You can become more intuitive with your Reiki

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You are already intuitive

You may not realise it yet, and you may not have too much evidence yet, but you are already intuitive, that is without doubt.

For example, you already know just the right combination of hand positions to use on each person you treat, you already know where the areas of need are, whether they are in front of you or 100 miles away, and you already know just the right amount of time to spend in each hand position.

But at the moment you may not be able to access that intuitive information, the intuition that is already there. Your conscious mind is sitting there like a great big lump, getting in the way and preventing you from accessing what is already there.

Get your mind out of the way

Learning to work intuitively is all about learning to get your conscious mind out of the way, and trusting what comes to you, trusting what you perceive. Working intuitively is all about getting your head out of the way, suspending your disbelief, and allowing it to happen.

To work intuitively you need to not try – it won’t work if you *try* – you need to simply be there with the energy, merge with the energy, and let it happen.

So this series of blog posts is all about helping you to get your mind out of the way, helping you to not try, helping you to merge with the energy, helping you to suspend your disbelief and let it happen.

We will be going through a series of exercises over the coming weeks that you need to practise on other people. This series will not work for you unless you have a group of people available to you to be willing guinea pigs for your intuitive exercises.

  • You will learn to cultivate the right state of mind to attract intuitive impressions.
  • You will learn to allow your hands to drift with the energy so that “invisible magnets” pull them to the right place to treat.
  • You will learn how to use visualisation in different ways to access intuitive knowledge.

A familiar state of mind

Now, the state of mind that you need to cultivate to allow for intuitive working is also the best state of mind to have when practising Reiki, when giving treatments, when carrying out distance healing, when working on yourself.

So these exercises will also help you to develop your ability as a channel and your effectiveness as a practitioner.

We have found that Reiki treatments based on intuitive hand positions do something really special for the recipient, more than if they received treatments based on standard hand positions. Intuitive treatments seem to allow the energy to penetrate more deeply, to produce effects that are more relevant or more profound.

This makes sense because you are directing the energy into just the right combination of positions for them on that occasion. So from one treatment to another with the same person, you will use different combinations of hand positions, as their energy needs change from one session to another.

Even *you* can become more intuitive!

We have been teaching these intuitive methods for many years now, on live courses and through various Reiki home study courses, and these approaches seem to work for everyone.

The key to working intuitively is to *not* try, and to merge with the energy and to allow it to happen. And the more you get yourself into a lovely empty merged state, the more definite your intuitive impressions will become.

So I wish you an exciting journey with these exercises. You will be following weekly projects, and we explain exactly what you have to do. Follow the instructions; get lots of practice (that’s the key to it really), and you will be amazed by what is possible!

I recommend that you keep notes on your experiences as you progress through the course, so you can look back and review your progress.

The Reiki intuition series starts next week, so I look forward to seeing you then.

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5 thoughts on “You can become more intuitive with your Reiki

  1. Thankyou very much for all your emails with so much beautiful precious information
    Love and blessings

  2. I thank you Taggart for all the time and energy you spend with helping us on our path with Reiki. As I keep telling people, who say to me that I am stuck with Reiki and should move on to a different field of study, you are never stuck with Reiki as Reiki is for development of one’s life and there is still so much more to learn. It is not just for the “weekend” course. Of course I do study other subjects apart from Reiki, but for me Reiki is for life. Thank you Taggart for being so dedicated to the Path and us.

  3. Hi Rosie, I agree that there is endless potential within Reiki and that it’s a long-term project of working on one’s self. I’m glad you find the posts helpful.

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