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Reiju for You

taggart king reiki evolutionClick HERE to find out how to tune into distant "Reiju" empowerments sent out every Monday by Taggart King, Reiki Master Teacher and the founder of Reiki Evolution.

Bring Some Tranquility into your Life with Reiki

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Find Reiki Courses

Look to your left and you can see that we run Reiki courses all over the country.

Click on the location name for course dates and booking info.

Click these links to find our about our Reiki courses:

Order Books & CDs

We have a big collection of professionally-printed Reiki manuals and CDs to help you with your Reiki.

Find manuals for First degree, Second degree and Masters, and audio CDs or MP3s for meditation and learning. Click on these links:

Reiki Home Study

It’s a well-kept secret that Reiki home study courses are a fantastic way to learn Reiki, wherever you are in the world.

Progress at your own speed, get loads of hands-on practice and receive one-to-one support from Taggart King, Reiki Master:


Why Do People Learn Reiki?

  • De-stress and introduce a little peace and calmness into your life
  • Find a contented space inside you that you can access anytime
  • Explore spirituality on your own terms, free from any dogma
  • Bring some mindfulness into your life and enjoy the moment
  • Take responsibility for your health and well-being and explore the healing potential of Reiki
  • Harness this gentle and powerful energy to help your friends and family
  • Fill that spiritual void by exploring a simple spiritual system that isn’t allied to any religion
  • Use Reiki on a professional basis, to work with the public as a Reiki practitioner


About This Site

This site is all about the original Japanese Reiki system created by Mikao Usui in the early part of the 20th century in Japan – his “secret method of inviting happiness through many blessings”.

We are “Reiki Evolution” and we have been running Japanese-style Reiki courses and supporting our students for since 1998.

This site has grown into a big and useful source of information and resources for people who are interested in finding out about original Japanese Reiki for the first time, and for those who are already working with this powerful and gentle energy system.


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