Focus on: Teaching Reiki (part i)

reiki teaching goals

Here is the first in a new series of blogs that I will be posting, each one focusing on a particular area of Reiki practice or teaching and detailing any useful blog posts that I have written, and any useful resources I have to help you.

Today we focus on teaching Reiki.


Useful blogs

For new teachers

Advice for new Reiki teachers


Planning your course

Structuring your course

What are your goals?


The content of Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 courses

What Taggart thinks First Degree should be about

What Taggart thinks Second Degree should be about


Explaining things to students on your course

Explain, guide, review

Tell them, tell them, tell them


Useful principles to follow when presenting your course

Using learning preferences

Teaching using the right 4MAT


Resources to help you…


The “Teaching Reiki” book, which is a complete guide to setting up and running Reiki courses and supporting your students.


The Reiki First Degree manual, which you can give to your students

The Reiki Second Degree manual, which you can give to your students


The Reiki Master Teacher manual, detailing symbols, sacred sounds, intuitive working, the use of intent and detailed instructions about how to perform attunements and empowerments

Reiki Master Teacher audio CDs and DVD, a perfect accompaniment to the RMT manual


Gorgeous Japanese Reiki certificate templates that you can use to create beautiful Japanese-style Reiki certificates for your courses.

Reiki manuals and CDs to use on your courses, which you can order in bulk and receive big discounts.




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