Yvonne Cattermole

Leads a “Breath Led Yoga” session at the 2024 Virtual Reiki Evolution National Gathering on 15th September

Yvonne has been a therapist and teacher for 25 years.  As well as offering Reiki appointments and courses, she provides Holistic Bodywork and Reflexology. 

Yvonne’s approach provides a grounded holistic experience, focusing on the individual rather than the condition.

She also teaches yoga (viniyoga) in-person, online and one to one. Her Ayurvedic-based lifestyle coaching allows time and space to explore practices to find a healthy, sustainable attitude to your mind and body and promotes Reiki and Yoga for self-care practices. Yvonne aims to create a space to nourish, heal and develop

Yoga and Other Offers:

Yoga for presence & self-care: this simple yoga practice will use the breath to still the mind and bring awareness to both the physical and subtle energy body. The breath is present throughout the practice, making the entire practice one of meditation whether there is movement or stillness. The practice is appropriate for all.

Throughout August (4 weeks), Yvonne is offering an online yoga programme:

  • Course 1: Online Yoga & Meditation @ £45
    • Mondays 0730-0830 and Thursdays 0800-0900
  • Course 2: Online Yoga @ £50
    • Thursdays 1800-1900 and Fridays 0730-0815 & 0945-1045
  • OR Both courses @ £80

For each course, you are welcome to come to all classes and you will receive a recording at the end of the week of one of the live courses from the Course/s. Recordings available until mid September. Full details: https://yvonnecattermole.com/yoga-classes/

There is an Online Reiki share on Wednesday 14 August, 0930-1030 @ £5.00 and more through the year. In-person shares are also available in Long Ashton, Bristol. Full details: https://yvonnecattermole.com/reiki/reiki-shares/