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Kent Reiki testimonials: Louise Heseltine

At Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

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Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Louise Heseltine’s Reiki Evolution Reiki training courses in Gravesend, Kent.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The manual and CDs were very well presented, they were clear, well structured and comprehensive. I am still using the meditations CD on a regular basis. I attended the course in Melton with Louise, she was very welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. I was glad to attend a live course as it gave me the opportunity to meet others who were at the same stage as me on the reiki path, as well as to meet an ‘expert’ so to speak. We were all able to share our experiences and feelings and progress together. The certificates which very promptly followed the course were brilliant and having the website is a great way of making you feel like your part of a community. The whole experience has been wonderful and I look forward to completing my second degree sometime in the future.”

Dympna Kilby, Leicestershire, January 2010

“I thought that the course materials were very good indeed – it was very helpful to have the CD, which backed up the manual. I found it to be clearly and logically laid out. I spent quite a lot more than 9 hours studying prior to my live training day, but I guess that varies enormously from person to person.

The live training day was good, with only two other ‘students’ and Louise, the teacher. This gave us all plenty of time to learn a little about each other before the teaching began, which was nice. Louise was very informal, which helped put us at ease, and I enjoyed the day.”

Amanda Willsher, Kent, January 2010

“I really enjoyed the live day course, Louise was really good, and I liked the friendly welcoming ambiance at the centre. I was pleasantly surprised to realise that there were only 3 of us on the course, that was excellent, as we all got plenty of one to one tution, but it was easy to ask the questions we needed to without feeling embarassed about it. The course materials are good, and as a person who learns much better visually then just aurally, I really appreciated the chance to read & re-read at my own pace then put into practice what I had learned at the live course.

Overall the course and materials were much better than I’d expected, I felt it was good value for money and an incredible introduction to Reiki, I’d recommend it to anyone.

I enjoyed the whole experience so much that I didn’t wait long before booking the 2nd level course!”

Susan Mullin, Warwickshire, May 2010

“The course content more than exceeded my expectations. The written material was easy to follow as was the audio CD. Louise was an excellent, knowledgeable teacher, whose enthusiasm shone through.

I can truly say that this First Degree course has been a life changing experience for me. The Reiju empowerments left me seeing colours of green, blue, purple and red. I felt cold and then hot. I was left with a sence of inner peace which is still with me and I am far less affected by stressful situations. It seems as if I am just letting things wash over me.

Interestingly, when ever I treat my husband to a Reiki session my cats and dogs come and watch and then I end up giving them reiki too ! I will be signing up for the secod degree shortly.”

Marion McGeough, Derbyshire, May 2010

“I completed the Master/Teacher course with Louise Heseltine + Conversion Course. I was very impressed with all of the literature/manuals/CDs and DVD received. They are extremely professional and well written. I found the use of the CDs and DVD of great help and love the meditations.

As for Louise – she was lovely; very warm and welcoming on arrival and made us all feel very at ease with one another. Although there was an awful lot to cover of the weekend, we were never put under any pressure and got through everything with ease. I feel that I am now on the right spiritual path with regards to Reiki, having found Reiki Evolution and wish that I had found you from the start.

I now cannot wait to practice and hopefully go on to teach this method.”

Caroline Wells, Norfolk, May 2010

“I have trained with Louise at Reiki 1/2 and Master level. I have to say that the course content and preparatory manual/CD’s were excellent. The combination of the written/visual and audio material I found straightforward, well structured and essential in terms of preparation for the live course. The live course weekend was exceptional. Louise is a patient and inspirational teacher who made getting to grips with the material and facilitating the experiential practice a seamless transition and a transformative experience. A colleague has already booked her place for Reiki 1 on my recommendation and I sincerely hope that others will follow and benefit from this extraordinary training which stays true and as close to the original system as it gets. I undertook much research and have to say that Reiki Evolution will draw those intuitive souls looking for an authentic training.”

Angela Spokes, Leicestershire, May 2010

“I’ve really enjoyed and benefited from my Masters course with Louise, and from the course materials. People I’ve been treating have really noticed the difference too, and I’ve started to informally teach and do empowerments on friends and family, as well as on myself, which is a fantastic development that benefits myself and others.

There was a lot to work through and a lot of personal transformation that took place in the process of studying, even before attending, receiving empowerments etc. Louise is fun , enthusiastic, personable and inspiring to work with, and I got a lot out of sharing the work of the live course with the 3 others who attended too.

I’d like to add that I started studying with Reiki Evolution because I was suffering from M.E. and needed Reiki for self-healing and personal development, as well as being interested from the broader perspective, and although I am still suffering from ME, my journey to healing, as well as my understanding of health and illness, has progressed in leaps and bounds, and I am far better in myself than I have been for a very long time.”

Lucy Castle, Leicestershire, June 2010

”I would have to say that I was really impressed and pleased with my day with Louise at Melton Mowbray doing my level 1, Shoden. There were 5 of us on the course, which meant people to work with but no overcrowding. Louise was an excellent teacher, keeping the entire day informative and enjoyable, answering all our questions, explaining and demonstrating technique and approach, physical and mental, so when I left I felt all the T’s had been crossed and the I’s dotted.

I really enjoyed this style of tuition, the manual and discs talked me through what I needed to know. Often, questions I had, were answered as I worked through the course as if anticipating me ! Am I that predictable? As you said in your introduction to the courses, you can learn at your own pace, go over anything that isn’t clear initially, then on the day course everything is all slotted into place and starts to gel. That’s how I found it anyway!

Personally I can’t think of any improvements, I have my certificate and precepts framed and on the walls of my boat and am busy learning level 2 which I am finding even more exciting, looking forward to October when I am back at Louise’s and then I will go where it takes me.“

Phil Kilby, Staffordshire, July 2010

“The course materials were excellent. I really appreciated having the information, especially the CDs in plenty of time to prepare. That helped with background information and increased my enjoyment of the day. I had received several Reiki treatments in the past and had made a decision that one day I would like to become attuned myself.

The Reiki-Evolution course was the one that most appealed to me and I wasn’t disappointed. The empowerments that I received on the day were awesome especially the middle one. I had been suffering from a lot of stress and anxiety and during the 2nd empowerment, I had such a wonderful feeling of peace and well-being and that lasted for over a week. Louise was an excellent teacher and the whole day flowed really well – it just ended too soon!

I have continued to practice Hatsurei ho and the Self-treatment meditations and have found that I am calmer and am beginning to sort out some of the issues in my life that are causing my distress. I have also given treatments to my family and friends and some of the effects have been quite dramatic. I am hoping to go on to do the 2nd Degree Course in the Autumn for the benefit of myself and to help others.”

Anne Iliffe, Leicestershire, August 2010

“I just wanted to say how fantastic I found the whole Reiki Master Teacher course and how well prepared I feel for beginning my practice at this level as well as hopefully teaching others in the future. Your detailed and thorough course materials that you sent and the clearly explained preparation work meant that when I arrived for the ‘live’ part of the course I felt completely equipped for the energy work that we covered. Thank you!

Louise Heseltine is a superb teacher. As a teacher myself I am always interested in the teaching styles of the teachers who teach me. She managed to balance thoroughly covering the course with allowing myself and the other students the freedom to discuss issues raised and through doing that learn on many levels. I think this takes great skill to get the balance right. She is also a very warm person and was very reassuring and supportive throughout the course. The whole weekend was inspiring, the other people on the course really enriched the experience for me and I realised that I must start a Reiki share near me as sharing Reiki with other Reiki people can really intensify the Reiki experience.Thank you very much for making Reiki so accessible for so many people.”

Faiy Rushton, Leicestershire, August 2010

“As always, the material was excellent. Working through the manuals and listening to the CDs helped it all to ‘sink in’ and having the DVD is also a great idea to help get to grips with the giving of the Attunement and Empowerment. I will be referring back to the material and using the different energy exercises.

I would also like to say what a fantastic teacher Louise is. I have completed both first and second degree Reiki with her and am so pleased that I got to do the master course with her as well. Her method of teaching is great and she makes the course really enjoyable. We had a really nice group and all of got on us well, we shared some wonderful experiences and the empowerments were amazing. The energy that I’m feeling has been heightened and I’m really keen to get out there and start treating people again, I’m also feeling more confident about doing the teaching side. All of us on the course were experiencing some self doubt, but what you say on the CD is true, of course we can do it. I’m so glad I picked Reiki Evolution to do my training with. My Mum has completed Reiki 1 through a different lineage, and whilst there’s nothing wrong with what she has learned and the way it’s been done, I much prefer the way I’ve been taught.

I look forward to continuing my Reiki journey, and will continue to get my empowerments from you on a Monday, and from Louise on a Friday – thank you for those. I will also be sure to start using the Reiki Evolution student support website again and participating in the conversations, it’s a great website and I really don’t know why I haven’t been using it more.”

Esta Robertson, West Midlands, August 2010

“Website – very impressed with this – it was easy to navigate, attractive and informative, didn’t need to look at any other Reiki websites after seeing yours, because it answered all the questions I had.

Course material – Very prompt response after enrolment. Manual was out of print for short time so I was sent a link to a downloadable version and started reading straight away. All the course materials are of excellent quality (must get a cover for the manual – want to keep it looking pristine!) Manual explained things in a very practical way, with just the right amount of detail – with recommendations for further reading if wanted. CDs complemented the manual, thought this was a good idea – easier to absorb information after listening then reading and re-reading. I liked the focus being purely on Reiki.

Preparation – I felt very well prepared for the live course as I knew exactly what to expect (well with a few surprises obviously…..) as the structure of the day was clearly set out in your correspondence – this was appreciated.

Live course – Louise made all us feel very welcome – she is lovely and answered all our questions. She was interested to find out what we wanted from the day and from Reiki. Smaller groups good idea – more personal and relaxed. It was good to meet the others on the course and compare notes. After reading about Reiki I knew that it was for me – but it was reassuring to hear that other people felt the same way.”

Denise, Warwickshire, September 2010

“With regards to my level 2 course, it was more than I expected. The manual and CD covered everything, I practised every day incorporating symbols gently into my routine, then, when I was comfortable with them I started distant healing which is very rewarding.

Then my day with Louise was superb, it is like the icing on the cake! Everything fits neatly together to make something bigger and more powerful. Absolutely amazing!”

Phil Kilby, Staffordshire, October 2010

“I was very pleased with the course. The course materials were especially helpful and on the day felt fully prepared for the practical part. I think that having multimedia course materials is a fantastic idea, it really enhanced my learning. The fact that we did not need to take notes, because of the comprehensive manual, was a real gift & made sure I was fully focused on what was happening.

Louise was a fantastic teacher, warm & friendly & full of good advice. I would & will recommend Reiki Evolution courses & I can’t wait to do 2nd degree!”

Angie Kilcoyne, West Midlands, February 2011

“What did I think of the course content? Very Good indeed- this course covered all elements required and the content was very comprehensive and supportive to developing my learning and experience.

Did the course meet my expectations? Yes absolutely- I have been very impressed with the Course and will continue my Reiki Journey with Reiki Evolution.

What did I think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? Fantastic resource, i thought the manuals were superb, provided all the information required and it catered to all learning styles, visual and auditory, practical examples. I personally found the CDs very supportive to my learning and they helped with the preparation required for the course. These also provide the tools to continue the learnings following the course.

What are my comments about the live training, and my teacher? Louise was a great teacher and catered to the groups learning requirements and needs, She was friendly approachable and put the group at ease so allow a positive learning environment.

I look forward to continuing my Reiki journey with you…”

Clare Dulson, Rutland, March 2011

“I found the course material absolutely great. I found the materials comprehensive, informative and helped me to understand what REIKI is and all the things I can do with REIKI. I liked your comments on how Western Style REIKI has become a distorted and complicated form of a simple process. CDs and DVDs supplemented the books and were of immense help. The DVD actually helped me learn and remember the long sequence of attunements. Thanks to you. I keep using your CDs especially for my meditations. I keep going back to the books to remind me of the things I forget. I am glad that I don’t need to shuffle through lots of different books and get confused. Everything about REIKI has been captured in one book. On the whole, I found the REIKI materials impressive and to be an excellent resource.

I found the course very useful, especially the energy exercises. I loved the idea that the course is more practical as the theory has been done before. I learnt a lot from Louise. She is brilliant.”

Soma Mukherjee, Derbyshire, March 2011

“I really enjoyed the day course. Lousie was lovely and put us at ease. I chose this course because you sent the course material prior to the day with the addition of CD’s. I found this was a great way to get to know all the information (at my leisure when it fitted into my normal life!). Also the fact that when you run the day course you have a max of 6 students which means that everybody benefits from almost individual tuition. The CD’s which talked me throught the exercises were brilliant as there is nothing worse than trying to meditate with your eyes closed, then having to quickly peek at a book becuase you can’t remember the next movement!. I am now looking forward to putting everything into practice and will definitely be signing on for Reiki II.

Many Thanks to yourself for putting this course together and Louise for her coaching and support on the day.”

Angie Morris, Warwickshire, March 2011

“The course was really good. One of the reasons I chose Reiki Evolution was because you get the learning materials prior to the course. They were clear and concise. I loved the CD as well and you have a lovely relaxing voice:).

I found Louise to be a great teacher. She was very patient and made me feel comfortable. She was very clear and open to questions which is always a great thing. She made me feel very comfortable and was an excellent guide showing me how to carry out a treatment, in usual circumstances i would have been quite nervous but her relaxed approach helped me overcome any nerves I had.

Thanks very much and I look forward to continuing my reiki journey with Reiki Evolution.”

Beryl Werrett, Kent, July 2011

“All I can say is that once again it was an enjoyable day. Due to having the manual & CD’s well in advance of the course, the day itself doesn’t feel like you are attending a course! There are non of the stresses or fears that I normally get when I know I have to “learn”. It was a great social day experiencing empowerments and reiki.

Louise is lovely and always puts you at ease and makes you laugh. In fact it was like meeting an old friend and hard to believe that I had only met her once on the Reiki I course. The course material is very good and simple and easy to follow, with the added backup of the CD’s it is a great way of learning.

I also enjoy the Live day as it is good to just double check that you are doing everything correctly (and it is very hard not to with having the course material) but sometimes I have doubts that things can be that easy!! Also it is so nice to have small numbers on a course (in my case me and one other person). A max of 6 enables 3 groups to work together giving the person running the course plenty of time to assist each group if necessary.

Once again I came out of a course feeling really positive with what I can do and what I experience. I will definitely be booking onto the Master’s course when I feel I have the correct amount of experience.”

Angie Morris, Warwickshire, July 2011

“The course certainly met my expectations. In fact they were not very high : I wanted to be able to treat a cat who had an accident some years ago. To me Reiki was a healing system – nothing more. So I ‘just’ wanted to heal. Then I received the course and discovered that Reiki is much more. I was already convinced about the healing powers of Reiki (I was treated ten years ago and I know that I am who I am now thanks to these) but I did not know about the rest.

The precepts, self-treatments and meditations were totally new to me. But somehow I feel this is right and that is is in fact what I’m looking for. I feel that I first need to focus on the Hatsu Rei and the self-treatment. That doesn’t mean that I won’t do healing sessions (my husband and my cats certainly won’t let me ignore them).

The course is brilliant. The structure is great : I could work on it as fast or as slow as I wanted. The audio support is great too because I needed to listen to it. I read a lot and sometimes I just flow over the words without getting the meaning : with the CD I had to listen. The meditations are great : I find it easy to meditate now with the audio support and the fact that I know why I medidate.

The live course was a joyful experience. It was nice to meet other people and share our experiences. Louise is a nice and warm person and the whole day was brilliant.

In short Reiki has come back in my life at the right time. Funnily enough I think that is linked to becoming a vegan some months ago. To me going vegan (after 17 years of vegetarianism) has meant a spiritual change, a deep change and led me back to Reiki.”

Anne Dusart, Belgium, August 2011

“I really enjoyed my Reiki Master course. I have been practicing Reiki for 15 years. Redoing the one and two courses and then learning the master course from the material and cd’s and dvd was excellent: very informative and easy to learn from. I’m not sure how you could improve it.

As always refreshing to go back and study what you had previously known and add to it was and is very helpful. The Master course gave me more insight into what I can do with my intuition when giving treatments.

Yes I’ve used my intuition when treating and I can honestly say clients have been pleased with the results. But learning about scanning and looking at the Chakras. Learning more about the symbols has given me a new understanding of them.

I have in the past allowed the universal energies to go where the client needed them and yes it’s worked, but now meditating on the energies I know now I can bring them forward and my clients should and do get an even better treatment. No matter how long we have known something, there is always a place to learn more.

Doing the masters course has given me a new outlook on Reiki and I’m very excited. I definately will be teaching this course in a few months time. I have also found I seem to be getting more clients coming to my shop for Reiki and also more people coming who have been on a Reiki course.

The live course was really good and Louise was a brill teacher Aug 6th & 7th. I found myself dry bathing in my sleep the other night AND bringing the energy ball into myself. Brill.”

I’m so pleased I found Reiki Evolution”

Val Sugarman, South Yorkshire, August 2011

“The material you sent us prior to the course was really good. We found it easy to read and understand and we liked the way you de -mystified Reiki giving us confidence to look forward to the first course.

The CD’s are a great idea. We listened to the first one in the car at every opportunity which is a bonus in covering the material, in what was for us a short time prior to going on the course. With regards to the Meditation CD, so far we have only listened to the first track. We both found this soothing and your voice truly lends itself to meditation.

The First Course with Louise Heseltine was brilliant. David and I were the only participants which could have made it a little too intense and intimate. However, Louise has such a bubbly personality, is very practical in her way of teaching and whilst we had space to explore some of our beliefs and life experiences she kept us on track and moving forward. At the end of the day we were both excited and keen to move forward. (Incidentally David has had a problem with the lower part of his legs for some time (1 year plus), especially stiff in the morning when he gets up, but guess what – following morning stiffness gone! So we are keen to continue with the treatment Louise taught us to the point that we now have a treatment couch and our first Healing CD.

So onwards and upwards. I intend to do part 2, (with Louise) and David is keen to move on to Equine Reiki.”

Joy Gibson, Nottinghamshire, September 2011

“Can I just say how much I am enjoying learning about and using Reiki – I have wanted to learn more about Reiki for a long time, but didn’t know where to start. There is such a plethora of information and so many variations in approach that I felt a little lost. I felt drawn to Reiki Evolution mostly down to the way the course is delivered via home study and live training – plus it seemed to be a straight-forward, uncluttered approach to Reiki. I have been happily doing my daily meditations and have given treatments to a number of friends, family and colleagues (I must also admit to sending Reiki to my face-cream in the hope that it will fend off wrinkles!) I am so happy I took the plunge and am now embarking on my own Reiki journey.

The course was brilliant, interesting and accessible. There was a good balance between the history of Reiki, the theories behind it and practical application. I like the fact that you have the manual, CD, Reiki Evolution Forums and the Monday Reju empowerments – it’s not like just doing the course and that’s it, you’re on your own! The course met my expectations and moreso.

The manual is well laid-out in plain English, easy to understand and to refer back to. Photographs are clear and easy to follow. I like the recommended learning plan which suggests the order in which to read/listen to the CD. I feel I really benefitted from having followed that plan in the weeks leading up to the day of the live training. I have since referred back to the manual and I know I will continue to do so. The meditations on the CD are very useful, I use them daily and I am gradually becoming more familiar with the sequences.

I LOVED the live training day. Louise was friendly, welcoming and approachable – her enthusiasm for Reiki is infectious! I like that the group was very small, it gave time to talk through experiences and allowed Louise to share a lot of information with us in a relaxed, unrushed way. The empowerments were very pleasant experiences – it was so exhilarating giving my first Reiki treatment – finding my hands being magnetically pushed and pulled by the energy as I worked the other student’s heart and solar plexus area… I went away feeling confident, energised and, well… empowered!”

Lorna Pring, Kent, December 2011

“I found the course informative, and enjoy Louise’s approach to tutoring. She is encouraging, and builds confidence. The content adds to the manual and cd’s provided prior to the course. This is the second course I have done with Louise (completed Shoden in Sept 2011) . Should I decide to go the the Masters level then I would certainly be looking for Louise!

I find the pre course material excellent, easy to read.The cd’s whch are extremely useful. They provide a brilliant way to learn, combining something interesting and purposeful with a boring task such as ironing!.

The live approach suits me best as I enjoy the opportunity to share my Reiki experiences with others at the same level as myself.”

Joy Gibson, Nottinghamshire, February 2012

“Really enjoyed the Reiki 2 course. The course materials were very good and I didn’t have any problems with them. The book is very well explained and I didn’t find that anything was lacking. The meditation CD is also very good. The other CD for the course material I did’t listen to as I find that reading information is the best way to learn for me.

Louise was very good on the day of the course and went through all the course material. I was very impressed with the way she had everything written down that she wanted to cover on the day. Time was well planned out and we did plenty of practical work. I was very satisfied with the day.”

Val Stobbs, Derbyshire, February 2012

”I’d been discouraged from taking a Reiki course before, because Reiki seems to be surrounded by a lot of mumbo-jumbo and showmanship. However, when I eventually decided to follow up the idea of learning about it, the Universe immediately pointed me to your website. I at last found someone practical and realistic who I felt I could relate to — I have to trust what I’m doing, as I have a great aversion to charlatanism and posing. I especially liked your (I must say, very trusting!) idea of sending out the Reiki I course material in advance, rather than expecting students to take scribbled notes whilst having “half an ear” to the trainer.

I was not disappointed when the very professionally produced materials arrived — I especially like the meditations, but the manual is also excellent and well-structured.

Given the excellent quality of the manual, I was expecting that the course would live up to the promise, and with Louise I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Having so much meditation and practical work, rather than rushed-through “book work”, was also definitely a bonus. Louise’s energy is so gentle, yet at the same time powerful, and her answers to our questions showed that she is definitely familiar with, and lives, what she is talking about. The day gave me renewed confidence to return to healing, once I have cleared out the remaining remnants of my “former life” over the next few weeks! Thank you for putting the course together.”

Steve Stocks, Suffolk, March 2012

”I thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki First Degree Live training I did with Louise Heseltine on Saturday 25th February. I thought the course content was very thorough giving a sound historical background and evolutionary path, explaining what Reiki is as well as what Reiki isn’t.

As recommended I did many hours study before the day. This was not only invaluable, but also allowed me to study at my own pace, reading ‘around’ the subject as my interest developed. I personally found the individuals in the lineage fascinating and though not by any means a necessity to read biographies in finite detail, I do like to ‘understand’ the driving force behind their journeys with Reiki. The knowledge I had acquired before the course enabled me to enjoy the day all the more.

The course materials (Manuals and CDs) were very well presented and in general very user friendly. I will refer to them often.

Louise was very friendly and welcoming. She is clearly very passionate about Reiki and answered any questions easily and competently. She is a very patient, good listener who made sure everyone was happy with what had been covered before moving on to the next topic. I would definitely be keen to take my 2nd Degree with Louise.”

Claire Richardson, Kent, March 2012

”Well the course certainly met my expectations. I had had the pack for a few weeks and so had had plenty of time to read and reread it and also listen to the CDs so that when Louise went through everything it was reinforcing rather than teaching. Louise was excellent and I had such a lovely day that I really didn’t feel I was on a ‘course’ at all – so much so that I nearly left without paying!! When funds permit I will definitely do Reiki 2 with her. Really can’t fault anything – loved it and am already reaping the benefits and so are my friends/family.”

Valerie Everitt, Derbyshire, June 2012

”I was really excited to book and start my reiki course with you. The course book was excellent and what really brought it together was the 2 CD’s which I’m still using.

I enjoyed the live training day with Louise as it was good to be able to compare and swap experiences… Louise and the other students were so interesting. I will definitely be going on to do level 2 and will also be doing the level 2 animal reiki home course.”

Stevie Way, London, November 2012

The content of the course was very good; the manual had prepared me well for the practical day – it is very thorough. On the tutored day a very practical approach was taken – no note-taking was needed. We received Reiju empowerments from Louise and we also practised working with energy, treating ourselves, scanning and also treating others. It was great to experience receiving my first Reiki treatment.

The course certainly met my expectations – having both the manual and the practical course made it very comprehensive. I now feel confident to treat friends and family and am looking forward to trying a Reiki session on a friend’s horse!

The manual is very thorough, giving background information and a comprehensive coverage of a variety of areas of Reiki training. It is very clearly written, easy to read and understand. There was also good guidance on which areas to concentrate on before the practical day. The MP3s are also very good. I like the fact that the background noise is not too musical, so doesn’t distract you from the Reiki. Taggart’s spoken guidance is helpful and not intrusive.

I also think it is a great idea to have the extra ‘add-ons’ provided – eg Reiki shares, the on-line support network, etc.

The live training was very good. Louise is a lovely person and was very welcoming; she is also very experienced and competent. The group was small – only 3 of us – which was really helpful. Louise covered all the content I had expected, so I felt satisfied and confident to be able to treat others. There was plenty of opportunity for feedback after each aspect.

It was a wonderful day – somehow both full-on, yet peaceful and relaxing too; I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt very fulfilled. The venue was also good – a large and comfortable room in a peaceful, lovely setting. I look forward to enrolling for the Second Degree course with Louise in the New Year.”

Jan Hurley, Kent, November 2012

“What did you think of the course content?

The content was very good; the manual had prepared me well for the practical day. We received empowerments from Louise and practised the various elements of Reiki 2 on each other. I believe there is sufficient information in the manual to enable good development of Reiki skills.

Did the course meet your expectations?

Yes, I like having the course manual well in advance, particularly to learn the symbols, and I enjoyed the practical approach on the live training day – working with energies, distant healing, working with intent, an intuitive approach, etc.

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?

The manual is thorough, giving background information and a comprehensive coverage the various aspects of Reiki 2. It is very clearly written, easy to read and understand. There was also good guidance on which areas to concentrate on before the practical day. It is very useful to have the supplementary sections on Reiki as a therapy, treatment techniques, treating children and the legal and health and safety aspects.

The MP3s are also very good. It was useful to have a spoken explanation of Reiki 2 as a supplement to the manual. I have also enjoyed the meditations.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher?

The live training was very good. Louise is a warm and welcoming person and had trained each of us for Reiki 1. The group was small – only 3 of us – which was really helpful. Louise is an experienced teacher who covered all the content I had expected, so I felt satisfied and confident to be able to develop my own Reiki skills further. There was plenty of opportunity for feedback after each aspect.”

Jan Hurley, Kent, May 2013

“I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Louise and the other girls. Louise is very easy to get along with and her approach to Reiki is superb! I found the attunements/empowerments absolutely mind blowing and since using the symbols my Reiki is stronger and even more fulfilling. The friends and family I’ve treated have been really responsive, apart from one who fell asleep very quickly and was snoring quite loudly. lol. Thank you for helping me make beautiful Reiki a part of my life and if I decide to do the Master course I certainly know where to come.”

Chrissie Buxton, Kent, October 2013

“The course was fabulous. Louise was very inspirational and we had a lovely day. It was great to hear how Reiki can help out so many people in different ways. The pre course material was great. I used it a lot before the live day, so I felt quite familiar with a lot of the terms Louise used. I am really looking forward to doing the second degree in a couple of months time. I think Louise said she had a course in September. I am practicing as much as I can and I am getting better at meditation. There was just two on the course which I felt was perfect as it was very personal and we managed to cover a lot.”

Karen Graham, Kent, May 2014

“Having been interested in learning Reiki and after researching various sources I found Louise through the “Reiki Evolution” website and liked the fact that it taught Traditional Usui Japanese Reiki. Over a period of three years I took levels one (Shoden), two (Okuden) and three: Master/Teacher (Shinpiden). All with Louise.

Louise, in my opinion, is the epitome of what a Reiki Master/Teacher should be. She is down to earth and sincere whilst being comfortable with her own spirituality. Very knowledgeable about Reiki and healing techniques with a wicked sense of humour which make her classes real fun.

While working through the levels Louise was always available for any questions and a constant support. Although each level has a different perspective Louise made them flow into each other building upon the core awareness that is Reiki. Her classes are dynamic, entertaining, vibrant and fun.

I think it is the unique blend of technical knowledge, experience, passion and compassion that makes Louise such a great teacher, I loved the time studying for each level and if you are thinking of learning Reiki at any level I would highly recommend Louise to anyone and everyone wanting to discover this wonderful subject.”

Phil Kilby, Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui & Karuna Reiki). Holistic Therapist Fd.Sc. MFHT. MICRT. Portland, Oregon USA

“I thought the course content was very well thought out and planned, both the learning at home and during the class. The course met my expectations and more, I really did feel awakened during the course and also while reading and listening to the cd’s, it just felt very right for me. The course materials where very easy to use.

My teacher was great and really put me at ease, never easy being the only guy in the room and she made me feel very welcome and relaxed. Louise made it fun and interesting, and you could tell had a real genuine interest in helping us get as much out of the experience as possible. I’m now really considering reiki 2 course, I just need to find a date I can do!”

Steve Fitzsimmons, Kent, May 2016

“I had a wonderful day on my reiki shoden with Louise on Saturday. It was an eye opening experience which was more than I expected. Louise was very nice and down to earth and a pleasure to learn from and accept her empowerments.  The pre-course material and CD’s were fantastic to have the ground work prepared and practice the meditations.

I would recommend the course to anyone!”

Penny Muir, Kent, July 2016

“What did you think of the course content?  I loved the content and found it very easy to follow.  I thought the questions regarding Reiki very helpful as it helped me focus.

Did the course meet your expectations? Definitely.

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?  Love the CDs and materials and I did find it really useful listening to the CDs .

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher? I was a tad apprehensive before attending but there was no reason to be as Louise made us feel so welcome and explained everything. I think Louise is a great teacher and I couldn’t believe how quickly the day went.”

Tricia Scanlon, Kent, March 2017

“I wanted to say thank you. Both to yourself and to Louise Heseltine for helping me to begin to understand what is happening in my mind.
I booked a level 1 reiki course after a strange experience I had while treating a patient of mine (I am an osteopath by trade) during which I endured the most immensely beautiful bright purple flash of colour behind my eyes. A colour too perfect to describe and one I have yet to ever see in real life. This was followed by an image of 2 cheetah type animals running together and locking into a fight. It was intense but beautiful and so shockingly powerful yet so unexpected as I had never experienced anything similar to this before. Since that day I have had regular moments of extreme bright colour and images (mainly of animals) while I treat my patients.

Louise was so open minded, so understanding, so knowledgeable. She reassured me I wasn’t going crazy, She even leant me a book from her own collection to help further explain. Her belief in me and her attunements have helped to make these visions stronger and I can access them in every day life now, not just when I treat.

Due to unusual circumstances my course ended up being a one to one. I am so greatful that Louise continued the course just for me. I feel I had so many questions and she answered every single one. I have always been quite factual, quite scientific in my thoughts and these visions didn’t make sense to me.

I would also like to say thank you for the meditation CD, the distant empowerment and the precepts. As an overthinker they have helped calm me and I feel more appreciative of every day things.

I would love to continue along the reiki/ spiritual path and I would love to learn to integrate it more into my treatment plans for my patients. Treating with reiki makes me happy, it gives me energy and most importantly, makes my patients better. So thank you, thank you and thank you again. You are transforming my life and hopefully my patients lives to.

As for how to improve the course. I don’t think you can. Reiki level 1 offers all the background information you could need. I now believe reiki is a personal journey and every individual will have their own questions. Continue to provide relaxed courses where teachers are passionate and no question is a silly question.

Oh. And to Louise… thank you for fixing my knee ;)”

Stacie Pressley, Kent, June 2017

“Having just completed my reiki 1st degree course with Louise I have nothing negative to say and so much that was positive. Louise made me feel extremely relaxed right from the start. My fellow student was particularly stressed, and it was a joy to watch him change from the first empowerment. I went with an open mind and it exceeded any subconscious expectations I had. Louise ran the day with clear structure, never failing to answer any questions or deal with any anxieties. By the time the day had ended I felt a powerful connection between the three of us. Working as a pair, with the gentle facilitation of Louise I learned so much.

I have found the manual and CDs superb. As a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist I found your voice very calming, but at the same time assured. I had put a lot into my pre-reading and this paid dividends. During the day its self I could concentrate on the practice and relate it to what I had read.

During the empowerments I experienced a beautiful calm and beautiful violet colours. On Monday, following the course, during my two meditation practices, I again experienced this calmness and the violet colours. Now, whenever I practice Hatsu Rei Ho and self-treatment meditation, I am visited by more gentle violet colours; I can never will these, but when they are there I feel such comfort and connection with Reiki.

Thank you Taggart and Louise for starting me on my Reiki journey.”

Alison Riches, Kent, November 2017

“1. The course content was excellent 2. I would say the course pretty much met my expectations. It certainly was not less than my expectations 3. The course materials were excellent. The manual was great! Very well written and everything was beautifully explained.

I love the fact it was kept simple and ‘pure’ but at the same time very informative. I can see a lot of thought was put into catering for multiple learning styles and I can not praise high enough for this.

Also it was really really great that I had loads of time to study at my own pace with no pressure. It takes a while for things to sink in for me and I would simply not have been able to do this had it been all included on a 2 day course. Absolute genuis to do it this way!

The CDs…. very good. Taggart has a very gentle easy to listen to voice. I actually felt myself chill and relax just listening to his voice on the CD… only gripe to be honest was that I didn’t like one of the music tracks on the CD. But apart from that I have no complaints!

4. The live training was great. I was nervous beforehand and at the start but the empowerments really helped me to relax. It was absolutely amazing!! It’s 4 days since the live course now and I still can’t put into words exactly what happened. To put it into words would not do it justice but I can try.

I felt all my worries wash away. I felt a great surge of energy and I felt several feet taller. My body posture changed. I felt a coldness surround me but it felt good. I’ve not felt the same since. Something is going on but how do I articulate it into words? I am less worried for sure. I feel I’m ‘different’….I could channel energy before but now it’s not the same ….I need time to fully assess what has happened/is happening …..i just know it is different…..before it was more a magnetic feeling …now it’s…hmmm….slight coldness/some heat …but not as much magnetic feeling …..I’ll be better able to say more in a few weeks I think

Back to the live training. Loiuse was great. Very down to earth and easy to talk to. I had a very nice lady on my course too. Was a great day. One I will never forget! 5. How could the course be improved? Well …’s perfect …but maybe I would change that piece of music 😉 So in summary. Overall I don’t really see how the course could be improved. Well done Taggart and Loiuse! Great job on both your parts!!”

Brian Aitken, Kent, November 2017

“Initially I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of content, but once I had downloaded it onto my Ipad and tab and calmed down a bit I saw that it was not as complicated as I thought. I liked that you had included audio version of the materials to suit learning styles as it reinforced what I had read. I also made notes on index cards to help me remember in order the chapters and the audio to listen to, as well as drawing the hand shapes and to remember the technical terms…

On the day of the live course with Louise I was a bit nervous, but I needn’t have worried as she was warm, friendly and relaxed. She presented and clarified what was in the course manual well and the practical side was brilliant. We did the self treatments, energy exercises and how to treat another person.  I also found that we had lots of interests in common not only with Louise but the other student Lauren. I am still in awe of the day and cannot wait to do the Level 2 with Louise.

Overall it was excellent.”

Julie Graham, Kent, June 2018