to treat due to not seeing a result in my horse but she was able to re-assure me and I am back helping my horses & children, which was what I wanted to achieve.

I would highly recommend learning Reiki with Wendy.”

Verity Anstey, Wiltshire, November 2015

“I did not know what to expect from the course at it was my first time, but because it was the whole day I thought it would it be quite intense, however it just proved me wrong as from the moment I arrived Wendy welcomed me in a very peaceful place and her personality glowed with calm and peaceful energy.

The course material was easy to follow and the explanations too, I felt that the whole day just went in a flash.

I received a follow up email from Wendy a few weeks later, just at a time when I was struggling with some personal issues and we arranged a follow up session 1:1 to work through these tings.  I was great to have that ongoing support.

I will definitely come back for the next course as soon I get time from my busy life as I am enjoying every single moment of Reiki. Brilliant courses. Many thanks, Wendy, for coming to my path.

Mariana Wilkes, Wiltshire, November 2015

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning Reiki 1 with Wendy; she has a huge depth of knowledge in this subject, which she shares with enthusiasm and passion. Prior to the teaching session, materials were provided for home study. These were informative, allowing me to study in my own time, at my own pace and ensured that the day of teaching was at the right level to really get something out of it. Wendy teaches with a perfect combination of enlightenment and fun, in an environment that is both secure and welcoming.

I can highly recommend Wendy as a Reiki master and teacher and I am still feeling the benefits from her teaching.”

Nina Rawstrone, Wiltshire, December 2015

“I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Wendy learning level 1 in reiki. Wendy was great at explaining all aspects from the history of the reiki technique, to the experience of having a reiki treatment, which was fascinating. Wendy enjoyed sharing her personal journey with this unique therapy too.

Reiki has become a very important part of my Sports massage of horses. Especially for those that are very sore or nervous. It’s also helped me to tune into the horses on a much deeper level. Can’t wait to learn more!”

Sarah Pym, Wiltshire, February 2016

“Whilst initially sceptical of the benefits of Reiki, I am always open to learning further techniques to enhance my treatments.  As a human and animal physical therapist, Wendy is uniquely qualified to train others to integrate Reiki into their daily routine.

Her personable and practical approach made it easy to understand not only how my clients can directly benefit, but how I, as a therapist can improve my approach and therefore be more effective when incorporating it with other techniques.   In particular, I find it much easier to ‘start with calm’ before beginning a treatment and my sensitivity to and awareness of the smallest changes and reactions has improved.

I now use Reiki on a daily basis (sometimes without even realising it!), and find it especially useful when dealing with fractious or hypersensitive animals.”

Wendy Felton, Wiltshire, February 2016

“I enjoyed the course very much. It was simple and straight forward without undue embellishments. The course content was as expected and the course materials that you sent to me ahead of time were excellent in helping to be prepared for the course. I appreciated Wendy as my instructor as well. She is very well organized and at the same time very warm and open.

I liked the CDs and I use the meditation one regularly, actually. I cannot come up with any improvements at the moment. It was super.
Thank you. I look forward to the second course in the future.”

Rita Werner, Spain, June 2016

“With regard to the 2nd Degree Reiki course I attended at Trowbridge, I thought the content, pace and environment were all conducive to an enjoyable learning experience.  As a dyslexic, and an Open University student, I found the home study course materials simple to utilise.  Moreover, since the live course, the audio text has helped to solidified my understanding of the fundamentals of Reiki.  Furthermore, I found Wendy’s warm, open teaching method perfectly enhanced the wonderful experiences we all shared that day.  Therefore, the Reiki Evolution course materials, live course and teacher exceeded my expectations.”

Lindsey, Gwent, October 2017

  • “The course content was just right. I felt there was enough to engage me but not so much that I was flooded.
  • The course met my expectations.
  • The manuals and cd’s were great. The sections were clear and easy to dip in and out of.The cd’s were really useful as I could also listen to them in the car. I really liked the fact that every effort was made to accommodate the different learning styles.
  • Overall, my experience was extremely positive, I found it to be very useful to get the home study pack prior to the day, it enable me to familiarise myself with the exercises and symbols as well as allowing me time to note any areas that I felt confused about so I could bring it up on the practical day. My teacher Wendy was very supportive. She was open and flexible. Working to cover all the necessary information whilst at the same time adapting to meet the needs of the group. She clearly wanted to set us up to succeed and was always positive and encouraging.
  • I genuinely don’t know how the course might be improved upon. You seem to have thought of everything!”
Sharon Rich, Wiltshire, November 2017

“Loved completing this! And love Wendy’s approach too, ensuring we all get what we need from the day. Comfortable, relaxed environment with like minded people.”

Hartiet Kitcat, February 2018

“Wendy is a lovely teacher; I’d recommend her honest and sensible approach to Reiki.”

Lucy Stradling, Wiltshire, February 2018

“I very much enjoyed reading the Degree 1 manual. I found it easy to read and understand because you have written it in a simple, straight forward way. The same with the tracks on the CD; you give simple commands at each step which makes them easy to follow for a beginner.

I originally did not want to do any live training but I’m very glad that I did. Wendy Vaughan, who ran the Wiltshire Reiki 1 Course is a very powerful and gifted Reiki Master Teacher who showed great compassion, kindness and humour while she instructed us.

Wendy quickly made us feel very welcome and at ease together in her lovely home; her kindness was much appreciated.

The Course certainly met all of my expectations and I look forward to carrying on with Reiki Evolution to Degree 2.”

Jan Chapman, Berkshire, December 2018

“As with the Degree I Course I enjoyed working through the Okuden manual and CD. Wendy was again very welcoming and patient with us all; being keen to share her wisdom and deep knowledge of Reiki. Her enthusiasm and knack of Reiki myth-busting is again reassuring to we who are learning in a world of potential Reiki “clutter” and “do’s and don’ts”.

I look forward very much to the privilege of doing the Master/Teacher Course with Wendy because I know she will guide us; using her wisdom and gentle humour through that important part of our journey with Reiki.”

Jan Chapman, Berkshire, April 2019